Method Man Co-Hosts KOTD "Vendetta 2: Redemption" Battles

Method Man helps host an event featuring Aye Verb vs. Caustic, Big T vs. Bender and Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt.

Over the weekend, Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man co-hosted a King of the Dot sponsored event in Los Angeles. On Saturday (April 19), KOTD put on a multi-headlining event dubbed Vendetta 2: Redemption.

The KOTD V2R event is currently available as a pay-per-view stream on the league’s website. The recent bill included match-ups like Aye Verb vs. Caustic, Big T vs. Bender, Chilla Jones vs. Daylyt and B Magic vs. Rum Nitty.

During and after the event, several participants took to their social media accounts to share pictures of Method Man’s appearance. Posting a photo on his Instagram account yesterday, Okwerdz detailed his reaction to having Method Man appear at the event.

“Last night was surreal,” he wrote. “After Vendetta, the homie [Method Man] personally invited me to his 420 after party with Redman & they greeted us with VIP treatment! It’s a real honor to be shown so much love by my idols I grew up listening to, makes me feel like I’m doin somethin right!”

Lush One, Big T, and The Saurus also posted Vendetta-themed updates to their Twitter accounts.

The Saurus also took to Twitter to share his reaction to some of the night’s match-ups.

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  • Anonymous

    why are white rappers so infatuated with batttle rapping? everytime I see one of these bum ass battles all I see is white boys

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  • Rozay O'Donnell

    And that's why Rick Ross will always be a top tier rapper in the industry. He's much more low key, classy, and doesn't pull ridiculous publicity stunts like the one pictured above. Name another rapper who: 1)has 6 number one albums 2)wins a feud with a formerly famous Queens rapper. 3)crashes his whip into a building and come out unscathed 4)owns a multimillion dollar restaurant franchise 5)was voted MTV's hottest emcee twice. 6)cancels his shows because gang members have the gall to threaten him because they're afraid of the harm he'll bring them 7)drugs bitches and gets away with it

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