Royce Da 5'9 Declines Slaughterhouse Vs. URL Rappers Battle On Twitter

"I don't have time to take you up on that offer, but I just thought I'd let you know how I felt about it," Royce Da 5'9 Tweeted to the SMACK/URL co-manager.

With Joe Budden’s recently confirmed battle against Hollow Da Don still making headlines, fellow Slaughterhouse emcee Royce Da 5’9 addressed Norbes’ comments, challenging the group to a battle against his choice URL battlers.

The two went on to go back-and-forth with Norbes hinting that Slaughterhouse’s upcoming Total Slaughter series features a URL-styled voice over.

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  • Anonymous

    I don't have time translates to I'm scared shitless that I might lose.

  • Azar

    HUGE difference between record battle emcees and actual battle emcees. Royce knows that. No shame in not wanting to go down that road, the odds are not in his favor or anyone else in his crew. Not saying they can't win but highly unlikely the further up the ladder they go in regards to battlers like Hollow, Lux, Diz and such.

  • nuc

    Joey, Crooked, and Royce are top shelf lyricists.. like the flows or not, the lyrical ability is unquestionable... not hating on ortiz, but he has lost me the last few years.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    You just put Crooked I and Meek Millz in the same sentence ? fuck outta here .

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill and Crooked I are the only niggas in the mainstream that can battle the rest of them niggas are weak as fuck

  • Anonymous

    well slaughterhouse always talking bout how they can kill everyone lyrically so this seems like a bitch response and i fucking love slaugherhouse

  • Anonymous

    Royce is such a bitch. Sure he'll rag on Canibus because he lost badly, but at least he has the balls to spit with a broken arm. I used to think Royce was Ill in his Death is Certain days, but he's changed into a Eminem dick riding sell out.

  • wergw

    niggaz need to realize no nigga in slaughterhouse is a battle rapper. joe buddens is gunna get killed

  • Anonymous

    I think it brings it back to the essence, lets begin to show off our artist talents again and throw away that slave attitude of corporate materialism because this shit is dying off!

  • jaceshadoe

    I think it's good for well-known and successful emcees and rappers to battle rap some of these battle rappers, but it'll hurt the battle rappers more if they don't get a response because guys like Royce da 5'9 and Joe Budden really don't need to battle no one. Why go back? That's like 50 cent still dissing the same guys he dissed in 2002/2003. But Joe Budden or anyone in Slaughthouse ain't your average mainstream artist like Rick Ross or Lil'Wayne who would never stand face-2-face in a battle rap. They ain't good enough , but ain't stupid either. Ya'll seen the first Undisputed movie, it's like street vs. mainstream fighters.

  • We Eating Out Here Fuck A Battle

    Fuck these bum nikkaz and their battles

  • twoholla

    Of course Royce would decline. This same dude lost a rap battle on the east-coast to Mista Fab (Oakland Bay Area rapper known more for his bay-ish street stuff). In the ensueing tiff, both released diss songs with Royce's being better. My point is Royce is a dope 'battle-rap writer' with varied cadences etc. but when it comes to battling someone face to face he can't pull it off. In other words, he's a GREAT IN-STUDIO BATTLE-RAPPER not an actual live battle-rapper. The same can be said for really good live battle-rappers who are great in the ring but when they record songs...they always SUCK!!!

  • Anonymous

    This whole battle rap shit is starting to feel more like WWE every single day.

  • leathe face creeper 777 demon woods

    crazy at em put sht out the devil son of mother at it

  • leathe face creeper 777 demon woods

    yea im in kkk out the mother.ppl walking arund with devil rabbit mask on rite now.666 mask leather face coming out woods at son of demons.. 666 dawn of devil nite.666 at em.put sicker bicher threw out the bitchan. hey sicker.

  • Tom Gipson

    haha royce sounds scared..."i don't have the time" he's not competing with anybody intoday's battle environment...he got bodied by mistah fab in 07' lol and thats when he was in his prime during the bar exam days... shady records got royce and budden gassed, they are mixtape rappers.. they need to just say thanks for nepotism and stay in their lane

  • KFC

    We need to get some gravy to pour on that big ass CHICKEN!! HA HA!

  • Anonymous

    Royce will body most of these battle rap niggas

    • Anonymous

      Sure Royce can body these rappers...if you give him a pen & a pad & T-I-M-E to respond back & forth in songs & not actually face-to-face in the ring!!!

  • Anonymous

    Still don't know why Budden is doing this yes he has bars for days but he's also taken a serious amount of L's which these battle rap niggas will clown him on

  • Justin Legion Chance

    Hmmmmmm this is odd, cuz Royce came up in the battle circuit, wit em...He could body anybody in the URL right now...but Joey, I unno dude is funny styles...But ROYCE could murder anybody...hmmm

  • Anonymous

    here come the hate

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