Mac Miller "Faces" Release Date, Tracklist, Cover Art & Mixtape Stream

UPDATE: Mac Miller releases his Mother's Day project, "Faces."

Mac Miller's upcoming project, Faces, is set to be released May 11, 2014. 

The rapper revealed the release date for this effort on Twitter with the following message. 

"you wanna know the title of the shit dropping on mother's day? Faces - coming 5.11.14," Mac Miller said.  

Earlier this month, Miller spoke about his upcoming music. 

“This is the name of the game for 2014, D.A.D.D. Do as Drake does,” he said. “Because Drake had the game on lock. If you wanna watch how anyone releases music and puts out an album, watch Drake...I have four albums done right now — not done, but four albums that have a foundation and have at least seven songs on each of them."

UPDATE: Mac Miller has released Faces. The cover art, tracklisting and stream are below.

1.Inside Outside
2.Here We Go
4.Angel Dust
5.Malibulisten download
6.What Do You Do (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)
7.It Just Doesnt Matter
9.Polo Jeans (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
10.Happy Birthday
14.Ave Maria
16.San Francisco
17.Colors and Shapes
18.Insomniak (f. Rick Ross)
19.Uber (f. Mike Jones)
20.Rain (f. Vince Staples)
23.New Faces v2 (f. Earl Sweatshirt, Retch)
24.Grand Finale

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  • oladioss

    damn never been a mac fan, but im liking this shit right here.

  • unknown

    I honestly can't stand haters , are all of y'all mad because y'all push dimes and he's selling weight ?

  • Come On

    At first I was hater when it came to Mac Miller but I've gotten a lot of his songs lately and I'm a fan now. I know this will be worth checking out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tht track wit ross he says "4th quarter gretzky"??

  • Anonymous

    This mixtape is fucking right Mac did some great work on this.

  • Anonymous

    What? No Godfather 50? I guess Mike Jones is more relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Rik Rawz begged Mac Miller to put him on this tape, he's trying to get back in touch with the burbs.

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller made as much as 50 last year without the platinum status.

    • Anonymous

      50 has no platinum artists anymore but he still made a million more than mac miller who didn't make the top 20 on forbes list like Rick Ross and the drummer from the roots.

    • Anonymous

      feelings were caught

    • Anonymous

      Mac Miller is his own Boss so of course he made as much as 50 last year without SK Energy, movie contracts, Vitamin Water, SMS Audio and a major label like Interscope behind him. Diddy and Dre and Baby all have their labels on a major so they are at the top of Forbes like big Bosses who have rappers that sell singles and albums.

  • dunnowtfumtalkingbout

    Looks like some abstract/Cubism/neoclassism shit right there, son! #word

  • wack miller

    more like : Wack Miller - Feces. He tryna be all artistic with that cover again - wonder what Danny Brown gonna say about it ? Remember when he dissed Wack Miller even mentioning "he tryna be all artistic and shit" about blueslide park cover ?

  • Rick Ross

    im butt naked with my whopper nigga

  • shovel hoes

    the amount of dope beats ive heard wasted with mac's wack voice on them is crazy

  • p

    haha yoou faggots ross make 30 million noo mac make 15 millions oh my god fuck you all !! who cares what the hell they are selling ?? i mean ross can sell 100 million and still sucks know what i'm sayn??

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross must be friggin desperate for some new fans.

  • Anonymous

    just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • RickySAlligood

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  • Atlantic

    Type in K.9. Take your Girl Shopping in Youtube

  • Djj

    Mac Miller is the truth, don't sleep on greatness!

  • Anonymous

    When Rick Ross was Mac Miller's age he was strip searching inmates and stretching out their booty holes for $8 an hour instead of making millions like a real young boss. When Mac Miller is 40 years old like Ross he will be a white billionaire.

    • Anonymous

      LOL gay people are waaaaaaay too descriptive,

    • Anonymous

      C'mon guys grow up. There's nothing gross or gay about sticking your fingers up a convicted felons anal cavity searching for contraband as long as you wear rubber gloves. It's not like Rick Ross enjoyed anally violating drug dealers and other felons like that.

    • Bruthadee

      "C'mon guys grow up. There's nothing gross or gay about sticking your fingers up a convicted felons anal cavity searching for contraband as long as you wear rubber gloves. It's not like Rick Ross enjoyed anally violating drug dealers and other felons like that." This might be the realest comment I ever read on here. Salute.

    • Anonymous

      bootyholes are the harsh realities of the prison complex that william roberts used to work for. he had perfect attendance and even got an award once for never missing a day of booty searching duty.

    • Anonymous

      Booty Hole fantasies are a favorite amongst the actual white teen demographic who visualize the harsh realities of homosexuality.

    • Anonymous

      Back then frauds and posers like Rick Ross weren't accepted, thats why he didn't get on until 2006.

    • Anonymous

      Back then, wack niggas like miller were not accepted.

  • Anonymous

    Another wack miller article, yawn...

  • damac

    mac miller is the shit

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller stole all of 50s fans so I have nothing to say to that low life.

  • Super Deal

    Salute to Mac Miller, a true Young BOSS! Making as much paper independently as Ricky Rozay without a havin a hot label with a stable of niggas earning for him, 25 wingstops or Reebok and Ciroc endorsements.

    • Anonymous

      "Ross made 30 million yet donated 24 million to charity" No, he didn't. He made 6 million and kept it all to himself.

    • Anonymous

      when did you see his johnson? thats gay man.

    • Anonymous

      Mac Miller is white and has a tiny white penis but he was neck in neck with Fifty on the Cash Kings list without Dre and without Em and without headphones, and without movie deals and Cheetah Vision and without SK Energy and all the platinum albums. Mac stays winning.

    • Anonymous

      And that's fucking bullshit. Ross made 30 million yet donated 24 million to charity.

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