"Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter" Trailer Confirms Joe Budden & Hollow Da Don Battle

Joe Budden is set to battle Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux is scheduled to face off against Murda Mook.

Shady Records has announced Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter, an event set to feature Joe Budden versus Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux versus Murda Mook set to take place at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Saturday, July 12.

"I'm a kill Joe Budden," Hollow Da Don says in the trailer for Total Slaughter 1, which is available below.

The teaser also showcases the battle rappers who have been filmed as part of the reality show that leads up to the Battle Rap event. The show is set to follow eight battle rappers as they face-off in a Battle Rap tournament to participate in the undercard for the Budden/Hollow headlined event. Math HoffaDizasterArsonalDaylytCortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb were originally announced as part of the show, though T-Rex is also reportedly involved. 

"Leading into the live event, WatchLOUD.com will release a four-part reality series called Road to Total Slaughter, which will feature eight of the hungriest battle MCs in the country living together and competing for the right to face-off on the undercard of Total Slaughter," a press release says. "Filmed earlier this year in Brooklyn, Road to Total Slaughter will be featured on WatchLOUD in June."

Earlier this month, Hollow discussed his potential battle with Budden

"Well, this is how it came about," Hollow says. "I’m the type of person, I aim for the stars...Not literally. That wasn’t a bar. I’m saying like, I like to aim high. So when I went in there, they telling me, 'We're gonna have you in the house competing, and um, you know, at the end Mook and Lux’s battle and Slaughterhouse is hosting it.' I'm like, 'Well, if slaughterhouse gonna be a part of it, tell Joe Budden let's really be a part of it. We can get it poppin'.' And you know, they’re in the office like, 'Oh, this kid is crazy.' And they're all looking at me like I’m crazy, but now, four months later, it's possible. So you know how it goes, for the cats that might read this and got aspirations and motivations to do shit, not just rapping, but trying to be a doctor or a journalist like yourself, you know, don’t never let nobody downplay you and be like [you're] not in the position. Nah, if I’m not in the position, I’m about to make myself be in that position. It gotta be logical 'cause Lux shit wasn’t logical. Like after his Calicoe battle, he was calling out Eminem, like, come on, bro. Let's take some steps here. I’m not gonna go call out Eminem and Jay Z. You know, I take steps, so...Budden is on the menu."

For additional Battle Rap news and updates, check BattleRap.com.  

The trailer for Total Slaughter 1 is below. 

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  • Theo

    Are tickets being sold for this event because i would love to participate !

  • Anonymous

    My predictions always come true Anon. I predicted Kendrick would do a weak platinum and he has shown this for months. I also predicted 50 would flop, and the early numbers for Animal Ambition show a 35k 1st week projection. No need to call me god like.

    • Anonymous

      None of your predictions came true. You just hate, hate, hate. Also, ain't no such thing as weak platinum. Platinum is platinum. You are a weakling.

  • SBMobil

    Everyone in the battle realm says Lux is the best yet he chose to battle Mook who is easily considered one of the lamest MC's ever! This is considered a "big-deal" yet Hollow chose to battle Joe & he excepted?! Yet the overall sentiment is that Hollow isn't as good as the rest or even in the "Top 10", yet Joe wants to battle him!?! Obviously, Joe chose to go against the most worthy opponent right now + he wants to get revenge for his buddy Tsu Surf. Hollow smoked that chump & Joe wants to show out for Jersey, since Hollow's been clowning them the past few battles!

  • Anonymous

    Why didn't they put TheSaurus in the lineup?

  • Anonymous


  • MIO

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    • MIO

      all i gotta do is copy and paste !its not a fake track list sorry for disappointing!

    • Panamanian Barf FReceptacle

      Who in the fuck comes up with this shit????

    • White_Boy

      Shit, you must have a lot of spare time to come up with this BS. Granted I'm posting on a message board here, but shit, that must have taken you ages! Get outside, get yourself a woman, get yourself a life you fucking geek.

  • Anonymous

    Lux calling out Eminem? HA!

  • CapitalP

    Really looking forward to this. I think Lux is a bit overrated.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck, these comments are a product of severe dumbassnigganess.

  • Anonymous

    I think Eminem just wants an excuse to boot Budden from the label.

  • Grandson

    I love this idea! A lot of the greats in hip hop started in the battle scene and it would be nice if others follow joe budden's lead and do the same. It's gonna be nice to see if joey still has it!

    • fry

      Examples? I understand most real MC's grew up "Battling" and cyphering on the streets, but this new style of white boy-fake-battle shit has never spawned any greats. These guys have to stay in their lanes because they can't make tracks. They're the "AND 1 Mixtape Tour" of rap. Couldn't make the pros, now they think they are better than the pros.

  • Anonymous

    i got my money on budden

  • Anonymous

    Lil B already ethered Joe Bodden

  • Anonymous

    Making the 8 dudes live together is kinda corny

  • ayo

    Check this freestyle joint out https://soundcloud.com/whiteboywes/jdgaf-freestyle

  • Anonymous

    Battle rappers are so fucking corny

  • boobalo

    Yea yea July come on wit it

  • Anonymous

    Btw, this will most definitely be politricks. Budden is attached to a big label so the dealings had to be cut in order for an artists that represents their label is gonna be on. Plus, as i said, Eminem presents? Im sure they'll cake of advertisment and all like before but only much more now, youknow the american way. Where everything is about advertisement & commercials.

  • Anonymous

    Budden is so fucked

  • Anonymous

    Eminem presents? Branding, for Eminem. Politics as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Buddens is thee worst smh This has a ghost writer and he's still gonna eaten by a ninja that's equally horrible. Joe buddens will dig in his own ass and eat shit.. Just watch..

  • kermikaze

    whats up with the reality show(battlers living under one roof) is that gonna be on a channel or online and when?

  • tha OG

    This shit is going to be BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Even if Hollow Da Don wins so what? Budden is still caked up, and dropping albums.

    • Anonymous

      Its a tournament you knock. Its an event, Hollow aint gonna get to fuck budden's bitch if he wins. Its just a tournament.

    • kermikaze

      I wouldn't care if budden loses, if he puts on a great performance, but what I don't wanna see is him forgetting bars or fumbling verses

  • kermikaze

    uh oh, looks like there is a lot of hype going on, and yes the hype is real, I really really hope budden doesn't choke

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