Nino Bless Calls Jay Electronica "Biggest Hater Of The Decade"

Nino Bless also calls Jay Electronica "the laziest MC ever" and says he got "washed on 'Control.'"

After Jay Electronica announced that he thinks he had the best verse on Big Sean's "Control," a selection that also featured Kendrick Lamar, Nino Bless reacted with a series of Twitter updates. 

"Biggest hater of the decade @JayElectronica says Kendrick didn't say anything yet everyone who rapped on earth responded to what? His flow?" Bless said in one Tweet. "@JayElectronica u r the laziest MC ever. U got a shot, people cared & what did u do? Went straight to bed. U got WASHED on control #clearly"

When a follower said Lamar didn't do anything beyond "the king of NY line and the fact he only started competition," Bless responded. 

"he talked about comp how he views it. That verse was more significant than the wizards & old novels JE quotes FOH lol...I'm not even a Kendrick fan like that I even mocked some of his basic bars on control but to put his verse as worst verse pure denial/hate." 

When "Control" was released, Nino Bless praised Kendrick Lamar's efforts

"I think [Kendrick Lamar's] a great ambassador for this culture and right now he's in front of the movement," Nino Bless said at the time. "Does that make him the best? Maybe not, but he's on top of the game, but he definitely has everyone's attention who cares about substance. What he did was great for Hip Hop and I know why it ruffled some feathers.

"First off, you call yourself the King of New York," Bless continued. "In the East Coast, it's N.Y.C. and Boston. We're two of the most prideful places on this planet. You won't find many cities on earth more prideful. So you already know it hurt some egos that an out-of-town kid called himself the King of N.Y. Born and raised in Brooklyn for 24 years of my life, I can tell you I didn't take offense to it at all. He's the King of N.Y. Hell, he's the King Of Hip Hop. With that verse, he was trying to raise the level of competition up and make rappers step their shit up and it's obviously done that. Hip Hop is competitive and a lot of what we do, there's a ton of ego behind it. A lot of dudes were bitter 'cause they want that spot. Egos were crushed when that happened and I feel like almost every rapper felt he was talking about them. The problem is when you step up and openly say, 'This throne is mine. I want it.' There's going to be people who try to stop you." 

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  • Ya'll Misunderstood

    Bless said NYC and Boston are some of the most prideful places on the planet. Key word is PRIDEFUL. You don't have to be a hip-hop artist to have pride for your city LOL. There are plenty of people in Boston who will be the first to tell you their city is number 1 for any multitude of reasons, like because of the New England Patriots or because it has some of the best colleges in America. Nowhere did Nino Bless say "Boston has all these MCs ready to chew you up". He just said PRIDEFUL. All of ya'll need to learn how to READ LOL.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    If you really want something original to add to your album collection, then I suggest you go cop that new Mastermind, available now in stores and on iTunes. It's truly a classic with no filler, no skits, all originality. Ross proves to us that he has a far greater penchant for picking beats than Nas'. Hopefully, when Ross reaches another couple decades in the game, he'll hire some up-and-coming producer to create "Port of Miami - 20 year anniversary", the shit will be an even bigger classic than it is today #bawse

  • Anonymous

    "Wtf is Boston known for? A fucking marathon?" #DEAD

  • ILL

    I think Jay Elect is pissed off that Drake was drinking tea with Erykah, that's why he'd rather rant on twitter, and not drop his album

  • Anonymous

    Who da fuc is this whiteboy and why does he think his opinion matters?

  • BobbyZ

    Yo. #1, how did Boston even get mentioned? Only dude I know of repping Boston is that clown benzino Eminem bodied years ago and who got shot by his own nephew a few weeks ago. #2 I cant get down with kendrick. You think a real king would get caught dead twerking with mylie cyrus, 2 chainz, and that old dude on mtv? Aint no king doing no songs with fools like that. Thats why Jay Z aint no king neither doing songs with that fake ass punk from insync. #3 rap is 95% corny these days. sad to say it but theres only a handful of dudes that still matter. the pop world jumped on and all of yall stepped up to lick that d. When you got lil wayne, drake, and kanye all saying their the best, you gotta wonder wtf happened to rap? Aint none of those dudes a biggy, redman, or raekwon. you got luda doing joints with beiber, mr neptunes superthug himself Pharell dancing his ass off, busta rhymes doing laffy taffy remixes... the game is f'ed up. And its all cause yall are afraid to admit some dudes is corny. tyga, french montana, pitbull? c'mon son, what part of the game is pitbull?

    • Some Lil Gossip For Y'all Bitches

      Benzino is actually one of the main reasons why Boston had such a small homicide rate in the late 90's, the Feds put UC's on every block and had a lot crazy ish going on so Benzino got a lot of the heads of the bigger gangs together to unite so that not everyone get locked up. That saw the murk lessen and the Boston police taken credit for "doing away with crime in a big city". The entire city of Boston was blacklisted back in the day by the industry due to crowds and Boston rappers and thugs attending shows just to cause problems. Every rapper from Audio Two to Biggie had either a bottle smashed across their head on stage or their show cancelled due to a shooting. To this day very few rappers do shows in Beantown. Gang Starr started in Boston with a few MC's, but Guru took the name and left for BK lmao. Lot of y'all don't know this but the only reason why Guru was even allowed back in Beantown is because he was down with Big Shug (Guru's version of Bang Em Smurf lmao) so I agree with Tatum on this That Ed OG nigga is puss, he don't know no parts of Boston Matter of fact the only real people from Boston are: Benzino (too bad he started acting like a bitch) Big Shug Bobby Brown Mark Wahlberg (yeah nigga I said MARK WAHLBERG LMAO) Akrobatik (even tho he went to college)

    • Tatum

      Big Shug is one of the realest niggaz in the game and always reps Boston, Guru too r.i.p.

    • Anonymous

      "You think a real king would get caught dead twerking with mylie cyrus, 2 chainz, and that old dude on mtv? Aint no king doing no songs with fools like that" Nas would have jumped at that opportunity,.

  • Anonymous

    Nino Bless, the guy they ain't let into Slaughterhouse

  • Cheeseburger510

    Pick a sport. Find someone better than you. Now let that person sit in front of everyone you and him knows and say hes the best player. PSH. I'd be like fuck that nigga you aint got the best shit. That's how men are we think we the best at everything

  • Cheeseburger510

    every single person saying who is Nino Bless obviously don't listen to real hip-hop, so fuck what they say anyways. Bunch of dick ridin' fags. Jay elec almost 40 with no album tha fuck he think HE is?

  • Anonymous


    • lli

      Lol wtf? Nino Bless is dope af, probably better than your favourite rapper he isn't no "z-list" rapper LMAO. Listen to "Rhyme of the Year" that might wake you up.

  • erakoira

    who the fuck is Nino Bless? sit down drama queen.

  • Anonymous

    Let's keep it simple... Nino Bless is a nobody Kendrick Lamar is a somebody who isn't the king of anything Jay Electronica should be selling electronics, not rapping

    • What?

      I aint a Kendrick Lamar fan, don't really like his music tbh. But at least he's doing something. The shit he said about being the King of New York woke up a lot of needed beef in hiphop. People were swinging left and right. That shit was healthy for hiphop. Jay Electronica does his thing. It's cool enough. Don't know who Nino Bless is.

  • Anonymous

    lol nobody gives a fuck about boston haha philly and nyc run the east FOH with that boston talk

  • Jet Black

    Who is Nino Bless? And who are you to talk about Jay Elect like that?

  • Anonymous

    Jay electronica is overrated TRASH

  • BK Ninja

    Wtf is Boston known for? A fucking marathon? A bunch of cacs and their love for drinking? Yeah, thought so.

    • @anon

      ^And this, my friends, is how people can tell what race you are through a computer screen. Ever think this dude is being ironic and you just took the bait? Lol we got a psychic here, watch out.

    • Anonymous

      ^ And this, my friends, is why white people shouldn't be allowed to type like black men.

    • U Jelly???

      @ BK Ninja Awww u sound like somebody touched a nerve or sum shit lol?? Did a big bad boston nicca fuck ya bish?? Or u got ur fuckazz robbed when u visited?? Pussyazz "A bunch of cacs and their love for drinking" who doesnt like drinkin? U fuckin british or sum shit?? Lol nicca, u a scared little bitch

    • Anonymous

      that sweet tea party

  • Jay Electronica

    I don't always drop an album, but when I do, I don't.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck are either of these assholes? Jay... jay... oh, that cornball fuck that put out a white nerd internet song five years ago? yeah, lots of 50-year-old dudes make their debut rap album a "classic" (cough cough cough)

  • ilovehiphop

    I'm down with this lyricism/I-got-bars/real-hip-hop thing, but Nino Bless is out of his mind! I get his point that Kendrick's verse got attention, stirred controversy and made certain respectable artists respond etc. But does that mean that the verse was a brick that was not stepped-on? No! Kendrick only said that he was doper than his "peers", and that's that. An interesting observation is that this discussion reminds me about the arguments in regards to battle records and "Hit'em Up". 2Pac's record stirred the most controversy, got the most attention etc, but does that mean "Hit'em Up" is the dopest battle record? No! 2Pac only said "fuck you" shit loads of times. Basically, my point is that, if anyone brought that "Ether" on "Control", it was JE! Nino Bless is this underground/I-got-bars-and-opinions rapper who needs to shut the F up! Who the hell do he think he is to come with these type of comments. He sounds like a (lower) middle-class rappers with an outside-in perspective, performing at what Ebro referred to as "sausage parties", being praised by geeky college kids. How gave Nino Bless the right to comment on shit? He needs to sit his ass down before he becomes a non-white guest in the house of Hip Hop!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, ain't no females listen to Jay Electronica.

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      "...performing at what Ebro referred to as "sausage parties", being praised by geeky college kids." ^^^ Pretty much describes Jay Electronica too. He has 1 street album and a smattering of songs and verses since. Why does he get so much of a pass for being the least prolific, most talked about MC ever? He's nice(even if his 5% stuff is derivative of dozens of MCs from the late 80s & 90s), but there sure isn't a lot of corroborating evidence. Since when does NOT having a dope project released make you beyond reproach?

  • drake runs rap

    this is like a nobody unknown rapper talking shit about another no body. Why does this make the news who gives a fuck about either of these nobodies. Make news about real rappers like drake and lil wayne or dont bother at all because no1 will give a fuck. Both these losers wish they had a minuscule fraction of the sucess drake had drake runs this rap shit.

  • stephen

    lazy?? i didnt know being an artist is judged upon the quantity of songs you put out.....Jay Elec has more quality in songs than 95% of the shit thats out....the shit he says in one song per year >>>>> the 500 songs a mediocre artist puts out in a month....

  • johnnyBlaze

    If you don't know, then look him up. Let me guess. You're the type of guy that only listens to an artist once all of his friends start listening to him so you can fit in and be a follower. He can obviously rap. A hiphopdx site wouldn't post an article of some random dudes opinion that they found walkin Down the street.

  • johnnyBlaze

    For all you ignorant fucks that keep sayin shit like " who's this clown?" , why don't u motherfuckers look him up instead of hating on a rapper you've never even heard before. When I first heard of him, I had no clue who he was. But instead of talkin shit I went to YouTube and looked him up. This guy is an insanely good rapper who takes pride in lyricism. For an introduction to his music, I suggest looking up the song called "the watchmen" ft crooked I and Styles P. If you haven't heard of him, doesnt mean he's not good .it means either your music taste is too commercial and mainstream or you have very little hip hop knowledge.

  • Right On

    Jay Electronica has released more songs than Nas.

    • New Orleans Niggas Is Homo

      Nigga has like 10 solo albums and dropped the last one just a couple years ago. Can't say the same for Jay Electronica, so miss me with that fuckshit.

    • 614grind

      Nas doesn't give away music. That's the fastest way to devalue yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Correction: he has released more shitty songs. Jay is overrated and likes to go on drunk twitter rants instead of using his spare time to practice his crafts

  • simpleTOM


  • Anonymous

    Jay Elec is human dogshit. Yeah, he's so fucking far "ahead of the times" he's ALREADY released three albums in 2054... we're just too slow and stupid to be there with him. How the fuck is paying for this witless turd's to keep getting attention anyway? Wake me up when he's catches ANY black kid's killer-- bet it won't happen, Zimmerman or any other black dude.

  • Anonymous

    who are either of these no-talent big mouth twitte fucks?

  • Anonymous

    NO PhiLLY?? fuck??

  • Anonymous

    Jay Electronica is the laziest indeed. Next to Juelz Santana

  • Uptownfirst

    Guru? Really he ran up out of boston on the first train smoking RIP but if you a hip hop fan and think in the east it's NYC then boston you fuckin tripping Philly always had always will be the second city of hip hop on the east coast hands down for the record as I said again we can start with black thought beans and go down the line

  • solomon

    i have a feeling Jay Elec was being sarcastic in that tweet about Kendrick not saying anything.

  • junior

    Nino is right. Both great artist.

  • Abdul777

    Who is this fuck boy talking shit ? Jay Elec is so ahead of his times.

  • The God

    Fuck Boy Nino.. You go do the knowledge before you speak, and go back and listen to Jay on the Control verse, enough jewels to put your dumb ass on the straight path!

    • Anonymous

      what knowledge? what jewels? since when do nawlins niggas drop science? how can any jay verse set someone straight when he's living in london spelling favorite with an "u"? how can you even respect him when he's too busy working his way into the rothschild family while still claiming white people are devils?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck any nigga saying Guru repped Boston, that nigga had headed South to Brooklyn bka PARADISE just to get noticed (yeah nigga I said it, fuck Boston and if u hate NYC let it be known I don't even respect u)

  • Anonymous

    Hope Jay Electronica sets this devil straight with some Nation of Islam shit

  • qmajesty

    jay's verse was the best. didn't think kendrick's verse was great. it was not one of his better verses. he did however make a statement, and thats why people responded. had kendrick not called people out no one would have answered. the king of ny part also caused a stir.

    • junior

      Come on now, lets be realistic right now. The verse was monstrous, I mean even without the call outs and the King of New York statement. The verse had inecredible flow, incredible rhyme scheme, and just his voice basically gave the connotation of take over, I.E Control. His voice and rap just fit the whole entire song. Big Sean came in rapping his Grandfather, like what? The beat and the title were meant for extreme lyrcism. Imagine a rapper like Joey on this, holy smokes

  • My Control Verse

    Bow down to my feet and kiss the ring/feel honored and grateful that you are in the presence of hierarchy/align yourself with an intellect and watch changes in your destiny/cuz homie I symbolize greatness its clearly signified in my imagery/kendrick claims to juggle both coasts projecting some sort of rap god/thinkin hes next to hold the throne, but he's more like prince harry highly unlikable to latch on/them 16s were nice but they weren't up to par with the standards/a good kid, fibbing about a violent lifestyle, that's labeled as a platinum actor

  • JRich

    Maybe I'm just ignorant...but who the fuck is Nino Bless? Not saying his statements on Jay Elec aren't valid (some of them are), but who the fuck is Nino Bless. Lmao

  • Anonymous

    No one in Magnolia projects ever heard of Jay Electrolysis

  • Anonymous

    I would bet money that Jay the Electrician likes to have his ass played with.

  • Anonymous

    While Jay Electricity struggles to find a table, Ross and Drake are hitting 5 star restaurants with bad bitches by their side.

  • uptownfirst

    You know this nigga a clown when he claiming Boston as the other city reppin the east in hip hop? Ain't a fuckin MC from Boston period fuckin with Philly, I'll just throw Black Thought out there for starters and we can go from there.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is, everybody Kendrick named in his verse is still doing the same soft shit they were doing before the verse. So in the end, even though he made noise, it did nothing.

    • justin case

      So true. The impact of that verse is overrated. None of those clowns he named stepped up at all. Most of them just ran to twitter.

  • uptownfirst

    First of all on the east coast to even think about putting Boston and NY in the same sentence without thinking about Philly in regard to the second city of hip hop on the east coast is fucking blasphemy bruh. You need to do your homework homie. Boston cannot fuckin compare to Philly as far as cities in the East and their contribution to hip hop, actually, you would have to put Newark on that list as well before Boston even fuckin mattered. So before we even get to JE's comments get your fucking facts straight on who reppin the East its NY and Philly first. NY, Jersey, Philly and last on the freakin list would be Boston.

  • Anonymous

    Nino Bless is dope as fuck

  • RealTalk

    I honestly have NO idea who Nino Bless is, but I'm glad he spoke up about this clown .. Jay Electronica is a STRAIGHT up puppet .. Yes he can write, but so can SO many others .. He literally hasn't done ISH and yet Jay-Z continues to find a way to keep his buzz up -- off of NOTHING -- pure HYPE .. Let's not forget all of the British Royalty antics that went down -- you can be sure that whole situation was manufactured by Jay-Z and the people behind Jay to continue to spread their agendas in a major way .. But literally no Music dropped NADA NOTHING .. so F him .. I'm good with Kendrick and the many other talented Artists out .. Will never listen to Jay Electronica anymore

  • Anonymous

    HHDX comments are far more better and entertaining than the articles. LOOOOOL

  • Byrdflew

    Why would this dudes opinion matter. Jay-Elect does what he wants. He the type of guy that seems like he careless what anybody thinks. In in this delayed state of Act2 still not out his catalogue kills most emcees careers . Which says a lot about the quality of the industry. Their was no value to what kendrick said that what the game needs to step up . That should be the hashtag of the decade. Good Kid proved he was already nice after section 80 . Just so you now how I feel AB-Soul is a better writer in my opinion but everybody can't be a star so whatever. Twitter and social media is the worst anyways rappers always get #bitchmade about everything (1)

  • Not Impressed

    I don't care what anyone says, Jay Electronica is a better rapper than Kendrick Lamar, far better. His verse on Control was better and his verse on Dear Moleskine is better. Stop following hype and learn how to listen to lyrics. Not only is Kendrick overrated, but I would say he's one of the worst rappers I've ever heard. I don't like his froggish voice, his flow, or his forced, wannabe intelligent, lyrics. Him and J Cole are prime examples of how far hiphop has fallen off. I'm not impressed

    • Junior

      Hey look everybody, this is the exact defintion of a shallow listener. Kendrick- Better than Jay. Cole- Better than Jay. Stop talking idiot, like have you listened to any of the OGs? Section80 and Friday Night Lights destroy anything Jay has ever put out, or will put out, in his whole entire irrelevant career as a rapper. Don't you dare say Kendrick is overrated and that makes him bad. No. Kendrick is good, simply a good artist. He is overrated, but the hype came with his incredible lyrics and wordplay, wordplay that Jay can never reach. Go listen to HiiiPoWeR and 2Faced, and then provide me ONE SONG, jay elec got better than that

    • Anonymous

      What you said about Kendrick Lamar does not apply to him at all.

    • Anonymous

      "Him and J Cole are prime examples of how far hiphop has fallen off." Nah that would be French Montana and Rick Ross.

  • spidaman24

    nino bless is a beast when it comes to lyrics, for those that DONT know. he nearly made SLAUGHTERHOUSE but his ethics and immaturity and child like business dealings messed that up smh. BUT, he knows what he is talking about. and once again, google or upload some of his music. hes a beast.

  • TaZzZ

    Fuck this cat, Jay Elec has one of the most impressive track records in the last decade, so what he takes time to release quality shit? So do the best, fuck this feeding us bullshit once a week just to stay relevant Bet his album shuts everyone the fuck up when it comes out. "We Made It" verse is better than anything Nino ever done and that Jay on the simple tip...

    • MtC

      I am guessing you didn't listen to Rhyme of the Year. Nino>electronica

    • Anonymous

      "Jay Elec has one of the most impressive track records in the last decade" You gotta be fucking kidding me, whats so impressive about putting out 2 songs a year?

  • Frosty

    Ain't this the same dude that said he was leaving hip hop cause the shit ain't for him?

  • Anonymous

    Who is this puerto rican kid and how much is he paying y'all for press.

  • storm

    this dudes such a fukin clown

  • Hip Hop B_X

    The fuck is this nigga?

  • Anonymous

    No idea who this nigga is but I agree with everything he says

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