Just Blaze Blasts Chauncey Mahan, Producer Who Allegedly Tried To Extort Jay Z

Just Blaze tweets about Chauncey Mahan, who allegedly contacted Live Nation to sell copies of Jay Z recordings made between 1998 and 2002.

Just Blaze has tweeted about Chauncey Mahan, a producer and engineer who worked with Jay Z from 1998 and 2002 was in possession of a number of Jay Z master recordings that Jigga and his associates assumed were lost. It was reported today (April 21) that Mahan was trying to allegedly extort Jay Z and his representatives regarding the master recordings.

Mahan allegedly contacted Live Nation, with whom Jay Z has a partnership for Roc Nation, regarding the recordings, according to TMZ. He allegedly planned to put the tapes up for auction or return them to Live Nation for a $100,000 “storage fee,” TMZ says.

When Mahan went to meet with Jay Z’s representatives Friday, he was met by the LAPD. He was detained, brought in for questioning and provided the LAPD with the recordings until a judge determines ownership of the recordings. 

Today (April 21), Just Blaze tweeted about Mahan. His tweets are as follows:

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  • 007

    Anyone know if Chauncey is represented by an attorney?

  • spicyrelish

    damn!! Jay Z just snitched out his producer who made mega $$ for him and was saving these tapes.. Chauncey was not hiding anything but Jay setup a sting operation with the LAPD to try to rob Chauncey's storage unit after getting his Beverly Hills lawyer Miles Cooley to wave a check in front of Chauncey's face for $75k. This is so evil I don't know where to start... Chauncey is a good man and a good engineer who has lots of credits and album sales to his credit. Trying to discredit a man so you can use the law to steal his stuff is so low, but that's pretty much what you can expect from a no-talent egomaniac like Jay Z. As for Just Blaze, he's just jealous... he aint got the shit backed up or if he did they wouldn't care about Chauncey, who wasn't try to sell anything, just trying to return the recordings to Roc Nation for a storage fee... but instead of paying the small fee, Jay Z had to try to break all these laws and accuse an innocent man of "extortion". So evil... God bless Chauncey! Shame on Jay..

    • Anonymous

      so just blaze is jealous of half assed engineers who kept fucking up? lmao if youre this guy chauncey's pr person you need to do better than write paragraphs on an anonymous posting hip hop website but i do appreciate your man fucking up and getting replaced with young guru because the songs on the blueprint didnt sound like someone fucked up like they did on vol 3 and dynasty

  • Anonymous

    faggot ass chauncey

  • Anonymous

    "you already know this nikka a bitch when he goes by a female name" #DEAD

  • The Real NYPD

    I love how all of you computer nerds are authorities of the law and the streets. "Oh, Jay Z snitched." "That's not street. " First of all, Jay Z makes a legitimate income doing music, so he handled the situation LEGITIMATELY. He's an entrepreneur; his drug past is beyond him now, so there's no reason to call people and get his hands dirty. That's what the police are for, to protect and serve. He's smarter than that. Secondly, most of you don't know the "code of the streets", so shut the fuck. In fact, I bet 90% of you posting don't get any exercise, are sheltered, and/or live with your mothers. The only time you witness what goes on in the streets is when you peek through your basement windows to see if the mailman delivered your Russian bride/blowup doll.

    • Anonymous

      said like a true snitch

    • How Is Just Blaze Snitching?

      An urban policy that has become maddness. It has gone from a policy of not betraying and turning in one's friends to the over the top policy of not talking to the police about anything. Even if the person who commited the crime has done terrible things, and he is not even from your neighborhood. A policy that has led to the ceasing of solving of inner-city crimes. Person fed up with constant violence: "He murdered three people! He's not even from our hood!" Person who has grown too used to it: You know the policy, Stop Snitchin."

  • Anonymous

    Just blaze is a jay dick rider.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jay-Z he snitched to the LAPD.

  • Anonymous


  • damn

    "he was met by the LAPD"? damn, i didn't know jigga was a SNITCH niqqa smh

    • Anonymous

      word life god niqqaz is talking like they gangstaz in the commentz sektion of hip hop websitez nowadayz. that shit aint cool cuz where yo body count at?

    • damn

      no i wouldnt that snitching shit aint in my blood, if jay was a real niqqa like he claimz he would run up on chauncey wit a gat and some homies and get the recordings back. Thas how rap niqqas used to deal with shit in the 90's... times have changed these niqqas str8 bitch made now smh

    • Anonymous

      when somebody wanna extort your ass for a couple million dollars you sure as hell would call the cops

  • Sneaker Guy

    Mayor said Just Blaze ain't bought a shoe in 10 years and still nobody's fucking with his basic collection lol, can anyone confirm that?

  • Anonymous

    Just Blaze on twitter a couple hours ago: "I'm not "blasting" dude. Saw funny story that brought back some memories. bad as some of those situations were, I'm happy i can laugh @ them" With that being said, fuck Hip Hop DX and it's yellow journalism.

  • Kameron

    This story is untrue... And just blaze should just shut up bc he doesn't know shit... Jay Z and Chauncey and Roc nation have had an ongoing relationship for years and just recently Jay Z became interested in these recordings... There was no "extortion" just a negotiation for managing the storage of this material for all these years. Roc nation offered Chauncey $75k for the recordings and when he took them to the storage unit, tout of nowhere jay Z's thugs tried to steal this out of Chauncey's locker because I guess Jay didn't want to pay like a gentleman....Jay Z is an overpaid THUG and just blaze is kissing his ass that's all...

  • swaglord90

    just blaze is a fake hipster

  • Anonymous

    lol Chauncey stays losing.

  • dentaldamboy

    JESS Blaze is mad that the only rappers who want to work with her are old and washed up like Slaughterhouse while more talented producers like Mike Will and DJ Mustard get to work with Drake and Wayne.

  • AshleyJKingsbury

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  • Uncle Ruckus

    Chauncey is a made up black name.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is gonna wind up in prison for extortion and feel like a dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Now I understand why he was such good friends with Jay Electricity the twitter rant champion of the world.

  • Anonymous

    I already knew before I clicked this that said "blasting" would be through twitter. Fuck twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Chauncey was an audio engineer?

  • Anonymous

    why Just Blaze dropping dime?

  • D From Q.U.

    LMAO ! Who's this Chauncey cat? he seems like the ultimate fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Just Blaze sounds like a bored child tweeting a tell all lol

  • Anonymous

    Lol Blaze DESTROYED this fuck nikka Chauncey, by the way, you already know this nikka a bitch when he goes by a female name

  • Anonymous

    Are Guru, Duro and Young Guru the same person???

  • FUCK U 4 DEL.

    Soft John Blaze acting tough on twitter? Dude should stay in his lane

  • Hine1949

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  • Anonymous


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