Diddy Acknowledges "Backlash Of People's Polarized Reactions"

Diddy also speaks about entertaining audiences at IMS Engage.

Diddy recently spoke at IMS Engage for the International Music Summit in Hollywood, California. 

“People pay a lot of money to be entertained,” Diddy said at the event, as per Billboard. “You have to take the audience on a journey. You can’t just push buttons.”

Diddy, who also said he often has to "face the backlash of people’s polarized reactions" to him, said his success comes from hard work and he offers the following in the teaser clip. "If you want to jump into what I do, we have the same 24 hours, brotha." 

Diddy was recently named the wealthiest act in Hip Hop by Forbes. He reportedly has a worth of $700 million. 

IMS Engage, which was held at the W Hotel in Hollywood recently, also featured appearances by Steve Aoki and Moby, among others. The teaser is below.



  • Anonymous

    this sucka azz metrosexual said polarized...what a lamo!! this same metrosexual thinks its okay for his rich son to get a scholarship. Now this same fool, thinks its okay to talk at howard university, when he never graduated from there. WRONG MESSAGE PUFFY!!!! dum rick phucc

    • Anonymous

      The particulars of this backlash are perplexing. Much of it reads as the snootiest sort of school spirit, but it's unclear whether the rap against Puffy is due to his failure to graduate, or to the feeling that, as a hip hop mogul, Puffy is a "ridiculous" option because he doesn't wear wilted grey suit jackets and lie to Americans about public policy for a living. Or maybe some of these folks just really hated "Forever", which is certainly understandable. Mind you, the argument for Puffy's selection isn't that he's amassed a net worth of nearly a billion dollars since ditching Howard for Uptown Records. Dropout or not, Puffy is a major creator within black culture, within American culture, and he reflects well on the university he attended for two years, alongside fellow Howard dropouts Marlon Wayans and Anthony Anderson. Puffy is a star of Howard's legacy.

  • Anonymous

    how much insurance money did bad boy get after biggie was killed puffy???????????????????

  • x

    take a good look at the face of evil

  • AshleyJKingsbury

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  • Anonymous

    The GUnit curse is just as bad, look at Pop Lodi and Mazeradi Foxx getting killed, Jam Master J gets killed Smurf gets deported, Prodigy going to prison, Buck going to prison, women trampled at the Hippodrome. Shooting at Hot 97 with Games entourage, Arson burns down 50Cents home, 50Cents manager has his office shot up he later commits suicide. 50 administers a savage beating to Daphne Joy reportedly kicking her in a fit of rage. signs Pauly D,

  • Riley

    hey yo I fucks with this! I check for Diddy articles all day ya feel me? I kno he set up my dudes Pac and Biggie, but hey he stackin mad chedda so I can't be hatin on him.

  • Anonymous

    Diddy set Biggie up for death. One day his conscience will finally give way and he will do a tell all interview with Oprah.

    • Anonymous

      He got 9 innocent college students killed at an event he overbooked which cause a stampede and the students to be trampled and crushed to death. In my mind he should feel much worse about that than his overweight cash cow eating some slugs after Pac.

    • Hurricane Game

      I always wondered why Puff wasn't in that truck.

  • Brief Breakdown Of All The Black Lives Sean Combs Has Destroyed

    1991-Nine students at City College of New York killed during stampede from overbooked event 1995-Jake Robles killed in Atlanta at the Platinum House (Allegedly by Anthony Wolf Jones Puffs right hand man) 1996-2Pac allegedly killed by Southside Crips as revenge for a beating that was revenge for a Death Row chain being snatched for a Sean Combs bounty 1997-Notorious B.I.G. killed in Los Angeles as revenge for murders of Pac and Jake Robles 1998-After penning and recording several multi platinum hits attempts to pay The Lox with fresh pairs of matching Air Force 1s 1999-Steve Stoute brutally attacked with champagne bottles and turned from a stand up man into Mr. Scarf Hands 1999-Ma$e leaves label at peak of his popularity after repeated alleged homosexual advances and becomes a bootleg T.D. Jakes 2000-Multiple shooting at Club New York in Manhattan after throwing money in the face of gangsters. Black woman loses eye. 2001-Jamal Shyne Barrow sentenced to 10 years in prison for saving Puffys life. Would later be deported. 2002- MTV Making Da Band. The list of tragedies probably deserve its own thread *see Chopper Suit. 2003-Anthony Wolf Jones finally murdered in an Atlanta club, allegedly by members of BMF on orders from Big Meech for multiple transgressions (including being shot in the azz by Wolf) Forever changing the landscape of one Atlantas most affluent and diverse party districts. 2004-Co-Creates a Rap The Vote campaign to get c000ns to support John Kerry the weakest democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Loses to George W. Bush. Months later Katrina happens. 2005-Loon departs Bad Boy records in dispute over unpaid royalties. Turns Muslim. 2006-Black Rob forced to turn back into a life of crime and become a jewel thief after being refused royalties for platinum smash Whoa. Sentenced to 7 years in prison. 2007-Partners with Ciroc, causing single mothers to neglect their children and Black men to skip child support p@yments in an endless chase to cop his high-priced Kool Aid 2008-Puffy stars as the lead in Raisin In The Sun, destroying the credibility of co-stars Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald and director Kenny Leon 2010-Broke and addicted to drugs G-Dep confesses to a murder he committed in 1993. sentenced to 15 years to life. 2011-Signs Machine Gun Kelley 2013-Muslim Loon convicted of drug trafficking in Germany. Sentenced to 14 years in prison 2014-One wounded, prominent DJ arrested after shooting at The Velvet Room in Atlanta following a Puffy Combs Rick Ross album release party. 2014 (yeah again)-Two shot and wounded at a crowded hotel party thrown by Sean Puffy Combs in Charlotte, NC following the CIAA Tournament . The shooting occurred in the gated off VIP area. Rumor has it Ciroc was flowing in abundance prior to shootings..

    • Anonymous

      @3rd anonymous nicca please, your black excellence ass is out here writing essays about the lives of people, for what? u're coming off just as corny as op

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You must have an incredible amount of time on your hands.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, most of our people consider that being "real" so he should be getting mad respect from most of you. Right? Now, some of the things you listed above, Puff is absolutely responsible for. I am not the most religious person but there is one thing I am 1000% sure of is the existence of Karma. At times it comes instantly, other times it takes years. No doubt Puff will pay for his past deeds. And so are we. Having said that, some of the things you attribute to him are stretched if you ask me. Such as: Black Rob's for going down was his own stupid decision making. G-Dep? He killed another human being and there is no excuse for that. Even if it was Puff's shady ways that broke his pocket, his still had a choice. I guess we should blame the white folks for that too since they turned us into materialistic animals that worship that might might dollar. The reason you gave for Mase's departure, I simply don't buy it. Loon? Well, same as B Rob and Dep. Ciroc? Let's face it, before Ciroc came along our people were slaving to other brands and spending their whole check just to imitate what they watched in hip hop videos. They still are and they will keep doing it until they are enlightened. So no, although Puff is part of the problem he is not thee problem. My point is, the problem us black folks are facing is much much bigger than Puff or any other individual. Shoot, he may not know it but he too is a victim of the ultimate conspiracy and the machines that work for it. Now I am not talking about white people here because a percentage of white folks are collateral damage too. But yeah, the puppeteers of the conspiracy are definitely all white!!! My bad if I came off as a know it all preaching brother. The truth is the opposite. I am just another brother who doesn't know much, but I am definitely less in the dark than I was yesterday. #tryingtounplug

  • Anonymous

    "said he doesn't have a hotel" Why is that in bold text?

  • Anonymous

    His success comes from hard work??? I thought it came from fucking people over and destroying their lives.

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