Chance The Rapper Cancels Concerts While Recovering From Illness

Chance The Rapper's management team releases a statement that the rapper posted on Twitter.

Chance The Rapper, who cancelled his Coachella set because he was hospitalized, was ill with the flu virus and tonsillitis, according to a statement the rapper posted on Twitter.

"Chance The Rapper came down with a high fever and was experiencing difficulty breathing," the statement says. "Upon arriving at the Coachella music festival that day, he requested that he be brought home to rest for 2 days before his appearance at the festival on Sunday afternoon. He spent that night and Saturday in bed with assistance from his family whom had been in the LA area at the time. Upon rising on Sunday morning, Chance was running a 104 degree fever and could not speak due to the inflammation of his throat. he was rushed to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital where he was put on an IV drip and medicines were introduced to help control his body temperature and pain caused by his illness." 

"Chance has since returned to his home in LA and is recovering," the statement adds. "His doctors have come to the conclusion that this illness was caused by a combination of the flu virus and tonsilitis. Chance is due to see a specialist this week to determine whether or not surgery is required."

The remainder of this week's shows, April 23-April 27, have been cancelled, according to the management team. 

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  • Anonymous

    Cartoon character looking mofo

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    And that's why Rick Ross will always be a top tier rapper in the industry. He's much more low key, classy, and doesn't pull ridiculous publicity stunts like the one pictured above. Name another rapper who: 1)has 6 number one albums 2)wins a feud with a formerly famous Queens rapper. 3)crashes his whip into a building and come out unscathed 4)owns a multimillion dollar restaurant franchise 5)was voted MTV's hottest emcee twice. 6)cancels his shows because gang members have the gall to threaten him because they're afraid of the harm he'll bring them 7)has a white boy cooking for him everyday on some reverse slavery shit

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