HipHopDX Readers Rank Albums With Best Beats: Week Of 04/20/2014

YG's "My Krazy Life" and Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" fight for the top spots as readers vote for the week's album with the best beats.

HipHopDX users were recently asked to rate the week's top charting Hip Hop albums based on beats. 

The Ranker list, which HipHopDX uses to assess reader responses below, calculates the votes based on a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" system it creates a list with the data users input. Ranker lists the albums from top to bottom, based on the total number of votes and regardless of how many thumbs up a particular album gets. The order of the albums featured on the lists fluctuates as votes are cast. 

YG's My Krazy Life earned the highest placement on the list with 180 thumbs up and 85 thumbs down. The effort earned a 3 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review. "YG showcases simplistic rapping along with the lack of disparity in his production, flaws that somewhat weaken his introspective, firsthand account mobbing with the Tree Top Pirus in the famed jungle of Compton," HipHopDX says in its review. 

DJ Mustard, an executive producer on My Krazy Life, spoke about how he views the album recently. "Like [Dr. Dre's] The Chronic, really," Mustard said in March. "For sure. It’s like our generation of The Chronic, you know what I’m saying? This is Snoop [Dogg] and [Dr.] Dre all over again."

An anonymous reader commented on DJ Mustard's contributions to My Krazy Life. "Mustard is consistently good," the user said.

Another anonymous user disagrees. "Mustard's beats all have the same 3-4 chords and using a different tone/instrument doesn't make it different. Also, that song you mentioned is terrible and doesn't promote loving and caring, it does the opposite," the anonymous poster said in the comments section of the Sales story. 

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was voted last week's most lyrical album, earned the second-highest placement on this week's list with 169 thumbs up and 80 thumbs down. Rick Ross' Mastermind earned 133 thumbs up and 103 thumbs down. Meanwhile, Pharrell's G I R L earned 92 thumbs up and 94 thumbs down and Beyonce's self titled album earned 75 thumbs up and 114 thumbs down. 

Readers can respond to this week's question by going to this week's Album Sales report

The results for the "best beats" question are as follows: 

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  • Anonymous

    MMLP2's beats ruined the whole album stop it u trash eminem fans that are like praise him for being white.

  • DennisCannon

    Great Beats & Rhymes Checkout L.A. emcee/producer Tha Boogiewoogie Man Support!!!(3 songs from The Gathering),(3 songs from 33rd Degree) 1 New Song 7 Free Downloads! @ Like my new page

  • Gucci The Realest

    Let me tell you this the only street nigga is Gucci Mane: * Jay-Z rapping since he was 15 years in the group High Potent. So when did he sold drugs? Between 10 and 15 years? Nobody in Brooklyn can confirm his crime stories. Did this nigga Jay not called the LAPD the get his masters back? * Drake i'm not gonna discuss this faggot. * Ice Cube was 14/15 years old when he was in the group C.I.A. Same story Lying-Z. * Nas Escobar stole his name from druglord Pablo Escobar but the only thing Nas Escobar ever sold in his life are records. * Dr. Dre the nigga who never make beats but uses ghostproducers. (Sam Sneed, Daz, warren G, Cold187um, The Glove, Mell Man etc.) Dr. Dre is as gangsta as there are ghosts. NOT! * 50 Cent sold drugs but on a small level. End of the crime stories. After that he snitched on Murda INC to get a restraining order. FACTS! * The Shame oops i mean The Game a former male stripper and now a attention whore. His own brother said that The Shame is a phony. So who do you you believe? * Flopp Deep oops i mean Mobb Deep some former arts of school studenst and balerina's. Nobody in Queens can confirm there crime stories. * Young Jeezy already exposed by Pimp C as a phony. FACTS! * T.I. he snithed to the feds. Illegal weapons charge thats 10/15 years jail. Come on. * Lil Wayne i aint gonna discuss this faggot. The list goes on....... they all OSG Original Studio Gangstas but NOT Gucci straight up FACTS about selling dope, killing and beating people.

  • Anonymous

    YG and Ross both had trash beats.

  • Anonymous

    im waiting for slaughterhouse but its gonna flop like mmlp2 did slaughterhouse aint underground no more numbers dont mean talent

  • Anonymous

    fuck mainstream hiphop underground for life strange journey vol 3 ptsd in death reborn



  • Anonymous

    The dark secret in room is that everybody can't accept Rick Ross made the best album of the year thus far, but know one can come to terms with that reality.

  • Anonymous

    Mastermind has better beat than every album on the list, but people are just afraid to admit it.

  • Apollo Thu'teen

    I wanna know which album Lord Jamar thinks has the best beats

  • Anonymous

    Pharoahe Monch's PTSD is easily the best album out this year, and even decade. Best production (worst song on the album > Cocaine Pinata's best), great verses + catchy hooks. This album will be remembered even 50 years later!

  • Cash

    I did a remake of Dj Mustards "Paranoid" in 15 mins. Mamis thought it was the original instrumental...he aint no great producer. But i totally like how catchy and minimalistic his beats are and hes a major player in the game right now.

  • BeyGottheBestbeats

    Bey got the best beats whether hip hop or not

    • Anonymous

      I agree I'm shocked to see it with so many down votes. Crazy production on there. Shows the intelligence of the DX community thinking DJ Mustard is better than Timbaland, Detail, 40 & the new cat Boots

  • Gucci the realest

    what do you like in a rapper? if you like when your listing to music you want to hear music that what the rapper is saying is true. Right? he has to have flow and have a nice beat would be nice. but over all you dont want to here about a rapper talkin bout what is true. like lieng about how hes in the hood so on and so forth.but i also asked 100 peolpe whos there favorte artist most said lil wayne no disrespect to wayne but hes fake he got a fresh flow but the stuff he rapps about he not about t

    • Anonymous

      clearly a rick ross fan caught feelings

    • Anonymous

      Grow the fuck up childish fag, I listen to Brotha Lynch Hung to hear that rip gut cannibal shit becaiuse sometimes I like to hear that wicked shit, I could care less if Wayne is rapping about his visit to Mars or if Marshall is rapping about an orgy with his Mom and Uncle, stop trying to live a fantasy through the rhymes and just enjoy the poems and production.

  • People need to support better albums

    Best hip hop album this year is Freddie Gibbs Pinata. Im still waiting on amazon to deliver Pharaoh Monch PTSD but I heard its fire as well. Beyonc - Not hip hop Pharell - Shits wack Rick Ross - Cant listen to his make believe lies anymore YG - Dope beats but he aint sayin shit MMLP 2 - Solid album few horrible pop tracks and his flow/voice don't sound as good as before but I fucks with it

    • Anonymous

      theres a difference between being movin a few grams in the hood n sayin you were slanging on the block heavy to what ross does claiming he was down with all these coke boss's moving huge weight when you were hiding the fact you were a C.O and so good at the job of snitching on people you got an award. Even tho everyone knows he lying his ass off he still trying to convince people its like god damn nigga give it up

    • Anonymous

      Make believe lies? Just stop listening to rap than dumb ass if you want the absolute truth its just entertainment and don't watch movie anymore

    • Anonymous

      just another lonely friday night for Bruthadee

    • Anonymous

      You can rap about whatever you want to, which is why Biggie can rap about living in a shack and Tupac can rap about his .44 making your kids not grow. Rappers attempt to manipulate suburban consumers into buying into their image based on "reality" raps but its all a con game because if these Niggas did everything they rapped about they would all be incarcerated or under indictment or in the process of being audited. Isnt it awesome how all the rappers the children consider the realest are the ones in prison or on parole? What a warped and sick mentality and how many lost Souls are dead trying to be real niggas Instead of trying to be real men? Beyonce - good R&B, DIL will burn the clubs and strip joints well into the summer, should have had J Cole instead of Drake. Pharrel - Waaaay to popish, hat shit was a Becky feat but if you smash Becky's then you need to have that jawn in rotation. Rick Ross - Incredible production nothing sweet covered all the Black genres, needed MM series YG - Crazy production but a little heavy on the Mustard, (no pun intended) got redundant.... Eminem - had absolutely no Soul in it had to delete it from my trash can, sounded like Rubin was all over it.

    • Gucci the realest

      you can't claim you don't listen to rick ross because hes fake when the other rappers u listen to also rap about their fantasies and not about real shit. You hiphop fans that hate on rick ross because he is so called fake are the biggest hypocryts ever and all your opinions are nullified due to that. If you wanna support a real nigga rapping about real shit then its gucci otherwise don't bother criticizing rick ross for being fake and then supporting a ton of other rappers who do the ecact same thing rick ross does.

    • Anonymous

      :^ white boy above

    • jimmytheshooter


  • Anonymous

    LOL HipHopDX readers are retarded if they think DJ Fucktard makes good beats

    • Anonymous

      LOL IKR. All his beats are an extremely simple 3 second loop followed by that shouting background shit. DJ Mustard never has any beat progression, there's hardly any layers, and to it all just gets old. MMLP2 > MKL as far as production goes.

    • Anonymous

      mustard on the beat hoe

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