HipHopDX users were recently asked to rate the week’s top charting Hip Hop albums based on lyrics

The Ranker list, which HipHopDX uses to assess reader responses below, calculates the votes based on a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system and it creates a list with the data users input. Ranker lists the albums from top to bottom, based on the total number of votes and regardless of how many thumbs up a particular album gets. The order of the albums featured on the lists fluctuates as votes are cast. 

Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 earned the highest votes in the poll with 575 thumbs up and 116 thumbs down. The album’s lyrics earned praise from several emcees when it was released, including Crooked I.  “It’s just always refreshing to hear a super mainstream artist with bars and skills because a lot of these mainstream dudes that’s rapping out there is wack as fuck,” Crook said to HipHopDX at the time. “So, here’s somebody who has all the success and has achieved so much in the game and he still has bars to bar you out the game. It’s real refreshing.”

Eminem’s work as a lyricist was also praised in a recent HipHopDX interview with Talib Kweli. “Eminem introduced my daughter to lyrics,” Kweli said recently. “When he performed [‘Not Afraid’], she was like, ‘Who is that, daddy?’ I think she was like 10 or 11. I was like, ‘That’s Eminem.’ She was like, ‘That’s one of the best rappers I’ve ever heard.’ And she’s been on some lyrical shit ever since then. It was amazing to me to watch my daughter discover Eminem, and be into his lyrics. She immediately noticed a difference ’cause Eminem had kind of been missing from the scene for a couple years before then. She immediately noticed he can rap better than everybody. She was like, ‘He was the best rapper on the floor tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow. Okay. She recognizes it, too.'” 

ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron was second on the list for most lyrical album this week. The rapper’s most recent project earned 476 thumbs up and 97 thumbs down. YG’s My Krazy Life earned the third spot on the list with 238 thumbs up and 209 thumbs down. Pharrell’s G I R L  was second to last on the list. P’s project earned 156 thumbs up and 209 thumbs down. Coming in last place, Rick Ross’s Mastermind earned 185 thumbs up and 291 thumbs down. The results for last week’s poll are below. 

Readers can respond to this week’s question, which focuses on which charting album has the best beats by going to the week’s Album Sales report

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