Iggy Azalea Details Getting Violated By Fans

Iggy Azalea details being sexually assaulted during her live performances with Hot 97.

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea recently relayed that she had been the victim of sexual assault at shows, particularly by fans in her audience whilst crowd-surfing.

Sitting down with Hot 97 a few days ago, Iggy went a little more into detail about her experiences in that realm.

"It's funny because we were talking about on my tour, I'm only doing 2,000 cities but I have to have barriers even if it's only 200 people because people try to finger me," she said when asked about the sexual assault.

Azalea would later say that she also is often harassed on social media and believes that that is also not OK.

"I will get lurk tweets a week before my show, 'I'm about to go to the Iggy Azalea show and I'm going to finger her,'" she said. "And I'm like please don't because that's a violation, I don't actually like that stuff. Like I've got a song called 'Pussy' and they'll be like, ' I know what she wants, she wants these two fingers.'

Iggy also said she wears multiple layers of clothes on her bottom half so that there's "no way she can be intruded." Later in the interview she talked about her sexual preferences with boyfriend Nick Young and the difference between perception and reality in her music.

Iggy Azalea recently released her newest LP, The New Classic and is expected to sell between 50,000 and 55,000 units in its first week of availability, according to HITS Daily Double. HipHopDX rated it a 2.5 out of 5.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Kramer

    People are punks to do that shit. That ass though!

  • Finger Banger

    Damn, I wanna rape this bitch all over the place after reading this.

  • Anonymous

    She can crowd surf if she wants to get the crowd into the music. that doesn't mean you can just go and finger her. man your logic is fucked up if you feel like you can seriously justify trying to finger her

    • Yalls retarded

      Your logic is completely fucked up if you think that everyone in that crowd is some kinda saint lol, grow a fuckin brain and understand how the ugly real world works. This aint Disneyland

  • Anonymous

    The bitch is a pioneer, no female rapper has ever crowd surfed in bootie shorts, thanks for bringing this into the culture Iggy.

  • It's a givin

    Soultion: Dont crowd surf you stupid fucking idiot bitch.You cant expect everyone there to be 'nice guys".hope next time you get stabbed in your stupid fucking face.

    • It's a givin

      "i hope someone feels up your momma"........................*sarcastically claps* You could have done better than that you lil butthurt Iggy wannabe, smh. Btw someone does "feel up" my momma, My Daddy LOL Better watch your moms tho :)

    • Anonymous

      i hope someone feels up your momma

  • mgruppe.com


  • Anoni

    I hate how they refer to this chick as a rapper.

  • simple

    simple solution stop crowed surfing we all know guys are scumbags atleast i know i am....dont be dumb we live in a creepy era were we have easy access to creep now wit social media so get over it....girls should never crowd surf to begin wit its not a sexest thing its more of a safety thing cuz we all know whats gonna happen when a girl crowed surfs in front of 100s of horney drunk guys so in reality her dumb ass was not asking fot it but she was just to stupid to know any better...it sucks but its true


    If iggy ever acted rachet in big gucci's car you know what big gucci would do? He wud grab her by the hair put the car on 50miles per hour unlock the door swing it open and throw that hoe out like a sack of shit. Niggas can't fuck with big bad gucci

  • H2

    All the dudes on here saying she's a "whore" or "she asked for it" don't deserve to be called men. Just because a woman is sexual in nature as means of a "performance" or part of her art doesn't mean she deserves be violated by her "fans". Wait until you stupid bastards have a daughter, then you'll know.

  • white women are the right women

    Iggy's silky white skin, luscious lips, tight body and juicy behind are simply irresistible. She is an ivory goddess. Real niggas can't resist that, but that doesn't mean that sexual assualt is okay. Props to Nick Young for smashing that, he's a real nigga.

  • Come On Man

    "you make a song about selling drugs and people are going to think you are a drug dealer. you make a song about killing someone and people are going to think you are a thug. you make a song called pussy and people will think you are a whore you'll be treated like a whore" Only blind sheep believes these rappers these days. It's all make believe and fairytales to fool the cosumer into buying their product. Whatever is the flavor of the month is going to be the image the label push to sale records.

  • Anonymous

    Ima finger this bitch at her next show

  • So?

    BAAAAAW! Act like a whore get treatd like a whore, I'm sorry. No it doesnt make sexual assault right but at the same time...come the fuck on. You rap and dress like a whore. Your music and your image is very sexual... I mean...the fuck? Ladies, rape and sexual assault is NOT OKAY AT ALL. But if your putting your self out there like that, and then go crowd surfing? the fuck you expect? Get some class or show that ass. Pick one.

    • C.M.

      you know those men CHOOSE to sexually assault her. it has nothing to do with her clothes. if she was dressed like a nun, MEN would still do that.

  • Anonymous

    Well that's what happens when you hang around a bunch of n!ggers

  • Anonymous

    She did better than those White Girl Mob chicks from San Francisco.

  • Anonymous

    shes a whore end of story

  • Anonymous

    I would show this cunt no mercy and suffocate her afterwards

  • glospot.biz

    the comments in this section alone speak volumes. yes she does leave herself open to attack by crowd surfing and having raunchy material... but does that make it ok to be sexually asaulted... NO... but if it's happened more than once why would u do it again. clearly her music attracts people who think this behavior is ok. she could stop crowd surfing and take a hard look at what her music represents

  • Russo

    Act like a slut - be treated like one. What's wrong with that and how else could that be?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe change the song name "pussy" to "don't fingabang my pussy"

  • Anonymous

    Drake got the same problems in hes shows!

  • Anonymous

    No woman deserves to be treated like that but on the flip side stop crowd surfing. You never saw Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Jean Grae, Lil' Kim, Missy Elliot, MC Lyte or Rah Digga doin that shit. If you don't respect yourself don't expect respect from anyone else.

  • Johnny

    Wow, a lot of you guys are fucked up. If you don't like what she wears, what she raps about, or how she talks then don't listen to her music and don't go to her shows. You think you can touch someone sexually without their permission, then you are a pathetic animal. Hopefully someone will see what you do and beat your ass.

  • ItbeMrLickMyNutz

    This ho is fake. She wears slutty outfits and skimpy shit, shakes he ass like she wants to be banged hard in the ass then has the audacity to complain about being violated? Fucking dumb ass hoes with no brains these days. Fuck this bitch and her fake ass australian bitch ass

  • joe

    Fucking whack ass MC who actually listens to this crappy music is pure garbage.bitch sexualizes her music, crowd surfs in her slutty outfit and then had the nerve to complain that a bunch of random strangers are molesting her...really??? Stupidity at its finest

  • Fry

    So....is she a rapper? Singer? Who the hell is this and why?

  • sundown

    you make a song about selling drugs and people are going to think you are a drug dealer. you make a song about killing someone and people are going to think you are a thug. you make a song called pussy and people will think you are a whore you'll be treated like a whore. not saying that makes you one or that gives people carte blanche to treat you as one at your show, but think about the image you project and don't act surprised over the way people treat you at your shows.

  • A Trillionaire

    Fuck the Lakers, Swaggy P won!

  • Anonymous


    • Johnny Blaze

      I could say the same thing about you. If you are going to criticize someone on their editing failures, then your comment should be spotless. You are in all caps, "UH" is not a word, you never ended your quote, you failed to use a comma, and the last sentence you used the word "is" when you should have used the word "are". Your short comment had way more grammatical errors than the entire article that Paul had written. And the one mistake he made probably wasn't even a mistake. I wouldn't be surprised if that dumb bitch really said 2000 cities and 200 people.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up and take it slut... You can't get on stage and act like a whore in the media, then be surprised when someone takes advantage. Fuck Hollywood.

    • @2nd anon and trillionaire

      He is wright tho. She dresses like a whore, raps about getting fucked, the crowd surfs in skimpy costumes and wonders why people take advantage. U cant be that naive nigga, u cant. I have zero sympathy for this bitch, jus another attention whore and real whore too.

    • A Trillionaire

      This is one instance where it's a shame that these comments are anonymous because you definitely need to be locked up. Then well see whose taking what like a slut.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a piece of shit rapist.

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  • Anonymous

    Wear Granny Panties, I dare ya

  • iLL

    Come on son!! You a pretty girl wearing tight body suits and shorts to perform in, talking freaking shit in your songs...and you crowd surf?? What did you think would happen??

    • iLL

      spoken like a faggot, stfu, bitch is CROWD SURFING!! your body is supported by the hands of the crowd!! you invite yourself to get molested!! Hold the Bitch up but only support her back only?? someone gonna touch her ass, then someone gonna try her pussy. Why?? cause that hoe is dumb enough to put herself in a position where no one else can tell if she was fingered on purpose or accident, or if she was even fingered at all! Tell that hoe stop crowd surfing, what other female rapper you know does shit like that???

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like the thirsty clown you are. Just because she dresses like that and crowd surfs doesn't mean for you to become a fucking molesting rapist. SMH! Hold the bitch up or keep your hands down. That shit isn't a green light for you to be a bitch as perv. Wow! SMH!

  • Anonymous

    these losers are asking her relationship questions all up in her business like theyre broads. Angela Yee type interview..terrible

  • Anonymous

    I would've stuck my tongue right in dat booty

  • Anonymous

    you can tell she think Ebro and Rosenberg are fags..

  • Anonymous

    2000 cities? hiphopdx got the worst journalist

  • Anonymous

    LOL rap fans are pathetic. OOOOHHH a pretty girl dat raps! big ass! i so thirsty! chick is BUSTED. smashed grill. pale skin. wack personality. no skills on the mic. brings literally nothing to the table. doesn't matter. virgin rap fans care! big ass bitch with a butt face that sounds like steve irwin rapping like la chat. LOL you can't make this up. you deserve to be molested if you fork money over to see this bird do her little 1-2 on stage.

  • Anonymous

    She fine tho! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • ItsCalledCrowdSurfing

    What a dumbass. Its called crowd surfing and its unavoidable. Seriously just don't get close to a crowd or jump into a crowd if you dont want your junk touched.

  • Anonymous

    SMH yall niccas is thirsty

  • Anonymous

    Easy solution? Stop crowd surfing

  • she needs a bath

    LMAO at this bitch havin to double up her clothes to stop her being finger raped by the crowd

  • Your Friendly Neighboorhood Uncle

    Hip Hop DX, what the fuck is wrong with you? Go ask Lord Jamar what he thinks of Iggy Azalea getting fingered. ASAP! And I don't mean that gold toothed transvestite Rocky.

  • Sensible

    If all your music is based on sexuality aren't you setting yourself up for this kind of behaviour? Maybe if you stop acting like a dirty slut people won't try and finger you.

  • Crowd Surfer

    I fisted this Bitch, in the arse!!

  • Anonymous

    I was gonna go to her show just to feel her booty.

  • Anonymous

    this came out on tuesday and i thought it was fucked up at the end how they talking about this girl pooping, like c'mon ebro you pervy old man get the fuck outta here wit that SHIT.

  • T.I

    I fucked this bitch!!!!

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