Miss Info Discusses Giving Nas' "Illmatic" Five Mics In The Source

Miss Info says there isn't an album out today that deserves five mics in The Source.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of Nas’ debut album, Illmatic, journalist/radio personality Minya “Miss Info” Oh spoke with Complex about giving the album five mics in The Source. Miss Info, who wrote her review under the pen name Shortie, credited her confidence in writing the piece to her editors at The Source who she says allowed her to be both a critic and a fan.

“At the time I think that the reason why—I had like amazing editors,” she said. “They were very clear about letting me be a critic and a fan sort of in a bubble. I was definitely sheltered from the industry. And I remember feeling like I didn’t have the right to say that it should be five mics, but having to. Like just saying I’ve tried to approach it every different way and it’s such a classic it can’t get anything less.”

When asked if there was anyone who questioned her five mic review of Illmatic, Miss Info says there were those who questioned giving Nas’ album the highest rating possible in The Source, since it was a feat that hadn’t been reached by an artist in quite some time.

“There were definitely some people who were like ‘Nah, we just can’t give it five mics off principle,’” Miss Info said. “Because they hadn’t for a while. And it was just the—It was like saying something is perfect. And you assume nothing is perfect. But the thing that I’m so happy about now 20 years later is that it really did stand the test of time. And I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet that feels like it didn’t deserve five mics. So, you go through life and sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it wrong. And I’m just glad, really glad that I was a part of getting it right.”

Miss Info later revealed that there isn’t any album today that’s worthy of receiving five stars in The Source, but did credit Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar for releasing an album that would come close to a perfect rating.

“No, I don’t think so…I think that there’s been high, I mean, super high moments. Even Kendrick’s album. Just incredible. But I think that it’s also harder because it’s competing against so much more than Nas was in that very perfect time,” Info said.

With this month marking the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas has celebrated its release with a handful of events. Along with Southern duo OutKast, the Queensbridge rapper served as one of the headliners at the Coachella music and arts festival last weekend.

Nas also appeared at this week’s premiere of Time Is Illmatic, a documentary that details the making of Illmatic. The film premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival and was attended by the likes of Nas and Raekwon.


  • Anonymous

    Miss Nympho should shut her ass up and go back to Indonesia, she gave that shit only 4 mics and now wanna talk like she always supported Nas

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  • Anonymous

    I can guarantee you all of the people making negative comments about asians on this are white.

  • SDK

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  • Anonymous

    Reading the comments on this blog will give you brain cancer.


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    • Anonymous

      haha I see what u did there, and to insanemacbeth: wtf is u talking about?

    • insanemacbeth

      i feel that if NAS' '#Illmatic' deserves 5 mics, then defo RAKIM's 'FOLLOW THE LEADER' and 'LET THE RHYTHM HIT 'EM albums do, too.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Let's see if she still thinks the album is worth five mics after reading the book "Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homie".

  • Anonymous

    lol this bitch originally gave it 4.5 mics, now she tryna backtrack and act like she knew it was a classic from the jump, smh go back to vietnam and never mention hip hop again in your life

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Tina Turner

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  • Anonymous

    Five mics? Please. More like 2.5.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how the asian girl had to review the album under a pseudonym that made her appear black to the readers.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that ol culture jackin asian bitch. From the source to hot97.... yeah really down for the culture. And what the deal with Illmatic? Definately a dope album but are far as being the best of the era or the only one deserving 5 mics....miss me with that bullshit. The Chronic is a vastly better album and has more of a culture impact than Illmatic. The Chronic deserved 5 mics before Illmatic.

    • Anonymous

      Y'all must be doing Puerto Rican math or something. 4.5 does not equal 5. This yellow colored culture vulture was too blind to see it back then and is now trying to act like she always tought the shit was a classic.

    • Anonymous

      So you from SoCal. That has nothing to do with anything. Cut for cut The Chronic is the best album of the 90's.

    • Anonymous

      4.5 isnt 5. You youngsters and you're new math. I remember the review and it was stated that the album could be better if Lil Ghetto Boys wasnt on it. Or something to that degree. Lil Ghetto Boys was one of the best cuts on the album. Still call b.s. to this day.

    • TRE

      I'm from Southern California and even I will say Illmatic is a better hip hop album than The Chronic

    • Anonymous

      i thought the chronic got 4.5 from shortie, too. thats apprx 5 mics

  • Anonymous

    Eh, I'm not THAT sure about Kendrick Lamar's debut album was all that. It was fairly decent and I don't think it was great from beginning to end.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm Miss Info...My favorite Asian persuasion.

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