Chance The Rapper Released From Hospital

Chance The Rapper is reportedly home and resting following an illness that forced him to cancel his Coachella Weekend 2 set.

Chance The Rapper has been released from the hospital after being admitted for an illness and canceling his Coachella Weekend 2 set

"Feeling better thanks for the prayers. Ima be back [100 percent] for Wednesday's show I promise. Resting at home for now. God bless u guys," Chance says in a Twitter post. 

The rapper's management team made his illness known via social media over the weekend. 

"Chance fell ill on Friday night & was admitted to the hospital today- Doctors & family are with him & he is expected to make a full recovery," the rapper's management team said in a statement released via Chance's official Twitter page.

"On behalf of @chancetherapper and our entire team- We sincerely regret to have to cancel our 2nd weekend at coachella. -CTR MGMT," the statement added. 

An image of Chance in the hospital was also released at the time. It is below.

The nature of Chance's illness has not been announced. 

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  • Anonymous

    this nigga look like a cartoon character

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    And that's why Rick Ross will always be a top tier rapper in the industry. He's much more low key, classy, and doesn't pull ridiculous publicity stunts like the one pictured above. Name another rapper who: 1)has 6 number one albums 2)wins a feud with a formerly famous Queens rapper. 3)crashes his whip into a building and come out unscathed 4)owns a multimillion dollar restaurant franchise 5)was voted MTV's hottest emcee twice. 6)cancels his shows because gang members have the gall to threaten him because they're afraid of the harm he'll bring them 7)has a white boy cooking for him everyday on some reverse slavery shit

  • Anonymous

    they deleted my comment because I made fact statements in support of T-Pain. This site is bogus and absolutely useless to hip-hop culture. Just one of the few sites people can troll anonymously. The articles are trash, content is trash, commentators are trash. Just a pointless site going no where fast

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