Pusha T: "I'm Not Really Listening To Much Rap"

Pusha T says, "Right now on the daily, I listen to Jhene Aiko. I like her a lot. I like her music."

Due to his status as a prominent rapper, some might think Pusha T listens to a lot of Rap music, but the Clipse emcee says that's not the case, at least at the moment. 

"I'm not really listening to much rap," he says in an interview with SKEE TV. "Right now on the daily, I listen to Jhene Aiko. I like her a lot. I like her music. I was sort of last on it, too. I saw her video with Childish Gambino and it was just a good song. It was one of those things where I had been seen that video and it just clicked. I was like, 'Man, I want that record.' I went, downloaded the EP, bought it and I've been listening to it a lot." 

In November 2013, Aiko spoke about filming the music video for "Bed Peace" with Childish Gambino

"We were high," Aiko said. "There’s a part in the video where we pass the vape. It’s called a Pax and it’s a very discrete vaporizer. You can’t even see the vapes. It was really funny because I had drinks out for all the extras, smoking. We were just having a lot of fun. He gets like that when he’s high. [Laughs]. We were both being very awkward. After we hit that couple of times, we were like, 'We’re in bed together all day? Wait a minute.'" 

The music video is below.

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  • Come On

    To be honest he is right you really have to look to find good rap music nowadays there is a lot of shit out there. It's definitely not as good as it use to be, No question about it.

  • Obvisously

    He's trying to get some pussy. He ain't slick.

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    This Aiko bitch overrated as fuck. She has talent but what is she bringing to the table that hasn't already been done? It's music to get my girl pussy wet, plain and simple.

  • nah

    for all of the people trash talking today's hip-hop, above-ground hip-hop is in a better place than it's been in for about 12 years. it reached its low point somewhere around 2008 at the height of the lil wayne era (he wasn't bad in his prime, but he inspired a whole generation of less talented followers who ruined the entire hip-hop scene.) i know i'm not anywhere near the first one to say this, but things have just gotten better and better since TDE came on the scene. Excluding a couple Kanye albums, Section.80 brought me out of a 10 year drought of playing stuff from the 80's and 90's over and over and not really paying attention to new music, and again excluding a couple kanye albums it was the first new release i bought in the same amount of time. hip hop's in a healthier place than it's been in a long time. sorry, i got a little off topic.

  • Anonymous

    This lame has to always use someone else's name to get press lol

  • Anonymous

    i got a recommendation though..TRY NEW FUCKIN BEATS if I hear one more congo banging drumbs in the middle of the fkin forest beat im gonna go 2 best buy and set his new album on fire..that shit aggravated me on MNIMN..basic ass album

  • Anonymous

    You know a nigga's next album's going to be wack when he says he ain't "really listening to much rap"

    • Reality Check

      He's a hater and haters don't prosper in the rap game. He kept dissing other artists in interviews, but didn't want to respond when another rapper said " f u and everyone in your family". Similar to Tupac saying " f u and yo mama" on Hit Em Up. That rapper is still going to every event, strip club and etc with no problems.

    • Anonymous

      it's gonna be wack because he ain't gonna follow what everyone else is doing? you sad son

  • Anonymous

    he look like a junkie

  • Anonymous

    i like how Jhene Aiko got a bigger quote than Pusha T on his own damn news story.

  • Gary

    Army of the Pharaohs "In Death Reborn". Just dropped Tuesday... no one saying ish. Nice album... not all cuts, but better than what is out there. I recognize, You?

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar is deleting all the posts about white rap, except for bieber & MGK! He is the new owner of hhdx!

    • Frosty

      AOTP!!! Vinnie Paz is a beast, Celph titled to. They are all nice, but those two always stand out. Apathy also.

  • Not Impressed

    I don't blame him. Outside of songs on this site, I don't listen to hiphop either. I hate this new era of rappers, this is probably the worst period in hiphop history. This hipster, skateboard, 'high fasion'/wannabe Kanye shit needs to die out fast. None of these rappers are unique and original, they're all dumbed down versions of older, superior, rappers. Only difference is they try to be "artsy" with their 50 dollar hats and corny leather outfits. I'm really sick of this shit. People say I'm negative, but it's not that I'm negative, you've just lowered you standards and you accept any old bullshit these wack rappers release. I'm not impressed

  • Frosty

    His last album put me to sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Pusha has really changed as an artist, and not for the better.

  • get a life

    No worry Pusha we also dont listen to you. I mean your are 43 years old and braggin about selling dope and killing people. Really? Leave rap to the kids and go work at macdonalds and feed your children and wife.

  • Young Guwop

    I still listen to rap and not bs that's forced upon the masses. Jhene Aiko is a bad ass broad too. Love her voice and music.

  • Anonymous

    "Due to his status as a prominent rapper, some might think Pusha T listens to a lot of Rap music, but the Clipse emcee says that's not the case, at least at the moment" For some reason that sounded like it was written by a 7th grader

  • Anonymous

    hip hop been wack for the last few years i have branched out to other types of music cause its so bad the only people who say different are kids who started listening to hip hop 3 years ago

  • Anonymous

    Loool and if we go by your album sales(most of all rap albums sales by the way) the fans aint listening to your album either....Hah! the irony of this.

  • Anonymous

    no one is listening to you either

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