Nas Says "Illmatic's" 20-Year Anniversary Inspired Him To Make New Music

Nas also discusses working on his new album with Timbaland and No I.D.

Nas says that even though he started working on his next album with Timbaland about a year-and-a-half ago and he felt the music was powerful, he stopped working on the project. 

“I stepped back from it,” Nas says during an interview with NPR. "Tim's like, 'What are you doing?' and I'm like, 'I just need a minute to like — I just need a minute to take it all in, just live a little and enjoy day-by-day stuff and daily stuff I'm doing.' It's just — I didn't want to go back in the studio that quick. I felt like I needed to be inspired."

The Queensbridge rapper says that the motivation to record new material came from attention surrounding the 20-year anniversary of Illmatic, his debut album. 

"I wasn't really, really, really inspired, to tell you the truth, until we started to, kind of, embark on this twentieth anniversary,” Nas says. "It wasn't 'til then that I really started to feel it. Cause I got a chance — and I gotta give credit to the documentary guys [who made Time is Illmatic]. Them showing me the footage and stuff really like — it really lets you know where you come from and everything, and where you at now. I salute them dudes, man — One9, Erik Parker, the whole crew over there that's put that film together — because that's helped me find the inspiration. I found it.

Nas is now back working on his next album.

"Now I'm at a place where — I laid down ideas, so the ideas I lay down then, now, I'm kind of like going through 'em and I'm fixing ‘ m,” he says. "Now I'm at a place where I could play a song for somebody and they really get it and they really understand — they really feel it. At first I didn't, so I'm happy to say I'm at a place where it feels right. I talked to Swizz, and we went through joints. And No I.D. and Timbaland, you know. This the only interview I'ma talk about it. Cause I know once this comes out, people might ask me about the record and, man, I just want to finish it and get it done."

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  • Lol

    Dis nicca stayed on illstupid Hov kept it moving.

  • Anonymous

    he needs to work with the illmatic producers again, i dont like swizz beatz, timbaland and no id are ok but the illmatic producers would shit on them



  • ShadowBoxer

    Thats why youre anonymous you pussy. talking shit on a man youve never met. why dont you look at your own problems. than when you figure them out come on here and tell the world what they are. fucking faggot

  • Anonymous

    Kelis now owns Nas's publishing and is about to re-release all of his old albums under new names... Crapmatic Foreclosure Was Written I Am Broke Lucrative Paydays Are Dead God's Cash Strapped Son Still Crapmatic Life Is Bad Street's Most Dissed Disicple Brokadamus Distant Restraining Orders The Lost IRS Notices: Vol. 1-2

  • Anonymous

    Nas gonna be in the studio with Timb wearing them SMS Audio joints since Timbaland is one of 50's partners.


    Timbaland and Swizz, really!?!? That Swizz track was by far the worst song on Life is Good. And you don't make classic songs with Timbaland. Go call DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Large Professor, and 9th Wonder. Hell call AZ while you're at it. Nas tries way to hard to cling to mainstream appeal. Now that is some real talk.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    The time has come for Nas to step back and make room for an up and coming legend. I'm talking about the magnificent and charming Rick Ross, ladies and gentlemen. I guarantee you that in 20 - 30 years, you'll still be playing Trilla or Teflon Don and so will your kids and grand kids. Nearly ever disc in Ross' discography is considered a hp hop classic. Maybe one day, hip hop will stop considering him a laughing stock and actually recognize him as one of the greats, like Redman, Jay Z, Big Daddy Kane, KRS 1, Cube, Ice T, Snoop, etc, etc. etc #bawse

    • Skepta UK

      I think after 20-30 years from now, I still be playing Illmatic, like I play it today, because it is #1 Hip hop album and always will be...Rick Ross is nowhere close to that level.

  • james

    no corny timbaland beats let him do that pop shh with jay....go get large pro, dj premier, pete rock, statik select , 9th wonder, dj hi tek, illmind, havoc, black milk, 88 keys, roc marciano , soulful mind, Q tip, bronze nazareth, kanye west, no id ......only real heads...Timbaland is dope with experimental shh and popp shh...not real hip hop ...dont water it down sun

  • Chel-c

    Nas, the leader music. Nasirian 4 life

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  • ShadowBoxer

    "NaS Is Like" Keep doing your thing NaS . Yous a Gangsta forever . Shoutout from The West Coast. California Got Love for NaS

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a fan since puff tried to snatch em ! RNS

  • Anonymous

    That nigga said collab wit drake lmaooooooooooooooooooooo ! Dude drake isn't on this nigga level on some gtfoh wit that shit man ! Drake is cool but compared to nas shittttttt ! F'n dickhead how bout u do some history on nas and then well see ! he's not commercial dude ! He's real not fake my man that got me offended for real he may not won a Grammy but I think he has 35 grammy's ........on another note nas don't sing so u can't even compare em !

  • Anonymous

    ok Nas how about you drop a frestyle to hold your fans. the last Nas verse was the Let nas down remix which was like a year ago. Drop a freestyle like the old days

  • drake runs rap

    collab with drake if you want to be noticed or dont bother at all

  • Anonymous

    I'm ready to hear a nas and Jay z collaboration album. Yall should go and check out thegrandreport, they got some good videos on there too

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    No...not Swizz Beats. What do people see in this niggas stiff ass clunky beats. There's no soul in them. That nigga been fakin' his way through an entire career. He has little to no musical skill, and somehow he's convinced people that he's some kind of genius. Most times when there's an artist that I don't like, but a lot of people do, I can at least see glimpses of what they see. With Swizz, I don't see shit but some soulless fisherprice beats that sound like a 5th grader playing with a keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Escobar Season is back in effect. Let's go!

  • dean

    Niggas Against Society

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