Mr. Flawless Responds To Jay Z, Solange Jewelry Shopping Reports

UPDATE: Mr. Flawless says that Jay Z and Solange did not shop at his store, but that a famous celebrity did.

Jay Z and Solange went shopping for jewelry together today (May 13), according to TMZ.  

The site says the pair, who were involved in an altercation May 5, went in to high-end New York City jewelry story Mr. Flawless this afternoon.

Jay Z and Solange reportedly spent 20 minutes looking at female jewelry in the store.

"We're told the pair showed no signs of strife, and looked at gems with Mr. Flawless himself,” TMZ says. "They looked, but tried nothing on. They left the store without buying anything. Jay and Solange didn't talk much inside the store ... they pretty much just browsed quietly.”

Jay Z was assaulted by Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, May 5 at a Met Gala after party, which was held at the Standard Hotel in New York, New York. 

TMZ also reports that Solange and Beyonce left the hotel in one car while Jay Z left in a different vehicle. 

TMZ released a video of the altercation yesterday (May 12). It is below.

(May 13, 2014)

UPDATE: Mr. Flawless, the jeweler at whose store Jay Z and Solange reportedly shopped Tuesday (May 13), has denied the report, according to

The businessman said during an interview with Wendy Williams that it was Floyd Mayweather who was shopping in his store, not Jay Z.

"I have no idea where this story came from,” he said during an interview with "I don't talk about clients, but they were not here. It's absolutely false."

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