Hollow Da Don On Battling Joe Budden: "I Hope You Don't Choke"

"Em better be front row for this one," Hollow Da Don says. "He gon' wanna see this one."

Sitting down with Mikey T The Movie Star, battle rapper Hollow Da Don shared feeling like the recent spike in popularity of Battle Rap has had some negative effects. During the interview Hollow also addressed his planned match-up against Joe Budden and detailed the impact of Eminem’s endorsement of the current scene.

“They don’t do it for the passion,” he says when asked generally about the influx of new Battle Rap leagues. “Cats is trying to get too much shine.  Every time, man. Crack is popping, everyone wants to sell crack. Rapping is popping, now everybody wants to be a rapper. Soon as something else—like if making pottery becomes popular and bitches like it, everybody’s gonna be making pottery. Follow your passion and your heart, don’t follow the fame or these hoes ‘cause that shit is just gonna lead to more bullshit because you followed the bullshit. If you follow what really love to do, it ain’t really work no more. It’s really like, ‘I’m excited to go do this today.’ It’s not like, ‘Let me go make this dollar. ‘ ‘Cause once you spend that shit and you’re broke you’re gonna look back like, ‘Damn, I was just chasing all this shit for all this money. Now I’m broke.’ Niggas really be getting gassed off this hype and this fame and then when they get there and they get it they realize, ‘Oh it was so much bullshit. I was chasing this?’ But if you really passionate about it when you get to the hype and the fame you’re content. Like, ‘Yo I did it, I made this shit happen.’ I’m willing to deal with this bullshit ‘cause this is what I love to do.

“If this shit go on TV and start popping I’m just gonna be a battling ass nigga,” he adds. “I’ll battle your grandmother, nigga. You better not get in my way ‘cause she could get it. I got bars for everybody.”

Speaking about Eminem’s public appreciation for Battle Rap, Hollow described feeling like the Detroit star’s history as a battler holds extra value.

“Crazy,” he says. “Crazy. That’s who we want. Eminem. Even not people from that magnitude, but Eminem obviously ‘cause he came from it. That’s why it’s so big for us. He came from it. That ain’t somebody that ain’t come from this. He’s the biggest person to ever come from this. Of course we want Em there.

“Em better be front row for this one,” he continues. “He gon’ wanna see this one. I might wanna tag him in...I might need that right now...Joe you might wanna have that—not Em, let’s be realistic—you might wanna have Royce, one of them niggas to tag in at least help you if you choke. I hope you don’t choke man.”

Earlier this month Hollow Da Don spoke exclusively with HipHopDX and detailed feeling like anybody that’s a lyricist has potential as a battler.

"I told Joe this myself not too long ago," Hollow said at the time. "Bro, anybody that's a lyricist, as far as Joe Budden, Cassidy, Lloyd Banks, the list could go on, anybody that's a lyricist comes from this shit, especially in New York, [New] Jersey, East Coast, Philly. Like, they come from this shit. Now the only thing they need is experience. They need to be in there to witness and see how shit goes and you know what they could work on, but if you’re a lyricist, bro you can at least do this.”

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  • Anonymous

    But what if he does? There's no upside to this battle for Budden.

  • Anonymous

    I think America would rather see Petey Pablo battle Nas.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised Budden would agree to something like this. He's got everything Hollow Da Don doesn't. Why do it?

  • Anonymous

    budden gonna take a canibus

  • 50 CENT

    i actually feel lyk joe budden can actually bring it bar for bar but i actually feel lyke lloyd banks is actually the punch line king and i cant actually say the shit to his face coz actually jay z wud need to actually divorce beyonce n i wud actually need a feature from actually drake.....

  • Anonymous

    i honestly feel joe budden will lose this one....but crooked i can get that served fo sho...

  • Anonymous

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  • RC

    Who cares, battle rap is like the WWE of Hip-Hop anyways. Scripted, pre-determined & above all fake.

  • Johnny4102

    I give Joe credit for stepping to the plate because of a lot of these industry rappers talk some shit but when it comes down to it, ain't none of them jumping in the ring with these battle rappers! None of them want a repeat of Canibus, which was a clear example of what a battle rapper is who really freestyles and does this battle shit vs a rap god at one point but basically wrote most of his rhymes making everyone believe he was a battle rapper after he released "second round knock out! Nobody can make any excuses for him because he was the one that clearly made himself out to be a battle rapper and than got killed by Dizaster! Much respect to Canibus though because he was the greatest at his time and actually had the balls to step in the ring despite the drama that happened prior to his match! As far as Joe goes, I think he is definitely going shine more than people give him credit for simply because he know's exactly what he's getting himself into. Joe Buddens is a major battle rap fan himself. I am sure he will prepare like crazy for this battle, but Hollow is still going to take Joey and it will be a body bag for sure! Much respect to Joe for having the balls to step in the ring and risk his credibility! Alot of these industry rappers are afraid because if they fuck up and chock, the fans will never let them forget it and it could be career ending!My hat's off to Joe and I hope you prove me wrong!

  • ShadowBoxer

    Fuck all of you Battle rap haters. Slaughterhouse makes it crackin.

  • ShadowBoxer

    Wattap Dizaster

  • Jack M.

    Sup with all that "tag in" shit? What is this? Marvel VS Capcom?

  • Anonymous

    Look at all the dumb shit his cat says, had to be a lightskin nikka

  • Khia, My Neck My Back

    When is this big battle gonna take place?

    • Anonymous

      Better hop on the internet and search. Hiphopdx journalists are only allowed to use the Ctrl, C and V buttons on their keyboards.

  • Shade45

    Lose lose situation for Joey. He's gonna get his ass eat up. Sad but true. I bet Joey doesn't go through with it. He's gonna bitch out at the last second.

  • Anonymous

    Both of these dudes soft like virgin pussy

  • Anonymous

    i hope he wont choke like Can I Bitch

  • tdub2222

    joey bout to kill this nigga

  • time to spit that real shit again

    Joe will make it look like he's a contender for the public and the media, but when that nigga by his self in his bed, he knows he don't want it with hollow and he knows he doesn't have a chance, especially with all that baggage. Dude took a huge L on TV from tahiry not too long ago. He doesn't really rap about shit aside from relationships anyways, he ain't doin much for hip hop. No Love Lost was a conformity album and SH couldn't sell units even with the shady machine behind them. Joe will let this mythical battle be talked about as long as possible so his name stays out there. The only thing he cares about most is relevancy. And retweeting bitches selfies on Twitter 24 7. Joe not built for the battle league in the same sense that Hollow couldn't hang with Joe on a actual record.

    • Anonymus

      I don't care either way but whatever Joe says about Hollow will draw in the crowd thru shock and novelty and whatever Hollow says about Joe more likely will be old news. Hollow will have to think of a slick way to say shit we already know about Joe or find new facts.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Budden, Fuck Hollow, Fuck Slaughterhouse, and Fuck battle rap! All that shit is corny and you corny with it....

  • Anonymous

    Ill battle your grandmother, nigga.

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