DJ Khaled has been given a cease and desist letter over his “They Don’t Love You No More” cover art, according to TMZ

The site says Kolley, a rapper, reportedly released RNS, also known as Real Nigga Shit, a mixtape, six weeks ago, as per the report. The cover for the project features Kolley biting a gold chain with gold teeth. DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More” cover art features Khaled biting a gold chain with gold teeth, also. 

Kolley’s representatives, Bigg Bank Entertainment, have reportedly issued the cease and desist letter to DJ Khaled. Further legal action might be taken by the Entertainment company. 

DJ Khaled announced the song earlier this week, discussing what he feels is his status in music.

“Every summer’s mine,” DJ Khaled said at the time. “I’m the king of the anthems. It’s been seven summers. Well now, it’s gonna be eight summers. Summer’s mine, man. Straight up.

“I do it for the people,” he continued. “I do it for the streets. The streets gonna rise up and that’s on my mama. I been doin’ this. People think it happens. It just don’t fuckin’ happen. I make these fuckin’ hits and put these fuckin’ hits together and make the biggest motherfuckin’ anthems in the game. I got hardware. Some of these guys ain’t got no plaques. They don’t even know what it is.

“And guess what?” he added. “I just left Marcy Projects…What you think I’m playing with this shit? Eight summers. I got Jay Z, Shawn Carter. I got Hova on my first single. Fuck this shit. I’ma show the game, boy.”  

TMZ also published a side-by-side image of both covers. It is as follows: 

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