Steve Stoute Calls For Los Angeles Clippers Boycott Following Donald Sterling's Racist Remarks

Steve Stoute joins Game in calling for a boycott of the Los Angeles Clippers due to the team's owner Donald Sterling's recent remarks.

Steve Stoute, who has worked with Jay Z and Nas, among others, is one of many speaking out against comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in an audio recording that was recently published by TMZ

"This is a black eye to sports," Steve Stoute says in an interview with ESPN's The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Stoute is the founder and CEO of the marketing firm Translation, which represents several clients and he says one of his clients, State Farm, is not going to work with the Los Angeles Clippers organization despite having one of the team's stars, Chris Paul, as its spokesperson and the lead of a Chris Paul/Cliff Paul campaign. Stoute's Translation also represents other clients, including Sprite and McDonalds. He says he believes a boycott would force Donald Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

"It's the league itself," Stoute says. "It's the businesses that sponsor this team that have to be appalled with that comment and that racist point of view and they have to stop supporting. And it's the fans that have to say, 'I am not going to buy tickets or things and support a team that has racist comments.' if they don't want African Americans at the game, they don't want Latinos at the game, they don't want women at the game...If that's the feeling, then we all have to stand up and do that. I think the combination of sponsors, owners and the fans boycotting will force the sale of that team." 

Some of Stoute's statements on the Cowherd show were first made on Twitter. Stoute said the following when news of Sterling's record was published.

"I've been getting calls all day about the statements made by the @LAClippers owner Donald Sterling 'Steve how is this #tanning?' It's not #tanning it's a racist with hate in his heart expressing his racist ways. If WE let him get away with this we set ourselves back to the 50's where this mentality was accepted. The fans should boycott the sponsors should boycott ASAP. This is not what the NBA is about.. LA standup and boycott and use your power to cause change."

Game also recently announced his hopes for a boycott of the Los Angeles Clippers with a social media post. More regarding his #ESC (Empty Seat Campaign) can be found here. Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill have also responded to the Sterling comments. Those statements can be found here

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  • Frillzy

    A boycott is in no way fair to players who didn't ask for what is going on. Punish the man not the team.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless he spent 12 million on the clippers which is now worth $1 billion... boycotting will do nothing

  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

    Wait until the fucking season is over. Its really unfair to the players. Boycott and start the whole process once the playoffs are finished.

    • Anonymous

      Can't wait until the season is over. What if the Clippers win the championship? Can you imagine the spectacle that would be? Hell, the NBA don't want to look like they don't support black people or that this is a small issue (it isn't). They have to do everything they can as soon as they can.

  • Anonymous

    Black people don't buy tickets to NBA games, so their boycott won't be felt.

    • Anonymous

      They would if more arenas accepted IOU's.

    • Anonymous

      I see Black people at every NBA game and Black celebrities court side at every game, the NBA is 85% Black and family members of these players attend their games also. White colored people are a dying breed they will be dead soon we just have to keep impregnating their daughters to have those Colored babies.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO burned

  • Sorina Muresan

    Boycott racist Donald Sterling . Sign the petition!!! Stand up for equal rights!!!

  • Me

    This is why people like Marcus Garvey, King and Malcolm X was talking about reparations, this is why Malcolm was killed so no white man would have the right to say he's putting food on no black mans table.. But this is deeper and a great slap in the face to all those upper class blacks that think they're in with the man.. The only way blacks in America can ever get their way is if we study Dr. Kings Poor People's Campaign or South Africa's blueprint.. Nelson Mandela wasn't released because the white man was nice, he was released because the South African's stop spending their dollars.. This is sad because so many blacks don't know their history so when something like this happens all we can do is look in the camera and say F the white man, and that's not enough..

  • willy wonka

    i just ordered season tickets for next season. go clippers!

  • Anonymous

    Steve Stoute just mad that Sterling didn't give him courtside seats.

  • Anonymous

    After the VMA's my baby momma cussed my ass out I kicked her ass, we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stoute

  • Anonymous

    Good to see all the racist trolls are in full attendance

  • Anonymous

    why is everybody so pissed off? lol

  • Gmad99

    Protesting the games is ignorant. CP & Doc & Blake etc. didn't do anything to deserve this. They shouldn't have to suffer because of it. They're in the playoffs and their fans should support them. F*ck this protest nonsense game and other ignorant fools are trying to start. Adam Silver will punish Sterling. He's already blackballed himself all over LA. Let him continue to dig his own grave and be the bigger man.

    • Anonymous

      making him sell his team is not a punishment...he spent 12 million and now stands to make 1 billion....hes digging his grave with a 24k gold coffin inside on his private island

  • Anonymous

    ol shiny head genie in a bottle looking ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    " It's not #tanning it's a racist with hate in his heart expressing his racist ways. If WE let him get away with this we set ourselves back to the 50's where this mentality was accepted. " this nigga better watch his mouth and keep godfather 50's name out of it. I dont care if he's talkin bout the 1950's.

  • FansRising

    Sign the PETITION for NBA to take action against Donald Sterling

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