The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 4/14/14

50 Cent keeps his "Animal Ambition" run going and HipHopDX premieres a new Twiztid single.

After Future and Kanye West topped the list last week with their new Honest single, this week’s list is led by another new 50 Cent Animal Ambition track. A HipHopDX premiere takes the second spot with the unveiling of a new Da Mafia 6ix and R.A. The Rugged Man featuring Twiztid single (Chris Weby and Kung Fu Vampire also make appearances). And finally, at the tail-end of a week celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nas’ celebrated debut, an unreleased back-and-forth from the Queensbridge emcee himself and his fellow “Live At The Barbeque” rapper Akinyele round out the Top 3.

The rest of this week’s list features more new music from Future’s upcoming album Honest, scheduled for release this upcoming Tuesday (April 22), a surprise collaboration from Tony Yayo and Young Buck, a memorable Coachella moment, Pharrell Williams’ emotional interview appearance with Oprah Winfrey, and more.

50 Cent Lets Loose “Hustler”

Continuing his onslaught of new music leading up to the release of Animal Ambition, 50 Cent joined up with Jake One this week for the release of “Hustler.” Following a weeks-running trend of dropping a single and following up with a video shortly after, Curtis landed his name on the list for the same song for yet another week this Spring. Keeping the track all to himself with no features, 50 sings the repeated hook and spits boasting lines on the first verse. “Dominos motherfucker, it’s time to collect / Stack paper like I’m trying to fix the national debt / I’m just doing what I wanna do, I trip these set / This is 50 on that Muammar Gaddafi Shit.”

The accompanying visuals to “Hustler” are available below.

HipHopDX Premiers New Twiztid Song Feature Da Mafia 6ix & R.A. The Rugged Man

With DX premiering the posse cut earlier this week, the Da Mafia 6ix, R.A. The Rugged Man, Chris Weby, & Kung Fu Vampire featuring single jumped to the #2 spot for today's rankings. Offering fans a sequel to their first “Wasted” track, this Part 2 appears on the tracklist to the group’s recently released EP. With HipHopDX making the exclusive announcement earlier this week, the Detroit Hip Hop duo spoke on their recent EP, Get Twiztid, and a ten-show tour run currently visiting Pennsylvania tonight (April 19).

Speaking exclusively with DX earlier this month, group member Monoxide described the release. "This is the first of many releases with our new partner INgrooves,” he said. "This new EP, Get Twiztid, is only a small taste of what you can expect to hear from Twiztid in 2014."

Unreleased Nas & Akinyele Freestyle Surfaces For Illmatic Week

With a week-worth of celebration, reminiscing, and, praising of Nas’ debut just behind us, this week’s #3 spot gets taken up by an unreleased rhyming session between the emcee himself and fellow “Live At The Barbeque” featured rapper Akinyele. Thank to veteran fan and deejay Gudtyme, the freestyle session was released for the public a couple years ago. Featuring rhymes recognizable from Nas’ debut on Main Source's Breaking Atoms, the track features recognizable breakbeats like “U.F.O.” and more.


This Week's Top 10

1. 50 Cent - "Hustler"

2. Twiztid f. Da Mafia 6ix, R.A. The Rugged Man, Whitney Peyton, Kung Fu Vampire & Chris Webby - "Wasted Part 2"

3. Nas & Akinyele - "Lunchroom Battles (Unreleased 1991 Freestyle)"

4. Future f. Andre 3000 - "Benz Friendz (Watchutola)"

5. Tony Yayo f. Young Buck - "Devil's Advocate"

6. Future f. Wiz Khalifa - "My Momma [Prod. Mike WiLL Made-It]"

7. Nas - Brings Out Jay Z And Puff Daddy During 2014 Coachella Set [Video]

8. T.I. - "We Dem Boyz (Remix)"

9. Pharrell Williams - "Oprah Prime" (Full Interview) [Video]

10. 50 Cent - "Hustler" [Video]

Last Week's Top 10

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    fuck twizted and this wack white boy website smh lame as fuck lord jamar is spot on. #realshit

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember that track from Akinyele called, Da Bomb?

  • gunhillrd

    Whoa! 50 putting out to much heat to soon! Hustler!!! That's that heat right there!

    • Anonymous

      anyone featured on mastermind lol

    • Anonymous

      what is a relevant collab? stop using that word because 100% of you educated haters use it the wrong way music is personal you listen to the artist you like plain and simple I can tell y your comment you a mainstream nut hugger

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      met life holds 82,000

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      you're hilarious

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      How are they going to fit 80,000 people into MetLife when the capacity is 50,000? People are calling this YMCMB-Jam because YMCMB arent boycotting the event anymore and all the screaming "Barbs" will be in attendance to see their homegirl come back home. All the major radio stations are doing SummerJams but the most talked about is Bossies because he just came home and everybody wants to see the surprise guests that come to celebrate his first big show. ...Bun B, Slim Thug, Yo Gotti, Ross, Webbie, Scarface, Wacka, and a bunch of other surprises. The biggest event of the summer will be the BET Experience, its 3 nights and they will have Beyonce, TDE and Kendrick, Drake, Badu and all the Black acts.

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      Boosie and Meek and playing a bootleg summer jam? thats pathetic,

    • Anonymous

      lol 80 000 vs 800 people, the real summer jam

    • Anonymous

      He burned so many bridges he cant get any relevant collabs so he has to reach out to former Interscope artist who share his pain on getting dropped and then he will go do SummerJam with YMCMB but the real SummerJam is LiL Boosies SummerJam with Meek Mill.

    • Anonymous

      and he not dickriding his features still waiting on the collabs with prodigy,ghost,kiss and kidd kidd ill wait for the album to drop don't want to hear anymore tracks already got my summer jam tickets hope him and nas do too hot that shit will have the crowd going crazy thjis album will sale like jeezys tm103 the streets ate it up.

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      so you study youtube videos of a rapper you don't like to analyze the crowds in a dark venue?

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      Never been to a 50 concert but I have seen the footage on YouTube, it looked like a lot of the fans were also fans of Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Skylar Grey and Nicole Sherzinger.

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    Lmao where's the haters at? U say 50 is irrelevant lol men lie women lie numbers don't every week50 dropping heat.

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