Canibus' Business Partner M-EIGHTY Provides "RTJ00" Project News

Exclusive: Canibus' business partner, M-EIGHTY, says he understands fans' frustrations with the delays regarding the "RTJ00" project.

M-EIGHTY, Canibus’ A&R, tour manager and business partner, has provided an update on the rapper’s RTJ00, a long-discussed project that was also discussed in conjunction with Rip the Jacker II Infinity, which is also called RTJ00.

"Canibus will be filming a RTJ00 video update in the first week of May while we are busy shooting videos for tracks off the new album, FAIT ACCOMPLI, dropping June 10, 2014,” M-EIGHTY says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "RTJ00 is Canibus' final solo project and is currently not completed. When it is completed, everyone who ordered a copy of it will receive their orders.”

Fans who ordered the project when it was announced in 2012 have voiced their concern about paying for a project that has yet to materialize.

"I understand your frustrations, but at the same time be thankful that Canibus has taken time away from RTJ00 to bring us additional works like Almighty: The 2nd Coming, FAIT ACCOMPLI, new The HRSMN material and much more,” M-EIGHTY says. "When he finishes the album than as Canibus has stated, that will be it. If you ordered the project, you will receive the project when it is complete. Though the project began as an independent Canibus' venture, I expressed my interest to Canibus today to work with him on completing the RTJ00 album post FAIT ACCOMPLI and ensuring all orders from the fans are met.

"Canibus' most loyal fans who are aware of my involvement in all aspects of Canibus' career post-2007 know that any and all things we have worked on together from the years of touring, album releases, merchandising and order fulfillment and more with myself in the mix have all been delivered as promised and though what will surely be a sad moment for me and Hip-Hop as one of the greatest to ever touch the mic bows out,” he continues, "I look forward to being there with Canibus as he delivers RTJ00 and closes out the final chapter of his career." 

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  • oobe the crazy?

    Who else was sent this pic and a link to this page? lol SCARY!

  • RealTalk213

    This news should have come a long time ago. I know Canibus fans who preordered the project a long time ago and have felt ripped off by the lack of news.

  • Frosty

    Canibus can spit, but when he chocked at that rap battle; shit was embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    its a damn shame canibus has to use this clown to facilitate his art. canibus is one of the best rappers of all time. whether you feel he's still dope or not is your call, but he's going down in rap's story book as one of the most ferocious spitters of all time. 85% of the people commenting on this site and other rap sites like it are the drags of society. low life losers looking for laughs. you see someone you love in a bad place and you turn away? that's how rap listeners are. moments of weakness erase years of established history. very sad. i will always check for canibus material and support his movement. he's sacrificed a lot to get it out. peace to canibus and anyone who still values what the man is bringing to the table despite the avalanche of bullshit.

  • The God

    It's a shame that our legends are so squandered that they have to resort to dealing with bottom-of-the-barrel rat finks whose only wishes are to use their name and status to fatten their own pockets and make themselves appear to be artistically significant.

  • The God

    M-Eighty is a notorious swindler. He books tours for lukewarm artists during which he collects verses from them and sells them to unsuspecting local artists at inflated rates to skim money off the top. He's also known to use your material without permission if he thinks he won't be sued. BUYER BEWARE!! He also uses his connections in an attempt to bolster his HORRIBLE solo music.

  • Anonymous

    When Ignorant Folks Want To Advertise Their Ignorance, You Don't Really Have To Do Anything, You Just Let Them Talk

  • Anonymous

    how does it feel to be the laughin stock of the rap game...Dizzy Wright is 20 and something, been in the game for like 2-4 years and he sold more then Canibus and has a larger fan base then him...LMAO

  • Anonymous

    all of u niggas love this sucka but he still sells 4k per album...LMAO

    • Anonymous

      are you actually looking at numbers, or a fan of real music Swagger jakker!!!

    • Anonymous

      you're way off base, but what does it matter to you what any album sales? Lets say you are correct. It's more money then you will ever see. So shut up dim wit.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody in the rapgame flopped harder then Canibus. Nigga is doing now drugs.

    • Fry

      What quantifies a flop for you? This dude Canibus has 15 albums, traveled the world, has a voice and medium to be heard, worked with all of the greats (Kool G. Rap, Rakim, Nas, Big Pun, Tragedy Kadahfi, Killah Priest and many, many more), sold gold albums, invented rap styles and much more. If this your idea of a flop...who is successful in your world? There must be approximately 2 or 3 non-floppers in Hip-Hop according to you.

  • MIO

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  • Gucci The Realest

    Let me tell you this the only street nigga is Gucci Mane: * Jay-Z rapping since he was 15 years in the group High Potent. So when did he sold drugs? Between 10 and 15 years? Nobody in Brooklyn can confirm his crime stories. Did this nigga Jay not called the LAPD the get his masters back? * Drake i'm not gonna discuss this faggot. * Ice Cube was 14/15 years old when he was in the group C.I.A. Same story Lying-Z. * Nas Escobar stole his name from druglord Pablo Escobar but the only thing Nas Escobar ever sold in his life are records. * Dr. Dre the nigga who never make beats but uses ghostproducers. (Sam Sneed, Daz, warren G, Cold187um, The Glove, Mell Man etc.) Dr. Dre is as gangsta as there are ghosts. NOT! * 50 Cent sold drugs but on a small level. End of the crime stories. After that he snitched on Murda INC to get a restraining order. FACTS! * The Shame oops i mean The Game a former male stripper and now a attention whore. His own brother said that The Shame is a phony. So who do you you believe? * Flopp Deep oops i mean Mobb Deep some former arts of school studenst and balerina's. Nobody in Queens can confirm there crime stories. * Young Jeezy already exposed by Pimp C as a phony. FACTS! * T.I. he snithed to the feds. Illegal weapons charge thats 10/15 years jail. Come on. * Lil Wayne i aint gonna discuss this faggot. The list goes on....... they all OSG Original Studio Gangstas but NOT Gucci straight up FACTS about selling dope, killing and beating people.

  • Anonymous

    Much respect to Canibus, dude is one of the most gifted lyricists to ever touch a mic. Not enough credit is given to what he has contributed to the art form. His originated the whole style of murderous lyrics with punchlines just attacking a beat, that all these other dudes followed his format (crooked I, j cole, joell ortiz, etc) The way they are spitting now he was doing that in 97-2000. He literally brought battle rap to the for front by battling diz. what rap forum ever had a feature about a battle rapper before canibus stepped in the ring? No mainstream artist ever tweeted about battle rap until then. He practically martyred himself for the art by taking that battle. lyrical jesus

    • KingTutu1000

      Actually, out of his 15 albums, I say the weakest one was Hip Hop For Sale. Still has bangers on there though. Hard to say what I think his best album is. Not to be clich, but RTJ might be my favorite. Hell, Can-I-Bus was an ill album...I'll never understand why the majority did not feel that album/beats. I know Canibus didn't even like it but shit was ill. Regardless, people who have not followed Canibus from day one will inherently have a harder time understanding his lyrical evolution as most people that know of Canibus only know him for his battle rhymes. Watching him evolve album to album has been incredible to witness. I truly think Canibus has a gift most people do not have.

    • Anonymous

      Canibus actually has several classic albums. 2000 bc Mic club, Rip the Jacker, Melatonin Magic, Lyrical Law. That's more than your favorite rapper and his side kicks..

    • KingTutu1000

      All these negative comments...I attribute it to jealousy. Anyway, Canibus doesn't care about the numbers. He cares about his love for hip hop. This is going to be his 15th album. Rip the Jacker is a classic in my opinion...FACT. Other classics of his include For Whom The Beat Tolls, Melatonin Magik, C of Tranquility. For the people posting negative comments about are the people that would rather listen to a catchy hook and some lyrics about drugs/bitches/guns. Do us a favor and stop trolling Canibus. Otherwise, you are putting quarters into his immortal meter by blogging about him. I don't go and blog about Lil Wayne because I do not like him and I have better things to do. Fait Accompli sounds like another classic from Canibus. Can't stop listening to the sampler.

    • Anonymous

      Skillz or not Canibus NEVER made a classic! Fact!

    • Anonymous

      They didn't have twitter back then either brah

  • OnkelMichael

    1 Love to LL for destroying that fools life...

    • Anonymous

      He didn't obviously. but if he did, what would you get off of it? You're still a loser with a thought process like that, I have all the evidence I need.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Canibus makes music forever!! I hate today's music. Most the new guys have no substance. They come of as tacky unsophisticated and just not G.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Canibus is one of the dopest MCs of all time. Unique, vicious, ridiculous vocabulary and verbal skills, one of a kind. I'd rank him as one of the greatest of all time. With that said, that Dizaster incident is a tough pill to swallow man. I mean, it was like watching Hulk Hogan get the his ass whooped by Nikolai Volkov. Canibus hung his hat on being a ferocious battle rapper, and he made a fool of himself. That was very disappointing. Doesn't mean he's not a ill MC, and doesn't even mean he's not a million times better than Dizaster, but that was a pathetic showing that will always hang over him.

  • PB9K

    The people commenting on M80 have no idea what they are talking about. If he's such a horrible business man, why does he continue to do business with heavy weights in the industry?? Get a life.

  • 9 Winds

    M80 has done a great job for Canibus, he is a very successful business partner, there is a reason why he is the A&R for Wutang Clan. Germaine has the skills and lyrics to create material that lasts. all these pop hop stars coming out new every year is laughable. Do you want to go to Dizneyland or Atlantis?

  • KI

    Maybe its because M-Eighty isn't a manager. He is an A&R and is stepping into a managerial role to make sure the record gets done so you can stop bitching.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Who wrote this? A 2nd grader? It's not "Rip The Jacker III" It's Rip The Jacker II! Either M-80 or HipHopdx has no idea what's going on....

  • AzrealMaximillion

    M-Eighty is the worst manager ever. So many rappers who've worked with him have horror stories about his greasy schemes.

  • Anonymous

    i respect his career and all that, but lets face it, he disgraced the title of MC.

    • Anonymous

      actually no he didn't. The facts are he's done more for the culture as far as enlightening and educated than any other artist period.

  • JD

    No one's checking for this dude anymore. He had so much hype back in the day and he completely flopped. Another dude with skills who had no idea how to make a hit record.

  • Stanibus

    Sad day when you got M-Lady announcing your retirement. RIP Canibus, he was one of the dopest to do it..once upon a time. ...Dizazter already dug that grave plot tho.

  • Anonymous

    27 copies first week

    • Fry

      Look up the word "Literally". I believe you're in for a shock. This guy has, arguably (Maybe Nas or Ghostface), the best catalog in Hip-Hop history. 15 albums deep son! Going Gold is "literally" not an accomplishment?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for confirming you bum status

    • Anonymous

      Oh, you're right. I'm not educated. I will never accomplish more in my life than the guy who has literally accomplished nothing. His music really is timeless though, in that nobody listened to it back then just like nobody listens now.

    • Anonymous

      What does it matter to you? At the end of the day it will be great timeless music. Canibus has accomplished far more then you ever will. This man is clearly educated. It's certain that you are not and that's unfortunate.

    • Anonymous

      LOOOOL...why u gonna play the dude like that bruh? LOOOL

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