Hip Hop Singles Sales: Week Of 04/13/14

Future's "I Won" with Kanye West makes the highest debut on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts this week.

This week, Pharrell’s “Happy” remains lodged in the #1 spot, while Future’s “I Won” and Juvenile’s 1998 single “Back That Thang Up” make impressive moves on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Pharrell Remains #1 With “Happy” 

Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is the #1 song on the chart this week. In its twenty-first week, the Virginia Beach, Virginia singer-producer’s selection sold 257,240 copies, a 9 percent drop from last week's 283,559 units. 

Overall, Williams' cut is now quadruple platinum with sales of 4,219,588 units. 

“Happy" appeared on last year's Despicable Me 2 soundtrack and is also the rapper-producer-singer’s lead single from his G  I  R  L album, which is available for streaming now.

Future Victorious With “I Won”

Future’s “I Won” single entered the R&B/Hip Hop chart at #20 this week. The song, which is expected to be included on his forthcoming Honest album, also features Kanye West. It sold 19,276 units this week.

“I Won” makes the highest debut on the charts this week. The second-higest debut is Somo’s “We Can Make Love,” which enters the charts at #35 with 10,035 units sold.

Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up” Returns To The Charts

Sales of Juvenile’s smash 1998 single “Back That Thang Up” jumped 287% this week. The sales spike enabled the song from the New Orleans rapper to earn the #82 slot on the charts this week, with sales of 5,403 copies. 

Last week, the song from Juvenile’s 400 Degreez album sold 1,395 units.

R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales: Week Ending 04/13/2014

#1. Pharrell Williams - “Happy” - 257,240 (4,219,588)

#2. John Legend - “All Of Me” - 196,590 (2,755,031)

#3. Jason Derulo f. 2 Chainz - “Talk Dirty” - 162,040 (2,863,466)

#4. Aloe Blacc - "The Man" - 88,664 (1,938,330)

#5. Iggy Azalea - “Fancy” - 52,284 (182,303)

#6. Chris Brown f. Lil Wayne & French Montana - “Loyal" - 47,503 (451,139)

#7. Kid Ink f. Chris Brown - “Show Me” - 37,997 (1,160,371)

#8. Beyonce f. Jay Z - “Drunk In Love” - 36,490 (1,420,437)

#9. Trey Songz - “Na Na” - 36,361 (327,693)

#10. Young Money f. Drake - “Trophies” - 36,361 (239,936)

All sales data is courtesy of Nielsen Soundscan. 

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  • Mushy 506

    Half of these top ten aren't even hip hop, they need to start categorizing more , that's why macklemore won 4 Grammys because there are far more soccer moms listening to him in their way to work. Shouldn't be called rap it should "save the whales" rap or something.

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  • Anonymous

    Where is Curtis Numbers huh? Curtis better start a beef with Pharrell to get some buzz to sell his singles.

  • Anonymous

    Pharrell doing numbers. Be sure to check out thegrandreport, they have good videos on there

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  • Anonymous

    Which Single do You Listen to the Most? Pharrell - Happy Legend - All of Me Aloe Blacc - the Man Iggy Azalea - Fancy Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty THESE SINGES ARE NOT HIP HOP LMAO

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Nice jokes, we all know that 50 is nothing with out Em, Jim and Dre, he has a few fans left but now with LiL B and Tyler no one needs 50s music. I prefer Earl Sweatshirt." *DEAD*

  • Anonymous

    Drake is the only song that could even be considered hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is top of the charts.'Smoke' is already close to Gold{491,074 to be exact}.50Cent sells the single through other independent retailers that dont report their sales to Nelsen scan. Trust me the single is doing very well and 50 cent is getting paid. SIKE!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I M JUST FUCKING WITH YALL....LOOOOOL 50 CENT SINGLES TANKED ON THE CHARTS,I M SORRY BUT THE SINGLES ARE PUSHING RIGHT. INDIE ROAD JUST AINT TREATING THE DUDE RIGHT...LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  • Anonymous

    Curtis Jackson killing the charts with the 'Smoke' single. With all that radio play the single sales are already picking up and peaking.The single has sold over 4million+ copies. Critics are already saying its gonna sell more than 'in the club'. Apparently iTunes,Amazon and Play have already sold out the single. Kudos Curtis,U remain the diamond selling king even without Interscope.Get that Indy money.

    • Anonymous

      we know your 40 year old selfie taking groupie ass aint never listen to sweatshirt

    • Anonymous

      Nice jokes, we all know that 50 is nothing with out Em, Jim and Dre, he has a few fans left but now with LiL B and Tyler no one needs 50s music. I prefer Earl Sweatshirt.

  • AdamDWolfe

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  • Anonymous

    "Happy" is not R&B/HipHop but Pharell is a HipHop artist so salute him on 4X Platinum!! Looks like 2-Chainz is still the hottest artist for featured singels and that song is just terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Niggaz is eating off these damn singles. 4 million copies of "Happy"?

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