Dizaster Calls Lupe Fiasco "Skirtman"

Dizaster revisits a beef with Lupe Fiasco from last year.

Battle rapper Dizaster took to Twitter yesterday with a barbed comment for Lupe Fiasco.

Referring to the Chicago emcee as "skirtman" in his Tweet, Dizaster added sarcastically that Fiasco "KILT [his] last performance."

The Tweet is only the latest in a string of slights that Dizaster has leveraged against fellow rappers and other battlers.

Earlier this month Dizaster called out Math Hoffa in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

Lupe Fiasco himself has maintained a peripheral presence in the Battle Rap world by regularly Tweeting reactions to specific battles. 

To read the full story, visit Battle Rap.



  • drone killa

    i'm not a lupe fan, but i respect the ability to put together a decent song. yelling insults at other nerds (what dizaster does) isn't a talent, dude's lucky white suburban "real hip-hoppers" follow this battle rap BULLSHIT so he doesn't have to get a real job.

  • OnkelMichael

    Even Vakill recognized Lupe...

  • Anonymous

    who is this dude? no names looking for fame

  • Gucci The Realest

    Let me tell you this the only street nigga is Gucci Mane: * Jay-Z rapping since he was 15 years in the group High Potent. So when did he sold drugs? Between 10 and 15 years? Nobody in Brooklyn can confirm his crime stories. Did this nigga Jay not called the LAPD the get his masters back? * Drake i'm not gonna discuss this faggot. * Ice Cube was 14/15 years old when he was in the group C.I.A. Same story Lying-Z. * Nas Escobar stole his name from druglord Pablo Escobar but the only thing Nas Escobar ever sold in his life are records. * Dr. Dre the nigga who never make beats but uses ghostproducers. (Sam Sneed, Daz, warren G, Cold187um, The Glove, Mell Man etc.) Dr. Dre is as gangsta as there are ghosts. NOT! * 50 Cent sold drugs but on a small level. End of the crime stories. After that he snitched on Murda INC to get a restraining order. FACTS! * The Shame oops i mean The Game a former male stripper and now a attention whore. His own brother said that The Shame is a phony. So who do you you believe? * Flopp Deep oops i mean Mobb Deep some former arts of school studenst and balerina's. Nobody in Queens can confirm there crime stories. * Young Jeezy already exposed by Pimp C as a phony. FACTS! * T.I. he snithed to the feds. Illegal weapons charge thats 10/15 years jail. Come on. * Lil Wayne i aint gonna discuss this faggot. The list goes on....... they all OSG Original Studio Gangstas but NOT Gucci straight up FACTS about selling dope, killing and beating people.

  • Anonymous

    As for Waka Flaka, his family was already well off, so that example is void.

  • Anonymous

    "Does that mean he's got more skills than dizaster?" Yes. All Dizaster does is talk trash. He's not even a real artist. At least Lupe achieved something, and has the money to prove it.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe a weak ass nigga. just like this whiteboy

  • Anonymous

    and dizaster cant make good music so he should should shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    lupe has two albums he fell off after the cool

  • annoyed

    cant stand disaster because he cant get by with out talking shit about other Emcees

  • Anonymous

    I'm broke, aint got no fans, aint got no girl, but that doesn't stop me from saying WHY THE FUCK ARE YALL LAME ASS STUPID ASS NIGGAS WEARING SKIRTS OUT HERE! That shit aint slick one bit! Kanye, Lupe, A$AP Rocky, yall are wearing womens clothing! WOMENS CLOTHING! Don't get it twisted, yall are cross dressing. Yall are fags.

  • confused

    hhdx, did anyone in the staff notice that 50 cent released the animal ambition tracklist like 9 hours ago? not that i give a fuck about that album its almost definitely going to be trash, especially after looking at the tracklist. however, i still think its much more substantial news than this bullshit

    • Anonymous

      Please, I'd be more worried about a 50 Cent fan pulling a lollipop out on me than some chrome. Yall are sweet, candy ass niggas.

    • south jamaica queens side g

      fuck ya'll 50 haters, dont make me pull the chrome out ya'll

    • lol

      The dude above me is retarded for not being able to tell the album is gonna suck just by looking at the tracklist. I swear the people that use this site are autistic lol.

    • Anonymous

      smh how the fuck can u know an album's gonna be trash just by lookin at the tracklist

  • Diligent Thought

    and those who says that lupe's better bcoz he has more money is wrong,LUPE's better bcoz he is actually BETTER lyrically technically. he is a gifted MC and it is not fair to compare MCs on basis of wealth its like comparing lil wayne with lupe fiasco OR comparing drake with immortal technique. So skill's the factor either rapping technique or substance thats what a MC needs or else the credits to the producer.

  • Diligent Thought

    Angry drake's fronting! this guys a drake D-rider ive seen him talk about drake. he trying to get some attention. LUpe is THE one of the best rappers out there who is genuinely gifted unlike what some blind prejudistic ignorant SOABs think. this guy is ok battle rapper but he cant hold a candle to lupe's complex lyricism, lets just face the facts.

  • Anonymous

    This guy hangs out with Drake. Drake uses lint rollers at basketball games, enough said.

  • drake runs rap

    hahahaha drake doesn't wear skirts for attention like that crybaby homo lupe does. Lupe is nothing compared to drake

  • Anonymous

    You're not going to post a pic?

  • afro pick

    fuck this devil.

  • Chrisalejo

    SMH skirt gang got lupe too. =[

  • JD

    Dizaster is wack. Dude is like 45 years old battling other dudes to win $200 and is probably sleeping on his mom's couch.

    • JD

      There is NO money in battling. Get a clue.

    • Anonymous

      keep daydreaming that, if it makes you feel better about hating him. If you could actually see the prize money in those things is bigger for one night then your entire yearly minimum wage checks from McDonalds added up, you'd likely commit suicide tho

  • Anonymous

    That skirtman has a net worth of 8 million. Why do battle rap flunkies think so highly of their non careers?

    • Anonymous

      Waka Flocka's worth 5. Does that mean he's got more skills than dizaster? When did hip hop start putting paychecks above skills?

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