Ice T Defends Lord Jamar's Hip Hop Is Black Music Comments

Ice T says anyone can contribute to Hip Hop as long as they respect the culture, calls it a genre that's dear to him.

Rapper/actor Ice T came to the defense of an artist he considers a friend in a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. When asked how he felt about Lord Jamar’s comments about Hip Hop being a form of black music, Ice T first acknowledged the Brand Nubian emcee’s status in Hip Hop and then shared his belief that “Hip Hop is black music.”

The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star then credited Puerto Ricans for embracing Hip Hop after African Americans.

“Lord Jamar is my friend,” Ice T said. “I mean, Lord Jamar was one of the first people in the art of rap. You know? Lord Jamar is a member of the Brand Nubian. So, Lord Jamar is gonna have always a pro-black way of going at things. Hip Hop is black music. It’s not like if I was white I could say ‘I invented reggae.’ We gotta keep it real. Where did it come from? It came from black, ghetto kids. I think probably the second people into Hip Hop would be the Puerto Ricans. B-boys. Rock Steady Crew, people like that. When it hit L.A.—It’s a ghetto music, the eses got a hold of it.”

Ice T went on to state that he has no problem with anyone participating in the genre of Hip Hop as long as they respect the culture. He added that as one of Hip Hop’s early entertainers, it’s a genre that’s dear to him.

“I put one of the first white kids in the game, Everlast,” he said. “Then you got Em. It’s definitely gonna cross racial lines because now it’s like everybody can rap. My UPS man came to my house. This nigga sounded like DMX. It’s like there was a time when I came out where only a few people could rap. And I was wack when I started. Everybody was wack when they started. And now the young kids are spittin’. Cause they got all these great rappers to listen to key off of. I don’t really have no problem with it. I think you should respect the culture…People hold cultures very close to them. So, you don’t want someone to get in it and then disrespect it. When we—It saved my life. It’s very dear to me.”

The comments Ice T was questioned about during his interview with Vlad TV stemmed from an interview Lord Jamar took part in in September of last year. In the interview, Lord Jamar criticized fellow artist Macklemore and shared his belief that white rappers “are guests in the house of Hip Hop.”

“Okay, white rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” Jamar said during an interview with Vlad TV. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion. White rappers, those of y’all who really studied the culture, that truly love Hip Hop and all that, keep it real with yourself, you know this is a black man’s thing. We started this. This is our shit. We’ve allowed you, those of you who’ve proved your skill and all that, we’ve allowed you to come in and kick your shit, make yourself known. You know what I mean? And if you have enough respect for the culture we fuck with you. But don’t push it too far.”



  • Killah_casp

    The difference being Ice explained it in a non-racist way, Jamar is nothing but a bitter Hate Preacher he has the nerve to blame White people as a whole for the current state of Hip hop when actually there are more Black artists then white artists fucking the game up. For Example how come he ain't bought up the Fact Wayne be Kissing men on the lips but go all out on Maccklemore for making a Gay friendly song, Jamar is a hypocrite and lost all my respect I am white but I am more Hip hop then most the black dudes I know, You know why Jamar? Because People are different so shut the fuck up and go back to screaming at clouds you ignorant piece of shit respect to Ice though for explaining in a non racist way.

  • Anonymous

    understand this very well, none of the other human families of the planet have a problem with the already defined historical facts of Hip Hop's origins and it's creators, only the American Caucasian does not the Hispanic, Asian, South American, Caribbean, Native American, Persian, Hindu.....EUROPEAN, African, Samoan, Aborigine, just the white American what you need to ask observer is WHY, why are they so obsessed with rap when they claim no other culture's genre (salsa, reggae, etc), why are they so focused on trying to rewrite the solid and quite refined rap history, why are those who claim to hate blacks so enthralled in black everyday activities, WHY THEY FEEL THEY DON'T HAVE TO RESPECT THE ARTFORM AS IT'S GUEST LOOK at their banter, remember it was THEIR parents who hated Cop Killer, who backed C Dolores Tucker, backed the anti-rap talk from Ronnie, Georgie, Quayle and Dole you should expect the descendants of the original hater to hate and observe how they use deceit as a form of intelligence

  • Anonymous

    "Jamar was one of the first people in the art of rap" There were so many people who came before LJ. Stop talking Ice.

  • Anonymous

    Black people created white people. End of story.

    • Anonymous

      If that was true then where is the made by blacks stamp? You wouldn't forgot that. You like saying hip-hop was made by you every second of the day so you wouldn't forgot that stamp.

    • Anonymous

      What happened when you put your hand in the jelly bean jar? The black one stole your watch ..

    • Anonymous

      What do you call four black guys in a car? Tinted windows ..

  • Anonymous

    Guess what else is right, your "Coco" sucking that D in Vegas.

  • Get a fuckin tan

    meanwhile some other dude is fuckin ya bitch and ya wifey is postin that shit up on the net, lol what a fuckin pussy fake gangster.

  • Chi-Ill

    When it hit L.A.Its a ghetto music, the eses got a hold of it. He ain't lying lol


    Damn, you people are so fucking possessive. You wanted to carve a niche for yourselves, you did it. Don't me mad because the white man wanted a piece of the action and you let him in. Oh, but wait, that would be considered segregation, just like what we did to y'all in the sixties. Can't none of you black folk be grateful? You people wanted rap, we gave you motherfuckers spinning rims, hookers, money, strippers, big chains, watermelons, big houses, multiple baby mamas, good lawyers, a possible starring role in a KFC commercial, janky record deals, and more importantly, debt.



    • I really don't believe that

      son said he boriqua but don't acknowledge the history of the conquistador or never been to the island to see the descendants dark as Africans a harsh reality is many borinquen side with their latin conquerors, take advantage of the skin color and try to avoid the oppression are you really ready to have this conversation?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Please learn how to read, suburban white child. I only said he has black genes.

    • Anonymous

      Tanned skin and thick hair doesnt mean you are black, idiot.

    • Anonymous

      ^ No, you THINK you don't have any black genes, but that tanned skin and curly hair expose you lol

    • Get your facts straight homie

      WRONG Some are part black, some are black-spanish, native, native-spanish. Scource: Im Puerto Rican and dont have any black in my genes

  • Anonymous

    his white wife is kinda hot

  • Fish

    Hip hop may be black, but you're not Ice-T, you pasty racist fuck.

  • HipHop

    DX for once had a great editorial on this topic. A white guy wrote it and he basically agreed to some degree. With Jamar's use of the word "guest" he is factually correct. White America wanted zero parts of hip hip when it was created. So that fact plus the percentages show that yes, white people were "guests" in a sense of walking into a culture owned by black people. I do disagree with several of Jamar's points but I have to agree with his frustrations about Macklemore pushing an anti hiphop agenda. He said very clearly that he has no problem with the music or with gay people. The problem is using hip hop to push that agenda. It's a complicated issue but look at this way: You helped shape and build a business and nice guy comes along and starts promoting something that didn't connect with the principles of what you're business stands for. You'd take issue with that. Granted, Jamar is old and stuck in his ways to some degree but from his perspective, I understand why he's upset.

    • HipHop

      I see what you're saying but through the eyes of a hip hop purist, hip hop hs always been about bravado and masculinity so pushing a pro-gay agenda steps on toes. The history of hip hip itself shows that. Rappers have been objectifying women since day 1 and calling other rappers faggots since day 2 lol! And I'm not advocating that either. I just think that Lord Jamar has a point in this regard: if Macklemore was promoting gay rights on a talk show, in interviews or other ways, he'd catch zero flack. And honestly, I'm not mad about doing it via a hip hop song. I just think if you're going to do that, you have to be prepared to take criticism because all things considered, it's a very bold move and purists have a right to express their disapproval in my opinion.

    • R.Pgh

      "Macklemore pushing an anti hiphop agenda" - that's where I disagree. Labeling hip hop as anti-gay or gay as anti-hip hop is pretty absurd to me. Through the late 70's, 80's and early 90's (and sometimes today) wasn't hip hop used as a form of expression for people to voice their opinions and talk about their lives and the lives of people around them? Their struggles they face? It's not like Macklemore is saying "everyone should be gay". He's simply addressing the fact that through the eyes of our government, gay couples aren't given the same equalities as straight couples. He's using hip hop to express his opinion about the struggles of one of his family members. How is that anti-hip hop?

  • Anonymous

    The thing I don't get is how possessive black people are over this. You want to share in every other single aspect of life, yet this is yours and solely yours. You need to get over that sentiment as it is far from yours.

    • Anonymous

      "Hip Hop is all we have left" nicca shut da fuc up. We have a rich culture without hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing belongs to anyone, let a White man tell it. You've robbed us of every aspect of our culture. Hip Hop is all we have left but you're determined to take that too...

  • Anonymous

    Ice T is in the game since the early 80's so hes been there from the start. Even influenced NWAs Eazy E.

  • Anonymous

    isnt this that tv cop? Ice-T original Studio Gangsta

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ice T is a guest in the house of Hip Hop (He ain't black) Body Count is a guest in the house of Metal (He ain't white) Fuck Ice T!

  • SSE

    Well, the most influential books are written by white people, does that mean that black people are "guests" in the world of literature and philosophy? I don't think so, both black and white people have equal possibilities in writing books and reading them

  • Anonymous

    So you black hip hop fans say Chief Keef, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy are better than Eminem, EL-P, Slug or Brother Ali?

    • Anonymous

      no, he is an albino white so you would like him if he was an albino black, but not if he was white. smh

    • Anonymous

      Isn't Brother Ali an albino black man?

    • Anonymous

      New black rappers can't rap annymore, the whiteboys are taking over the underground and niggaz the pop/gay culture! niggaz bringin bieber on stage and acting gangsta!

  • Anonymous

    White people appropriate our culture with impunity. That's just what they do and that's what they have been doing for centuries (they do whatever the fuck they want to do to us}. Beyond cultural appropriation, they control damn near everything that facilitates hip-hop. They're the ones who own the big labels, radio stations, and television stations; they're the ones who own muthafuckas' masters and publishing; they control retail and distribution.

    • Anonymous

      maybe the moguls like jay, puff, dre and birdman should come together and start a black run label, distribution and radio stations

    • me nigga again

      ya white people might control everything but they will market whatever makes the most money. If somehow we could get all the black kids to support lyrical artists then that would sell and then that's what the "white people" would market. you can blame the current mainstream hip hop on your own fuckin culture you fuckin herb

    • me nigga

      ya and who you think is the ones keeping dumb ass rap in kids. Sorry to say it but it doesn't seem like old heads are passing on their rap knowledge if people like 2 chainz and young thug are ruling radio stations in new york. I'm not saying there isn't a place for these cats in music but the fact that they overshadow the shit that made hip hop black music is a direct cause of these dumb ass kids doing the nae nae as they walk though the mall all for attention.

  • Anonymous

    Lol damn, can black people at least have something of their own???

  • Not Impressed

    I find it hilarious how white people are still getting mad over this. Hiphop is a result of black American poverty. Where do these mass poverty problems come from regarding blacks in this country? They come from White Americans oppressing black people for years... It's kind of interesting to see people who are part of the group that has destroyed the lives of countless blacks, complaining because we made something from that oppression and wish to claim it as our own. It's like you can't let black people have anything, you always want your hands in the pot. Black people are so nice they will let you in, despite everything you have done, but you're still not happy with your role as a 'guest' and you still want more than you're owed (which is nothing). You should be happy with what you've gone and stop complaining. You have already white washed most forms of black American music already, let us have ownership of at least one... I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      So there is no white person in poverty? Amazing, point me out to this magical place.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Ignore the white person above me. OP still spoke the truth.

    • Anonymous

      " interesting to see people who are part of the group that has destroyed the lives of countless blacks" " despite everything you have done, " nigga shut the fuck up, i aint never done nothing to no nigga so why you talking like every white person is a slave master go back to africa

  • Anonymous

    Arguably one of the most skilled rap artists of all time is WHITE.

    • Anonymous

      But still rap is black music. Youre talking bout Eminem he respects the culture cause he was heavily influenced by the pioneers

  • Anonymous

    'I put one of the first white kids in the game, Everlast,' he said." You fucking idiot.

  • Anonymous

    "My UPS man came to my house. This nigga sounded like DMX." LMAO!

  • kennyken

    that's a real o.g. comment. very respected comment. no one can hate on ice for that. but the way lord jamar comes off isn't o.g. status. you gotta come respectful. this guy comes at everybody like he has a problem with them specifically.

  • my dick in this site

    Fuck white people

  • Willy

    The thing about all of this is. They're just wrong, theres no way to sugar coat it. There have been latinos and whites in this genre since the very beginning... That is FACT.

    • ETK

      Cry all you want. Bottom line is: those very same "latinos and whites in this genre since the very beginning" would aggree with both Jamar and Ice-T.

  • So Dumb

    Honestly who the fuck cares what color is the first and what color is guests. Rap is dope, doesn't matter what the person who's rapping's skin color is

  • fuck old man sugar honey ice t

    Another old man rapper talking out his ass (speaking of which, I wouldn't mind sucking a fart out that old plastic barbie doll he calls his wife). Anyway, it figures that Sugar Honey Ice T aka the Godfather of Gangsta Rap aka Rick Ross' deputy would agree with old man Jamar on this sensitive subject. Yes, black folk invented rap along with a bunch of other genres, but I'll be god damned if white folk will be considered "guests" in your house. In the grand scheme of things, music is still music and white people will always be considered musicians in their own rights. I don't see michael jordan coming out his ass talking about larry bird was just a guest in the sport of basketball. the fuck out of here, you stupid scatterbrained, senile old geezer. stick to cuffing niggas on LAPD Blue or whatever the fuck yo show is.

    • Anonymous

      the above comment is from a 40 year old nerd

    • Anonymous

      The first two comments are from white people.

    • Anonymous

      "I don't see michael jordan coming out his ass talking about larry bird was just a guest in the sport of basketball." Mike Jordan knew his place in the NBA, just like R.A., MC Serch, Necro, Vinnie Paz, El-P, Eminem and even Vanilla Ice know their place in Hip-Hop, so chill the fuck out. Ain't nobody here saying white people can't rap, they just saying show some respect and be grateful to the people who created the art form you benefit financially from.

    • Anonymous

      Respect the origins and the originators.

    • Anonymous

      "aka Rick Ross' deputy " don't insult T like that, he called Ross out for being a fake and stealing a mans government name

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  • IHateMorgy

    lord jamar...danielle harling...brining your awesome website down

    • Anonymous

      More Lord Jamar articles, the 45 and older rappers always ride with Jamar so its no surprise that Mr Cop Killer turned TV Cop would ride for his buddie.

    • Anonymous

      ICE T is classic, he helped pioneer the Pimp image in rap and then he wrote in his book how he never pimped a hoe and then he goes and marries a white prostitute! The quarter-white guy married to the white prostitute defending the Black guy who believes that Blacks are Gods and Whites are Devils?!

    • Anonymous

      true fact jamar is right

  • Anonymous

    YES, FINALLY! An industry negro who's not afraid to defend his own people!!!

  • DrebinSlevin

    Hip Hop is black music. People are angry with Jamar being a borderline racist with his BS tho. Hip Hop is a house of Black Music that any colour can live in.

  • tha OG

    Ice-T is right & so is lord jamar

  • Anonymous

    i liked when he dissed rik rozz

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