JAZMIN Sisters Debut "You" Remix Featuring IamSu!

Exclusive: MIDI Mafia co-founder Bruce Waynne weighs in on the generational appeal of Hip Hop-infused R&B, as the JAZMIN Sisters reinterpret an SWV classic.

After being premiered on California’s KPWR “Power 106,” during the “New @ 2” mix with Yesi Ortiz and DJ Felli Fel, The JAZMIN Sisters release the remix of their single “You” featuring IamSu! of HBK Gang. The MIDI Mafia-produced single reinterprets SWV’s 1992 #1 Billboard hit “Weak.”

“I’m from New York, so I was in the thick of that R&B/Hip Hop collab energy as it happened,” says MIDI Mafia member Bruce Waynne. “So from Total’s “Can’t You See” with Notorious B.I.G. to Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” remix, that excitement and energy is surging out of the West Coast right now. Both of these artists are West Coast natives and grew up on these collaborations. They represent what this generation is influenced by at the moment, so with a combination of MIDI Mafia’s resources and the platform provided by our #BRANDX imprint to truly express themselves honestly with no filter, they’re going to do what comes natural.”

“You” is featured on JAZMIN Sisters’ debut project, 90’s Baby. A digital stream of the song is available below.

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