Lil Wayne On Donald Sterling's Statements: I Wouldn't Be A Clipper Fan Or Player

"If I was a Clipper player, a current Clipper player," Lil Wayne says, "you wouldn't see me on the court anymore in that uniform."

Lil Wayne has responded to comments allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in an audio recording that was published by TMZ Friday (April 25).

The audio, which was reportedly recorded April 9, features the owner in an argument with V. Stiviano over an image she posted with Magic Johnson, according to TMZ.

During their conversation, Sterling says, among other things, that "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”

Sterling says that he doesn’t mind his girlfriend, who is Black and Mexican, being around other Blacks.

"You can sleep with [black people],” he says in the audio, which is available below. "You can bring them in. You can do whatever you want.  The little I ask you is not to promote it on that ... and not to bring them to my games.” 

Lil Wayne posted a video commentary about the situation. 

“I’ma sum it up for everybody that I believe feel this way,” the New Orleans rapper says in the clip, which appears on WorldstarHipHop. "I’ma sum it up for everybody on my side of the gate and I think you know what I mean when I say that. Fuck you. That simple. That easy. If I was a Clipper fan, I wouldn’t be one anymore. It’s that simple. But if I was a Clipper player, a current Clipper player, you wouldn’t see me on the court anymore in that uniform. An apology wouldn’t do for me. It wouldn’t work for me. A team meeting wouldn’t work for me. Locker room camaraderie, that wouldn’t work for me. I’d stand up for myself and I’d understand that pride and respect isn’t a team sport. Those are the things you’re supposed to have within yourself, pride and respect. And then as a Clipper player with pride and respect, I’d understand that the person that owns the team that I’m playing for has no respect for me or my people or my kind and has no pride and I’m out here busting my ass every night, every day to win for the team that would only make Donald Sterling happier, richer. Nah. So if I was a current Clipper, I wouldn’t be anymore. Purple and yellow, nigga."

Lil Wayne joins Game, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill in responding to Sterling’s comments. Yesterday (April 26), Game posted a comment regarding Sterling on one of his Instagram accounts.

“It was not only ignorant & racist but a non-calculated & disgusting business move on Donald Sterlings part,” Game wrote on his whenarichniggawantyou Instagram account. "In the support of my own race, Hispanics & every other race whose been fighting current & past racism I have now started the #ESCwhich is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated "minority" label given to us by Mr. Sterling."

Snoop Dogg also posted a response to Sterling’s comments on his Instagram account yesterday.

“A message to the muthafucka that own the Clippers,” Snoop Dogg says in his post. “You bitch-ass, redneck, white-bred, chicken shit muthafucka: Fuck you, your momma and everything connected to you you racist piece of shit. Fuck you."

Lil Wayne’s video response, Snoop Dogg and Game’s Instagram posts and the alleged audio of Sterling are as follows:

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  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    LMFAO at people and the media making a big fucking deal out of this and the NBA banning a team OWNER!!! Blacks can talk all the shit they want about whites but as soon as a powerful white guy speaks his opinion, all hell breaks lose. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT, YOU FUCKING CRY BABIES!!! SUCK A FAT DICK AND BALLS!!!

  • Amir

    These players worked their ass off to get where they are, not because of Donald Sterling, They are not trying to win a championship for him. They are doing it for themselves for their family and the fans that believe in them. To boycott their games, and asked them to stop doing what they love because of the ignorance of someone else hurts the players and fans more that its hurts Donald Sterling. For the them as a team to go out there a play hard and win speaks much more of their Pride and Dignity then for them to quit when they are where they are. That is not standing up nobody works hard to achieve a goal only to allow someone else to force them to quit. You battle bigotry in the professional world with continued excellence. This is what they do, They way they play together as a team is how they make a statement. They can make a bigger statement by winning a championship then they will by giving up their dreams. Legal action can, will and is already being taken against Donald Sterling. But to punish the players for his bigotry is i believe is selfish on anyone who seeks to do so. They did nothing wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Dawg, this story is going NOWHERE until Sterling is gone. Mark my words.

    • Anonymous

      It's Sterling's team lol Don't be fooled into thinking just cause the Clips tossed their warm up shirts on the court that means they're prepared to take it all the way. They aren't going to jeopardize their lifestyles and bank accounts by pretending to be moral all of a sudden. Do they want the media digging into their closets and pulling out all the things every one of these players has ever said or done? Winning cures all, so if the Clippers get to Rd. 2 this will be forgotten. If they lose then the side show will continue.

  • Anonymouseee

    Nigga reading off a teleprompter or smth? LMAO What dat? F-- fu---c--- fu--- oh! "Fuck you!"

  • I Call BS

    Although I agree with what Weezy said...I call bullshit. Weezy would continue to collect his big check and play, just like every player on the Clips will do. You see nowadays people only fight racism when it's convenient or there's something to gain. Everybody knew this guy was a racist for a long long time and nobody cared until his "GF" decided to move on and blow shit up before she left. The guy's a piece of shit and nobody cared until they couldn't ignore it anymore cuz a tape came out.

  • Anonymous

    its cool to disrespect Emmett Till in your raps though.

  • Anonymous

    "and doesn't make a living off of people he secretly despises" Their making a living off him. He's worth over a billion, and can void their contracts if need be.

  • HTG

    Donald Sterlings Reactions (sincere apology, cries)

  • K.Atta

    Personally I am not made at Sterlings comments or feelings as a whole... for I blame DOC Rivers, B. Davis, The Clippers..his half black/mexican girl and even wife..... These racist remarks, feelings and attributes from Sterling were prevelant years ago...but see DOC Rivers can't protest...its not in his blood line..he has plenty white and green investments and I am not talking about the Celtics... He (DOC) gave his players some BS speech about this being their team/etc... but No employee for Kinkos could ever claim anything in Kinkos.. I am black, but its plenty of us ..don't like US...Plenty.. And as for Little Wayne.. He's the same that said beat the pussy like Emitt Teal and that he does not like dark skinned woman and the last dark "shit" he wants to see is his first daughter...what kind of dumb shit to say ... Your daughter has to grow up thinking her dad does not care about her skin color... So What's really the difference between Doc or Wayne in comparison to Sterling..they don't want to be too public or have alot of love for black folks neither. sad day again for BLACKS..but God got us...

    • Edubb

      I have to agree with a lot of points that you have made!!! Cause Baron Davis was really offended by the way he was treated he would have said something long ago!!! Im well aware of Doc Rivers rep aswell! As far as lil wayne goes he made us blacks look bad long ago I cant even take that clown serious!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm an minority but I'm more offended by actions this gold digging tramp more than Donald. We already know 90% of these old white folks are racist but now this money hungry chick is now a some type of hero? SMH

  • Anonymous

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  • Mark

    Please Little Wayne and talentless people like him is why some white people don't like black people. Thank GOD for EDM and some music that's not always talking trash and degrading women and is positive for a change and not the same old base line with some moron talking over it and can't even talk in time. As far as this guy... He has every right to have an opinion an not like black people. Obviously he has had negative experiences and that not that hard. I would not like them either if I didn't know some really intelligent black people and if not for Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and many talents actors, and musicians. And dated a few half black girls. So what if he does not black people and he does not want his bought and paid for girlfriend broadcasting that she hangs out with black guys. Any of you offended don't realize that you can't control what other people think, and you are really pathetic for seeking everyone approval and needing everyone to like you. He did not use the "N" work he was not disrespectful to them, he simply stated that does not want to be around them or associated with them and he has every right to make that choice.

  • Makr

    Sorry for the typos, tired and high.


    It's good to see rappers taking a stance against this blatant racism. Game had a good idea of boycotting the games. hopefully his ESC (empty seats campaign) takes off. for him to say is to a women of color is crazy. the fact that the NBA is filled with Black players makes it almost unbelievable

  • Mack

    I totally disagree with that excuse for a human, Donald Sterling. He, Lord Jamar and racist people like them should be shipped away to Siberia or something...

    • Anonymous

      yes, welcome to America! Where it's not okay to be a racist unless you're black.


      i'd say their is a difference between lord Jamar and the owner of the clippers. Jamar is not hiding his opinion and doesn't make a living off of people he secretly despises. Jamar's rants, while i don't agree with all his views, are in response to racism in our society. to compare the two is over simplifying the issue

    • Come On

      100% agree its not acceptable from no race. Lord Jamar and Donald Sterling are in the same grain to me. Hip Hop Dx should stop posting Lord Jamar's Interview on this site cause it looks like they are promoting what he says.

  • datFreshbutholeSmell

    lmao still marketed the truck fit hahahahahaha damn.

  • fry

    Lil Wayne is 5 ft. 5 inches tall, talentless, and ugly. There's only one court he'll ever be on, or in rather.

  • Anonymous

    This old man is so stupid!

  • Nick T

    niggas call wayne a pop star.. like no ceilings was pop? carter2 was pop? lil wayne is pop when he shows up on every kids bob, and i don't think his lyrics gonna make the disney channel cut. it sounds cute when y'all say it.. but it doesn't make sense.. wayne is no where near pop.

    • fry

      To be fair, that sounds like an educated response. Almost enough for me to believe you listen to carter 2...but I seriously am dreading the idea of hearing his voice for a whole album. I will go as far as to say that I believe you. If you ever read this again...I want to ask you how the beats are? I usually hate his style of beats.

    • Anonymous

      he may be a pop star and smoe of the shit you said was true, but carter 2 was nowhere near pop. That album was straight fire and he had some real fuckin bars.

    • Fry

      He is the EPITOME of a pop star. He makes shitty sounding "Popular" music. He works with "Who's hot" at the moment, follows trends, admits that he does it all for the money, ignores the underground and all "Real" lyricists like the plague, he wants to be seen and wants you to see what he's doing, saying or wearing. He is Rhianna. He is Beyonce. He is The Black Eyed Peas. He is POP bullshit! One of the fakest human beings that media has ever forced unto us. Luckily, the fad is can't fool people forever. I'm so happy that lots of people are now saying "I can't believe I used to like lil wayne"

  • Weezy4Life

    damn yall some hatin ass dudes man. Weezy been killin the game since his cash money days. Look how much he's done for hip hop and all yall do is hate. He's given us CLASSICS, and I agree his recent stuff doesn't top Carter 1 and 2, but you can't deny he's top 5 right now(top 3 actually). So many other wack rappers and yall choose to hate on Weezy. I bet yall them lame ass "real hip hop" fans who only bump 2pac(who sucks) and fuckin wu tang. Them old ass fools don't even sell units, plus Wayne is lyrically shitting on them. Carter 2 still the best rap album of 2000 era. Fuck anyone who says any different(and Carter III is shitting on the majority of whats coming out today, including yall lame ass opinions)

    • fry

      lol you're still talking about selling units like that ever meant anything? How old are you? 9? "Classics"....haha little wayne is just a tiny blip on the hip-hop radar. The fad is over dude...put your tight purple pants away, give your gf her blouse back and stop yelling these simple-ass nursery rhymes and making animal noises over shitty beats. Thank God people are waking up...Once you hit puberty, you will start to say "Damn I can't believe I listened to little wayne by choice! I was such an idiot"

  • MIO

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  • Clipper Fan

    But the fact is lil wayne isnt and never was a clipper fan, so this article and his statement are irrelevant as fuck.

    • fry

      Why are you talking about album sales dude? What does that even mean? The media just forces this shit down your ears to dumb down black people. You're free to spend your lunch money however you want, but once you discover Hip-Hop and forget about this Hip-Pop you seem to love...a whole new world of music will open up.

    • Anonymous

      these comments are unreal. niggas got so much emotion invested in this niggas. especially the niggas who claim they dont care about him. no wonder he goes platinum in a week.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely right. Also, a short white person has more in common with a short black person than a tall white person, because skin color is the weaker trait.

  • Anonymous

    This old man, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne must not understand there's no difference between a white and black person. If you ancestors lived in an area with a lot of sun their skin produced more melanin and eventually became black. If you ancestors lived in an area with little sun their skin produced less melanin and eventually became white.

  • Anonymous

    Why are they bringing so much attention to an old rich racist? There's no point. It just spreads negativity.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne has said, an uncountable amount of times, that he cares about money over everything. If he played in the NBA for the Clippers, he would NOT quite playing because his old racist boss made a disparaging comment.

  • AR

    Watch out y'all. The lean drinkin pill poppin ass clown is speaking that conscious shit.

  • Anonymous

    If you're following Lil Waynes advice on how to live in society then you're already in trouble.

  • Anonymous

    That shit was nice

  • so dumb

    I feel like she was goading him into saying this shit. at one point he said i love blacks. Idk i feel like were missing the beginning of the argument and that may be kind of important

  • Uncle Flocker

    Somewhere some place Lord Jamar just had an orgasm knowing HHDX will soon come to him for his comment.

  • Fuck u, fake ass nigga

    Says the dude who mocked Emmet Till's death. What a fucking hypocrite loser, fuck wayne.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the idiot who made fun of Emmett Till? He should be the last person speaking on racism

  • Anonymous

    "Why is the only alternative for them to work at Safeway ?" Would Costco make you feel better?

  • illmatic

    All I have to say is "Good Old USA" and "Dentaldamboy" are bitches. Have a nice day

  • Ice Cube

    Fuck the Sterlings comin straight from the Lakers town A young nigga gettin banned cause I'm brown And not the other color so the owner thinks He has thee authority to ban a minority Fuck that shit cause I ain't the fan Wit a Clippers jersey on, tickets all in my hand To be exiled or thrown outside We can go toe to toe center court at halftime Fuckin wit me cause I'm a minority Wit a much bigger dick and some floor seats Searchin my pockets, lookin for a weapon Thinkin every nigga got AK-47s You'd rather me, watch it at home Than me and my cohorts sittin near center court Beat the Clips owner right on down And when I'm finish, get a flagrant foul To calm down the scene of that beatdown Still talkin shit Donald Sterling gets clowned I don't know if he jealous or what He grabbed on his crouch, he got baby nuts And on the other hand, without dough he can't get hoes It don't matter if she black and mexicano Cause she'll take you for everything that you got Donald Sterling whippin out a 3 inch cock Ice Cube will warn Chris Paul and every player in a Clip uniform Just cause you play for the L-A-C Don't mean he don't want his team white as can be HUH A young nigga wit a contract And when it's over, you need to get up out that Situation, before you get lynched quick Doc too get up out that shit

  • Anonymous

    Sorry lil Wayne. Paul and company can't just break their contracts without serious legal issues, I feel the worst for the guys in the locker room.

  • clevelandchief

    white devils

  • Donald Sterling


  • Anonymous

    That nigga b talking worse about black girls so STFU.young money flop

  • Danielle Harding

    I wonder what 50 cent will say about this

  • Anonymous

    Lil gay plz lol.young money flop

  • Anonymous

    purple and yellow nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Clipper team saying they wanted to boycott. Yeah right. Sterling is paying your huge salaries. You'll shrug it off cause the alternative is working at Safeway.

    • Why Safeway ?

      Are you an employment lawyer ? I'm not quite sure you have engaged your brain Race/Color Discrimination Race discrimination involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because he/she is of a certain race The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment.It is unlawful to harass a person because of that persons race or color. Harassment can include, for example, racial slurs, offensive or derogatory remarks about a person's race or color I think a bunch of wealthy professional sports players, could afford attorneys/lawyer's, who could prove that the working conditions, had become unworkable, making the original contract null and void

    • Anonymous

      Donald could sue them and bankrupt them.

    • Anonymous

      Why is the only alternative for them to work at Safeway ?

  • Fable

    But what does Lord Jamar think?

  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure a good majority of Americans have worked at a job where either a boss or coworker was racist, sexist, homophobic or something that clashed with their views. Should everyone who works for a racist boss quit? This country would be unemployed and going to shits if that was the case. I'm not saying racism is good nor am I promoting it but c'mon let's not act like this is the only racist person in America. We've all (except for these trolls on here who are still in high school) worked at jobs with people with questionable morals. Doesn't mean you should quit

    • Anonymous

      I worked for an old dutch guy who asked me if I was gay because I didn't watch wrestling or hockey. I quit but it was a terrible job.

  • Lfellz

    Wasn't this tha same dude wit tha emmit till line???!!!


    White Americans really have a lot of hate in their hearts towards black and Latin people . It's weird when you consider that a lot of blacks and Latins have been losing their lives in places like Iraq and Afghanistan for the American people as whole

    • Anonymous

      dentalboy and his lies.

    • Anonymous

      i cant tell if you serious and have a 1960's mentality or if you trollin good old usa. people of all races can be racist. white folks, black folks, latinos, and asians (funny that you left out asians when they get just as much shit, hmm possible racism?). ignorance bro.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, no black people are ever racist.

    • dentaldamboy

      Here in New Orleans, people of all races get along. That's because YMCMB works with the community to bring harmony. This is why YMCMB has the most successful and intelligent fan base. Meanwhile, Jay Z fans are mostly racists and welfare recipients. I can tell that GOOD OLD USA is both.and a pedophile on top of that.


      @ dumb fuck you just suffering from an "identity crisis" The term "Latin America" was first used in 1861 in La revue des races Latines, which was a magazine "dedicated to the cause of Pan-Latinism". Latin America is made of 3 regions, South America, The Caribbean, and Middle America (Mexico, Central America and the West Indies are on occasion called Middle America)


      Showing your ignorance again retarded peasant ---> (Latino is just the Spanish word for Latin) You really are the lowest hanging fruit on the tree LOL !!

    • dumb fuck

      im white and im latin. Latin is not a race. Stupid fuck.


      What the fuck are you talking about IDIOT . That's the problem with you racists you have no concept of responsibility . Whats funny about Blacks and Latins laying down their lives for a country with a high proportion of racists who think all non whites are just a piece of shit that are just their to be mocked and treated like shit

    • Anonymous

      And fyi when talking about racial ignorance don't be ignorant and call Latino and Latina people "Latin." Ain't nobody from Ancient Rome and Ancient Italy losing their lives in Iraq cause they haven't been around for hundreds of years. That, my friend, is who spoke "Latin"

    • Anonymous

      if you're gonna troll at least be funny or entertaining

  • Anonymous

    alleged alleged alleged alleged if you want to make the transition to a fully-fledged gossip site, you have to go the whole way.

  • Anonymous

    Clippers aren't and never will be a stable team as long as Donald Sterling is the owner. They lost many great players over the years. Griffin and Paul will be long gone after their contracts are up any damn way unless Donald Sterling dies first.

  • Gillie's rhyme book

    Fuck up weezy b4 birdman floats into the room n sticks his tounge down ur throat. We all seen you wearing the fuckin jeggings smfh your opinion on what people should or shouldn't be wearing is like ross giving dieting tips

  • UPC: 602537202911

    I'm really tired of NY rappers like 50 Cent and Jay-Z. They are racist and fake - meanwhile, the supporters of YMCMB believe in a post-racial America.

  • Anonymous

    He is lying. If he wasnt a rich famous rapper with millions and had to feed his fam he would be out there ballin for the clippers given the opportunity. We know this lil gremlin couldn't survive in the streets.

  • Anonymous

    yeah right Wayne, if they won the championship this nigga would hop on the bandwagon like he does every other team.

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