Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports celebrates one year anniversary with Times Square signage.

Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports celebrated its 1-year anniversary yesterday (April 28).

Since it began, the company has filled its roster with several high-profile athletes in major sports. The Roc Nation Sports roster includes Victor CruzRobinson CanoKevin Durant and Skylar Diggins, among others.

Roc Nation Sports celebrated its 1-year anniversary with Times Square signage, which is showcased below. Jay Z, Rihanna and several Roc Nation Sports athletes helped celebrate the achievement at TAO Downtown in New York City, according to Complex

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  • 901DATSME

    Salute to that nigguh Hov

  • dentaldamboy

    How does advertising in Times Square help Roc Nation Sports. This isn't a business which can offer products to the general public. Jay is a disgrace to real businessmen. Birdman is a real mogul.

    • Anonymous

      I understand you're too busy D ridin and all, but advertising on a very known billboard gets a lot of attention and there is a very good chance somewhere somehow there is a young future athlete looking at this thinking "hmmm I sure would love to be on their roster" ...but noo u wouldn't see that because Birdman's dic is blocking.

  • dentaldamboy

    Sad day for sports. This guy adds no value to anything except himself. For the owner of a sports agency, Jay Z has been very quiet on the Sterling matter. Meanwhile all of the YMCMB bosses responded.

    • Anonymous

      You can keep changing your name but we can see you're that same cheerleader gobblin cash money's D.....what's really sad is I bet you get no penny out of it. Just kill yaself.

  • RickySAlligood

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  • Anonymous

    http://instagram.com/p/lvm0_nMLzN/ jigga man stays copying 50's moves.

  • Anonymous

    EEEWWWW. that lip plus the cigar looks like a dick.

  • Fuck Marcy

    Fuck this camel and his entrepreneurial mindset

  • LFellz

    Lost it @ "THIS IS RNS PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE" No one sees that and thinks roc nation spots, that shit says real nigga shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yessssiiiirrr. Got to respect a brotha for staying winning. Glad those white only agency days are ova. Real take over here.

  • Anonymous

    Thats a serious billboard in Time Square. Godfather 50 had the same ones advertising Animal Ambition a month or so back.

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