Soulja Boy Addresses Lean Use

Soulja Boy talks about his lean use and Actavis, the company that is stopping its production of cough syrup due to lean's prevalence.

Soulja Boy recently reportedly said that he is "mad as hell" that Actavis has said it's stopping its production of cough syrup due to it being used to make lean. 

"Actavis is running away from money," Soulja Boy says, according to TMZ. "They could be selling out everywhere."

Soulja Boy reportedly drinks Actavis while traveling in order to sleep, the site says. He is also reportedly "rallying his friends together in a petition drive," according to the publication. Besides using Actavis for sleeping purposes, Soulja Boy acknowledges his consumption of lean, also. 

"As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011," he says.

These are different points than those made by Boosie last week. At the time, Boosie spoke against the use of lean. "[Lean has] fucked up a lot of rappers and the culture of Hip Hop," Boosie said. "Once you on, it's hard to get off...It's damn near impossible."

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  • world dominator

    Ohhh is THAT dis nicca's EXCUSE for that stupifyingly WACK noize he's pushin'! Guess what Chump, NO ONE with a BRAIN is checkin' for your scrawny 'talent'! PAC had more talent in his FINGERNAIL, than you do in your entire 'career'! WHY are we wastin' time even talkin' about this LAME?!@!

  • Anonymous

    I've done lean many and plenty of times. It ain't no different then smoking bud (as in addiction). It's all in your head, it's a mind game. The weak shall fall. Only the strong survive.

  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure Wayne made it popular to rap about being a junkie. Before you go and get nerdy hip hop knowledge on me reread, I said made it popular not originated. Wayne made it cool to sip syrup and pop pills and such and everyone wanted his fame and money so they started. Other than weed (and that's just my OPINION) there is no reason to brag about drug usage. And even so bragging about smoking weed is kinda lame anyways (cough WIZ cough). That's why hip-hop is going to shits cause it's a bunch of junkies getting high trying to rap unsuccessfully

  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

    Hope he go out like Pimp C. The world don't need this wack nicca.

  • Soulja Boy

    I want to thank all my gay fans and this web site for keeping me in rotation.

  • Anonymous

    Lean is dope, straight edge niggaz dont know shit about them syrup. #KEEPONLEANIN

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Soulja Boy isn't a paid sponsor of Actavis so don't worry about what their doing. Focus on making another hit.

  • Anonymous

    he is actually proud to be a dope fiend did rap go from rapping about struggling and not wanting to sell to fiends anymore to the actual JUNKIES rapping about and promoting drug use?

  • ice cold

    this junkie needs to drink a whole bottle of that stuff so we will never have to hear a song again from him.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Soulja Boy made a big deal about going to jail for a weekend, acting like he was going away for 2 years. HAH.

  • D.G

    Out of all of the issues that are a detriment to our society, this mark wants to start a petition about this...... Someone needs to smack fire out this clown!!!

  • D-Troit

    Hope this anorexic faggot catches a seizure like Weezy and never wakes up

  • Anonymous

    Why worry about drug dealers or hard drugs when people are abusing the shit out of their prescription medicines? Come on, the problem is staring at us right in the face, in our medicine cabinets and the pharmacies. It's one big conspiracy.

  • Anonymous

    dumbass he said he needs perscription cough syrup to fall asleep on the road...thats not the reason its prescribed to people...thats not gunna help your cause if weed wont do it for you try heroin that might work...

    • Anonymous

      he must put on a terrible show, if he was really putting on a good performance and working hard he would have no trouble sleeping at night

  • Anonymous

    "Actavis is running away from money," Soulja Boy says, according to TMZ. "They could be selling out everywhere." Money isn't everything Soulja Boy. I'm thinking they don't want the blood of dead teenagers on their hands all because you promote drug use in your music and on social media. If this kid wants to be a junkie keep that to yourself, it's not something to brag.

  • Anonymous

    So Mainstream rap supports addiction? Guess that's why Slaughterhouses's album sounded like spaced out crap.

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