Boldy James Denies Signing With Nas' Mass Appeal Imprint

Boldy James says he is still "the most slept-on and unsigned hype in the game."

Yesterday (April 17), several publications reported that Boldy James signed under Nas' new Mass Appeal imprint. Boldy James says that the reports are unfounded.

"Can I get a deal on the table 1st before people start with the rumors. Still the most slept on unsigned hype in the Game. #BoldyBlocks227," James said in a Twitter post yesterday following published reports on the supposed signing.

James, who only follows 9 people on Twitter, one of whom is Nas, has earned critical acclaim for his work as an emcee. In 2013, when James released the Alchemist-produced project My 1st Chemistry Set, the rapper was celebrated for his work. "Throughout the whole project, James is consistent, even when transitioning from understated brags to self-conscious street worries," HipHopDX said in its review of the project. "Particularly with his penchant for witty slang, his style doesn’t seem derived or lifted despite obvious similarities. Still, he’s sure footed enough to know where he stands."

In March, Nas brought Boldy James out for his SXSW showcase, an event that also included appearances from Bishop Nehru and Fashawn. Fashawn spoke with HipHopDX about the experience soon after, saying he and Nas have "a lot of things brewing" for the future

In October 2013, Boldy James spoke with HipHopDX about wanting to work with Nas. "Nas, Jay [Z], Scarface and the legends from a couple eras before my time," he said, when asked about who he would want to collaborate with. "Mothafuckers like that, who I think are really talented and just passionate. They’d do me some justice on the track. I get a lot of complaints for putting niggas from around my way on songs. A lot of my fans thought that I could’ve taken the song to the head, or they wanted to hear more from me. I have to shine light on those dudes, because I don’t know who else would. It’s a gift and a curse being a good nigga, man."

Boldy James' tweet from yesterday is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    He's denying signing with Nas cause MMG called and offered to make him a millionaire.

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  • Anonymous

    Boldy is so dope. His album with Alchemist was one of the best last year

  • Anonymous

    Wait. Bold James 9,000 twitter followers. bad decision for NAs. My grand moms got more twitter followers than dude. In this day and age of sox networking artists should grind for that exposure before a label takes them. Nas def takes an L if he signed du de.

    • 7 mile back block

      Niggas judging mc skills on twitter followers now smh go buy Boldy's 1st Chemistry Set album he did with alchemist and support a real dope hip hop project from a new rapper who can actually spit. Fuckin tired of hearin people on here hating just so they broke ass has an excuse not to buy an album lol

    • Anonymous

      What does the number of Twitter followers have to do with anything? Boldy is an underground dude that's still unsigned, so of course his fanbase would be small. If Nas heard Boldy's music and thought he was dope, then Nas has every right to sign him. He's not going to be like "Ah hell no, you only have 9000 followers? I ain't signing your ass until you have a million followers." Have you ever thought that, maybe, signing with Nas would help boost his career and help him gain more fans? Last I checked, the number of Twitter followers aren't a pre-requisite before signing to a label.

    • Anonymous

      bitch nigga fuck your twitter real niggas dont tweet

    • Anonymous

      Nas himself is an L

  • Anonymous

    lmao this nigga got that attitude like "hell fucking no, I'd never sign to no wack nigga like Nas"

  • Belize

    not really sold on boldy yet

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Tina Turner.

  • Anonymous

    Boldy is dope and I hope he succeeds however how many of yal remember Quan? Another artist signed with Nas who was mad talented (dude could sing and rap better than these crossover acts today). His career went absolutely nowhere and he had so much potential in a time when New York hip-hop was thriving. All the best to Boldy but make a good decision when it's time to sign.

    • jersey represent

      Quan was from bad newz Virginia he was dope as fuck he was still in the streets heavy tho when nas signed him he was just outta prison for guns and a murder after 8 or 9 years then he got caught with drugs n guns again so it might not have been all Nas fault

    • Anonymous

      Hell yeah. "Just a Moment", great song. Quan should come back and kick that other Quan the fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      Quan ain't from NY. stop spewing

  • Anonymous

    Nasirs imprint will bomb.

  • TRE

    Boldy James is the truth. Listen to that track "Give Me A Reason" ft. Vince Staples prod. by Alchemist

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    lol nigga had to actually deny being signed to something associated with nasir and his wackness, he must've read "nas lost: a tribute to the little homie"

  • Check em out

    Boldy James one the best new mc's coming up that alchemist album he done was fire. Boldy and Fred The Godson are the most slept on right now they could do with getting a label behind them to give them the push even just a independent type deal. Fred's punchlines are some the best ive ever heard serious bars n Boldy got that laid back Detroit drug dealer bars lots of slang it just sounds dope as fuck how he flows

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was strange that Nas waiting until he was 40 years old and divorced with tax problems to start singing artists.

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