Lil Bibby Discusses Defending Drake

Lil Bibby currently choosing songs for his EP, says he's been approached by Tyler, The Creator, J. Cole, and other artists.

Up-and-coming Chicago rapper Lil Bibby has been approached by a number of his fellow artists following the release of his Free Crack mixtape. Among the artists who have approached Bibby in regards to a potential collaboration is Young Money singer/emcee Drake.

Lil Bibby spoke briefly on Drake during a newly-published interview with Complex as he commented on introducing those in his city, who he says were primarily Lil Wayne fans, to Drake.

“I’m from Chicago, man. And I’m from the streets so not a lot of people listen to Drake,” he said. “I’m not gonna lie to you. When it was Drake and Wayne, we was big Wayne fans in Chicago…I had to make my homies sit down and listen to what he was saying, you know? So, I was always a big Drake fan. And for him to reach out to me that was just a big moment.”

The Windy City wordsmith later revealed that Mac Miller, Action Bronson, and Tyler, The Creator are artists who have also reached out. Lil Bibby added that he’s even willing to put aside his preference for working in the studio alone to work with the likes of Big Sean and J. Cole.

“I just like doing my own thing,” Bibby said. “Working on my own time…Like other people I don’t know how they work or they process. I just know how to do my thing, you know? Some artists like Big Sean and J. Cole said they wanna get in the studio and make something. So, I guess I gotta make an exception for those guys.”

In regards to a follow-up to Free Crack, Lil Bibby says he’s finally putting the final touches on his EP.

“It’s almost finished. I’m really having a little trouble picking the songs cause I got a lot of good songs. I don’t know what songs I’m gonna put on there,” the Chicago rapper said.

Released late last year, Lil Bibby’s Free Crack mixtape consisted of 17 tracks and boasted guest appearances and production from Lil Herb, Hit-Boy, DJ L, and more.


  • Anonymous

    This muhfucka is like 17, with 5 bodies, baritone voice, and looks like a 30 something year old man in the face

  • COCA


  • Chi-City Puerto Rock gone blow

    I'm from Chicago but in REALITY Chicago is a BIG Hip Hop city. We come from a tradition of spitters like Common and Twista and cats battling in ciphers like Big T. I remember all those battles on Navy Pier and in Hyde Park and cats tagging in the train yards and what not. Chicago is probably the second biggest hip hop city in the world besides NYC of course. But recently ever since the South more specifically Atlanta became like the capital people have been dumbing their style down for Trap Musik and in Chicago that's all this Drill Musik is. But it's messed up the whole Hip Hop scene cus' heads don't know how to spit anymore. Like in NYC TOO many Chicago cats sound like South niggas now. Shout out to the South and ATL cus' I rock with them and my fam is from the South like most people in the Chi but Chicago is a metropolis and a big musical city. That's why I rock with Bibby and Herb cus they are the only one out of this new Chicago wave that can actually spit, put pain in their music and tell stories. They have more of a traditional Chicago sound versus GBE, FBG and all the new younger cats who all sound like Keef. I hope Bibby blows so more shorties up here can get back to appreciating putting out good musik. Chicago is the big city, we city slickers not on this goofy shit that guys like Rondo and Fredo Santana be on with their "struggle" bars.

    • Anonymous

      There's plenty of new lyrical rappers though. Gerald Walker, Chance, Ether Q, Tink, Vic Mensa, Add-2 and more. Maybe you're from Chicago, maybe not but if you fuck with the Chicago music scene you should know of most of those cats. Chance and Tink are huge right now. Add-2 just signed with 9th wonder. Don't say Herb and Bibby the only lyrical ones. They're the most lyrical cats that do that drill style music without a doubt but there's a lot of cats that do the traditional hip-hop that you haven't listed. And Add-2 and Ether Q both put hella emotion in their shit and you hear the pain

  • Fish

    Since there's no other article to put this on, I'm putting it here, FREE D.ROSE!!! 2 and a half months after a shooting, witnesses have suddenly decided it was him??? Absolute bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    "Im from the streets so not a lot of people listen to Drake," Thats a diss.

  • dumbdumb

    i'm getting dumber listening to this kid's music. the fuck is this bullshit

  • Anonymous

    lol this kid is from the streets but he aint like them other kids this nigga always use to get beat up and robbed never bust his guns or shit and i heard they extorting him

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