Ice T Addresses Lack Of Black Artists In Rock n' Roll

Ice T says he still receives criticism over "Cop Killer," clarifies that the song was a "protest record against police brutality."

As a member of the metal band Body Count, rapper/actor Ice T was asked to share his thoughts on the lack of black artists in rock music during an interview with Vlad TV. He revealed that he’s unsure of the exact reason why there are so few black people who play rock n’roll, but did state that black people are “mind-fucked” and have been pigeonholed into following a certain type of music rather than venturing outside of the box.

The television star preceded his comments on the lack of black people in rock by attributing the creation of the rock n’ roll genre to artists like Little Richard and Chuck Berry.

“Black people invented rock n’ roll,” Ice T said. “When you look at Little Richard and Chuck Berry and people like that that’s just where it all came from. And I tell people Hip Hop is rock. We don’t R&B the mic. We rock the mic. We rock the house. Rock is ours. You dig? But why there’s so many few black people playing it? I really don’t understand cause it’s right up our alley. It’s rage. It’s energy. It’s fun. I think a lot of black people are still mind-fucked. You know? They don’t really understand [and] they pigeonhole themselves into certain types of music. And they just don’t venture out of the box.”

Ice T also recalled the backlash he’s still forced to deal with following the release of the Body Count record, “Cop Killer.” The song was initially intended for placement on Body Count’s debut album, but was taken off the LP after the project was recalled by Ice T himself and then rereleased.

“It hit pretty hard,” he said. “The president came after us. And still today people think it’s a rap record. So, it’s a lot of misinformation and stuff. But we still get it today. Right now I’m on television playing the police. Police don’t necessarily like me. I mean, once you make a record called ‘Cop Killer,’ it’s like if somebody made a record called ‘Black Killer.’ Could they even apologize for that? You see what I’m saying? So, it never really goes away. So, we just gotta live with it. But it was a protest record against police brutality. That’s what it was. It always has been.”

After being inspired to make music again, Ice T recently brought back Body Count and secured a label deal for the group at the Washington D.C. and Los Angeles-based Sumerian Records. With the backing a budget, Ice T says they were able to create a studio album.

Ice T previously addressed race and music in an interview published earlier this month by Vlad TV. In the interview, he came to the defense of fellow rapper and friend Lord Jamar who previously stated that white rappers “are guests in the house of Hip Hop.” And in response to those comments, Ice T stated that Hip Hop is a form of black music.

“Hip Hop is black music,” Ice T said. “It’s not like if I was white I could say ‘I invented reggae.’ We gotta keep it real. Where did it come from? It came from black, ghetto kids. I think probably the second people into Hip Hop would be the Puerto Ricans. B-boys. Rock Steady Crew, people like that. When it hit L.A.—It’s a ghetto music, the eses got a hold of it.”


  • mitcholos

    God Forbid F'ing Rock.

  • Gucci The Realest

    Let me tell you this the only street nigga is Gucci Mane: * Jay-Z rapping since he was 15 years in the group High Potent. So when did he sold drugs? Between 10 and 15 years? Nobody in Brooklyn can confirm his crime stories. Did this nigga Jay not called the LAPD the get his masters back? * Drake i'm not gonna discuss this faggot. * Ice Cube was 14/15 years old when he was in the group C.I.A. Same story Lying-Z. * Nas Escobar stole his name from druglord Pablo Escobar but the only thing Nas Escobar ever sold in his life are records. * Dr. Dre the nigga who never make beats but uses ghostproducers. (Sam Sneed, Daz, warren G, Cold187um, The Glove, Mell Man etc.) Dr. Dre is as gangsta as there are ghosts. NOT! * 50 Cent sold drugs but on a small level. End of the crime stories. After that he snitched on Murda INC to get a restraining order. FACTS! * The Shame oops i mean The Game a former male stripper and now a attention whore. His own brother said that The Shame is a phony. So who do you you believe? * Flopp Deep oops i mean Mobb Deep some former arts of school studenst and balerina's. Nobody in Queens can confirm there crime stories. * Young Jeezy already exposed by Pimp C as a phony. FACTS! * T.I. he snithed to the feds. Illegal weapons charge thats 10/15 years jail. Come on. * Lil Wayne i aint gonna discuss this faggot. * hiphopdx are bitches for deleting my posts The list goes on....... they all OSG Original Studio Gangstas but NOT Gucci straight up FACTS about selling dope, killing and beating people.

  • Gucci The Realest

    Yo Ice T black rappers aint keepin it real? You call faggots like: big sean, drake, kayne west REAL? Only Gucci is real Gucci is 10 times realer then you was were and is giving us that real street gangsta shit

    • Anonymous

      lol for real, wasn't this nigga tracy a male prostitute or some shit like that? lmao and this mofo still have the nerve to call other people fake

  • Anonymous

    Isnt this not the fake nigga who plays a cop in LA Law? I thought he was a pimp? Well where's the proof? Ice-T is a OSG Original Studio Gangsta

    • Anonymous

      you know how much money he getting for playing a cop on tv? he's like 50 years old mane, he's a successful television actor now.

  • StinoYoung

    I rap and play electric guitar check out my music

  • Anonymous

    "We don't R&B the mic. We rock the mic." LMAO

  • Lyonel

    SMH c'mon Ice you know damn well niggas can't afford to buy no guitar

  • Anonymous

    Hip hop is rock n roll Black music turned into pop music. Yes it's true just like hip hop that white people fell in love with it and then took it over. They called elvis king and forever changed the history of rock music. It no longer was black music. Same thing today. White people love hip hop and declared Eminem king of hip hop and it is no longer black music. So we will move on and create something new. And that will be taken over one day aswell. History always repeats itself.

    • Anonymous

      I saw a documentary the other day and it had some old school Chuck Berry type of niggas talking bout Rock N Roll was just a cute name for "white music" and the "real black music" was R&B, Jazz and Blues, NOT Rock N Roll

  • minnesota slick

    fishbone living colour 24-7 spyz bad brains

  • kennyken

    lack of blacks in rock n roll is the same reason for lack of whites in hip hop. it ain't our favorite music.

  • Negus dick

    Fuck you Ice T I love rock and roll. Long Live Elvis.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't matter who invented it. It's about who makes it popular, and sustains it over time. Ice T sold out his entire image just to play a cop on a hit show. To me his opinions are worthless, but to each their own.

  • Anonymous

    Cause niggas would rather listen to migos then pick up a guitar or try to learn an instrument.

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Try actually reading the article.

  • tha OG

    He had one back in the day called body count

  • Anonymous

    Ice should start a rock band.

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