50 Cent Addresses Possibility Of G-Unit Summer Jam Reunion

50 Cent says Nas called to question him about his Summer Jam performance, requested that he be kept in the loop.

As one of the headlining acts at the upcoming Summer Jam music festival, Queens rapper 50 Cent was recently asked about the likeliness of a G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam. While speaking with Hot 97 personality Funkmaster Flex, 50 didn’t shoot down the possibility of a reunion, but revealed that his fellow G-Unit members would have to put in a lot of work in order for such a feat to happen.

“There’s a possibility for us to do things, but they gotta get themselves together…I think it’s the work,” he said.

50 Cent later stated that he was even questioned about his upcoming Summer Jam performance by fellow lyricist Nas. He says that prior to watching the Queensbridge emcee at rehearsals for his Illmatic anniversary show at New York’s Beacon Theatre earlier this month, he talked to him over the phone about Summer Jam.

“We good. I went to see him,” 50 Cent said when asked about Nas. “He was in New York recently at The Beacon Theatre…It was the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. I didn’t go to the concert. I went to see him ahead of the concert when he was actually doing his rehearsals and stuff. He called earlier that week…He was just saying ‘I know you got something crazy planned. I just gotta make sure we in the loop. We know what’s going on.’”

The G-Unit helmsman also discussed his fallout with Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine. According to 50 Cent, the disconnect may have happened when Iovine revealed that he didn’t like him.

“Me and Jimmy, I don’t even know where the disconnect happened,” the rapper said. “I know where my actual issues with him were created from…We had a communication. We speak to each other and he expressed that he didn’t like me…It stems for his passion for Beats. When he sees me with SMS. And you know what I didn’t understand was because I had things in the past. Exact things we could make comparisons to. Like Phat Farm. Russell Simmons when he had Phat Farm he didn’t tell us to not have Sean John, Rocawear, or G-Unit…They didn’t come right away when I’m the guy to come to right away. Like Em’s deal with Beats happened during his last album. They did the deal with him when they were sure that they were getting ready to spend marketing dollars on it to promote that next album. And that’s why you see Beats in every video that he created.”

After spending 12 years at Interscope Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Shady Records, 50 Cent announced his departure from those labels in February of this year. The rapper is now slated to release his next studio album, Animal Ambition through a new agreement with Caroline/Capitol/UMG.

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  • Anonymous

    Ross and crew ran up in 50's crib with H&K's and forced Kurtis to hand over Gunplay's chain, plus 5k for pain and suffering.



  • Anonymous

    Ross got back Gunplay's chain long ago.

  • Anonymous

    "plenty of work into a free mixtape that makes no one money" I was referring to 3 studio albums.

  • boo boo the Kooon

    I actually get to be on the actual Summer Jam stage now that my carrer is irrelevant and the almighty G Unit records no longer exists to the general public. My new album wont outsell French MontNa but my dickriders say sales dont matter anymore. G G G G Unit!!!

  • Anonymous

    "their just lazy and feel entitled" Banks has put in plenty of work. Yayo, not so much, but being lazy and dealing with the reality that new deals are hard to come by, are two entirely different things.

  • Big Willie Roberts

    I'm sorry that me and The Untouchable MMG won't be at Summer Jam. We booked 4 da whole summer. We 'bout 2 tour and do shows at every Wingstop across da country... BAWSE! FREE GUNPLAY'S CHAIN! WE DA BEST! Help me get Masterplan to go platinum, and I'll hook errebody up wit a free meal voucher at yo local Wingstop.. BAWSE!

  • Anonymous

    "no jimmy didn't like 50 because he didn't want to stay in his place and just be a rapper" But that's exactly what he was. All 50 had to do to get in good with Jimmy for the long haul was to grow G Unit, and expand the label. Everything else would have just happened. When your ego gets out of control that's when you feel you can do anything, and naturally the guy cutting the checks isn't going to like the idea of you wanting to be bigger than he is.

  • smh

    If i was Banks or Yayo every time I read some shit like this Theres a possibility for us to do things, but they gotta get themselves togetherI think its the work, he said. it would make me so fucking mad. bcuz you know what they aren't? almost billionaires like sir 50 is; he can afford to "do more work" for G-Unit, Banks and Yayo can't. This was their group their clique their music and 50 just goes eh YOU guys are too lazy. Sorry. And now a reunion? I would tell 50 okay yeah sure we will be there, make his bitch ass advertise it everywhere, and then not show up.

    • Anonymous

      Neither Banks or Yayo is broke. Both of them have more than enough money and exposure to create their own buzz, their just lazy and feel entitled... Your as ungrateful as they are

    • Anonymous

      They need the money and exposure more than 50.

  • Methanphetamines

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, piss off.

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule is the greatest lyricist in the face of the earth.



    • 50 Cent

      "HANG IT UP, IT'S A WRAP, OVER FOR YOU BUDDY. YOU FAILED D-BLOCK WINS" How you kill a nigga then ask him to get on your song like Jadakiss did? Then the whole crew gets on his album?

    • i will shoot

      D-Block kilt the unit after sheek n the ghost ripped them apart the unit couldn't say shit except we got more money lmao that don't mean shit as an mc and it don't mean shit in the streets they got bodied

    • Anonymous

      no jimmy didn't like 50 because he didn't want to stay in his place and just be a rapper

  • Anonymous

    "I told Puff Ma$e ain't worth 2 million with 2 million in his pocket"

  • Anonymous


  • someone else

    What he should plan on doing is make a smash hit record.

  • triPAUD

    Its good to hear he and Nas on good terms.

    • Anonymous

      That's fantastic. Now maybe they can form the group, BBB Boring Unit and really shake the world up.

  • jay

    50 cent said in this interview that he told banks one time "u need me for your records i dont need u on mine, i dont need u." man as much as i used to follow 50 cent its so fucked up how 50 thinks about the people around him. that attitude that he doesn't need anyone is why he's blackballed himself in the industry. banks has always been the best spitter in gunit and im sure banks got tired of sittin in gunit interviews with 50 always runnin his fkn mouth. Banks FNO mixtape shits on 50's animal ambition garbage and after listening to this interview im so sick of 50 spittin out dirty laundry about banks, yayo and anyone he can think of. 50 is so full of himself he constantly shits on the people that were closest to him, and now what who he gonna bring out in summer jam? who the lox? fat joe? nas? so what all those niggas would do it jus to get on the summer jam stage they aint really rockin with 50. im sorry but after listening to this interview 50 jus lost a fan.

  • Kidd Kidd is a poor replacement for Banks and Buck

    No one gives a fuck bout banks n yayo being there maybe if buck n game hopped on stage people would be kinda interested but that game shit is never gonna happen. 50 Fucked up his own shit by shitting on the hood that ayo technology single n just being a rich asshole for too long. Its crazy too cause all the music I heard off this new animal ambition album has been dope as fuck but people aint checking for 50 no more the album is never going gold in the states and aint gon do more than 70 thousand first week. I don't care bout numbers myself cause the 3 best albums this year aint sold shit Freddie Gibbs Pinata Pharoh Monch PTSD and Styles P Phantom and the Ghost but 50 has made such a big deal bout how much you sell since he came out that people cant wait to shit on him for doing such lame numbers

  • Anonymous

    I hope Nas disses him on stage like he has done in the past. Banks and Yayo will be paid to perform but nobody will really care. Nas is legend but this Summerjam is all about Wayne and Nicky bringing out Drake Imagine a kooon so stupid that thry dont see SMS as stepping on BEATS toes, no wonder the label failed.

    • Anonymous

      nobody will care about banks? ur a fkn idiot banks has a huge underground following, mainstream sheep like urself won't care but best believe Banks stay droppin heat with mixtapes and his FNO tape he dropped in october is nothin but fire. dont talk like u know shit about real hiphop, jus cuz banks aint on mtv and interviews like 50 dont mean he aint working or got fans. do ur homework before u talk dumb shit

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent is a legend so this Summer Jam is all about him closing out the show and bringing out Tony Yayo and Biggie's hologram.

    • Anonymous

      Nas is a mature grown man so he's not going to diss someone on stage after calling him up, being all friendly with him and having him at his rehearsal.

  • dan

    He was just saying I know you got something crazy planned. I just gotta make sure we in the loop. We know whats going on. What do you think Nas is reffering to when he says CRAZY planned..We know whats going on..??? Sounds like 50 about to do some unexpected shit. I been having this feeling like NEW YORK needs to get back on the map and the only way to do it is for the legends to lead the way.. NExt thing you know 50 got a song with fat joe... all sudden 50 with LOX all sudden 50 talkin to Nas.... WE ABOUT TO SEE NEW YORK HIP HOP STAND UP AS ONE!!!! LETS Bring this music Vibe back to where it belongs.

    • Anonymous

      Wu Tang X Nas X Jay-Z X The Lox X DMX X Dipset X G-Unit all sing kumbaya around a campfire to close out summer jam.

  • Anonymous

    I think it's cool seeing that Nas and 50 might be on good terms again. Who would've thought their beef would start over a J. Lo song? Lol.

  • 50 CENT SET

    forbes remix 123:\f/jay/diddy too hot feat:nas free again feat:fat joe more will be leaked

  • Anonymous

    Anyone got a G-Unit tee I can buy? My wife threw mine out 5 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Nas and 50 gonna put Diddy on that summer jam screen. ether part 2.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    summer jam nas/50 too hot AHH ITS GONNA BE CRAZY

  • Anonymous

    Nas trying to make up wit 50 so he can be apart of history.

  • Anonymous


  • SDK

    They say Jada defeated him Joe too street for him What's next? I guess it's for Nas to ether him Ya'll awaiting an MC burial This is ethereal, FM stereo to XM radio What does it mean, ethereal? Hmm.. either heavenly or spiritual Extreme, delicately light in a way that seems too perfect for this world Man that is righteous, faithful and keeps law Will surely live declares the sovereign Lord And you are none of the above So you a sucka for death if I'm a sucka for love And ya wanna know why I don't got an answer niggas Cause I truely understand these niggas Scared of me so they talk about family members Like I can't point out your grandma to niggaz Damn you was my man like crew dawg Don't make me change your body frame to blue fog The Q is the borrow of true dons Any disrespect nigga we chose arms Will it be gilmore or crowes?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Glad that Nas could finally get over his jealousy of 50 Cent and be a man.

    • Anonymous

      wasn't even born? they're 2 years apart! when nas was looking out his window writing his lil rhymes he was watching real niggas like curtis gettin it in on the streets of queens.

    • Anonymous

      seriously. 50 wasn't even born when Nas' first 5 albums came out

    • Chi-Ill

      ^^^^^ I've never heard him being mention in a rap discussion period

    • Anonymous

      Is Ja really from Queens? I never hear him mentioned amongst rappers from Queens in discussion.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but 50's jealous of ja rule, and nas is jealous of 50, so ja rule is the Queens king who rules over this rap game. his power level is so fuckin high he could abduct any rap nigga, frame him and send him to jail

  • Anonymous

    ja rule aint gonna let this happen

  • Max_Mosiah

    There is going to be a lot of cranky white nerdy teens from Montana if this reunion doesn't go down. I might buy a ticket to Summer Jam just so I can watch them cry into their mayonnaise sandwiches and G-Unit tanktops when Fiddy's surprise guest is revealed to be Kidd Kidd.

  • 50 Cent

    Yo them niggas that wanted beef before Don't want no beef no mo Now that they know who I rep with QB NIGGA!!! Who I rep with QB NIGGA!!! (repeat)

    • Wiz

      Uh huh, ya'll can't fuck around ya'll get dropped When guns pop, who's tellin' Twin barrel nines wavin' and yellin', QB NIGGA WHAT Two-time felon, straight to da melon, straight to da dome Send a nigga back, get da shells, go straight home Never slip, my +Ill Will+ to survive is so deep Can't sleep, cousin to death, makes me weak Pullin' triggers at my shadow, Bravehearts pop up Wiz, Jungle and Horse shot your block up

    • Jungle

      How bout that, guns bust off, I bust back When trucks backfire, I bust back How bout that, stomp a muhfuckin' rib out ur back Ya'll niggas ain't gangsta rap, ya'll click like Josey and the Pussycats When we come around da front, stop

    • Horse

      I mastered the art of slap boxin' niggas in da dark QB's big man, Horse of the Bravehearts I'm da Sasquash of rap, collector of gats Testin' macks at your bulletproof vests and hats

    • Millennium Thug

      Yo, aiyyo, who da fuck wanna war I got a four four, pierce ya'll niggas jaw You see me thugged out, iced out, Guinness Stout Hopin' out the Range wit da gun out Smack your man down, you ran off I was gonna hit him with two, I left some for you I put four, QB rugged and raw I got somethin' for these rap cats, fish held back gats Scope wit a beam on it, loc put your cream on it Shine don't scheme on it, I make your dream about it Forever, whatever whatever get gully Shots thru your leather and clothe, With your skelly off Break ya'll clowns off Yo hollow tips will flood your jacket, I don't give a fuck who you be Millennium Thug, now who da fuck want it with me

    • Nas

      Hats off, to da rich ones who flash and floss Pour some liquors out to my dogs trapped up north Reminisce on the deceased who no longer exist Only wishin' we could bring them back with songs like dis Old flicks on us chillin' wit da old time click Holdin' nines, thoughts of death, not our lives we risk How it use to be, early morn, pumpin' in shifts Jakes wit pale faces in the night is the scariest They handcuff me, they knew my government and alias Various calls were made up for awarin' us The D's in the marked vans and cabs In our land, hoodrats get stapped by niggas who forty Turnin' out young lady's and make them make thotties Got them coked out, the hood is bugged out Thug babies, famous in they strollers Before they walk they knew the hood talk It's in the air of New York So everybody'll pick em up, kissin em up Treatin' them like they own, in dis hood we call home Fist fight till we grown and these guns come out Circle of life, it's kinda deep how we end out

    • MC Hammer

      Can't touch this

    • 50 Cent

      Ya'll niggas better sober up before ya'll speak to me, don't come at me high Last rapper that raised his voice to me, got jabbed in da eye Now if I say I'm gone get you, I'mma get ya On da strength of da inf, from long range I can hit ya You find out them niggas who wit ya ain't even wit ya After da gem stars split ya, you need an MD to stitch ya Peep how I use words to paint pictures Peep how I got niggas with bodies askin' me for ten cents to got hit ya Look my name up in the law book, Curtis Jackson Known for creatin' action, by rapidly clappin' Nigga I stay strapped, so much I nickname gats Got a tech I call Tina, a nine I name Nina Two niggas went to see Allah afta they seen her This QB shit, bout to take me to da next level Next crib, next Benz, next bitch, next bezel It's that real

  • 50SaysDX

    who gives a fuck what 50 says bitch ass

  • Bruthadee

    I thought Nas hated 50 whats he doing callin him up and having him out as his rehearsals?

  • Anonymous

    This was another great interview. He went on for over an hour with Flex and really broke down what happened with Banks and why they stopped talking. I didn't know he wrote songs for LL Cool J and Diddy before his deal with Em.

  • MiC The_Coli

    Hip Hop needs this. Just imagine 50 bringing out Banks Yayo and Buck and then Nas comes out OMG

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