Suge Knight Says Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up" Was Enough "To Make A Grown Man Cry"

Suge Knight details the making of "Hit 'Em Up," says it resulted from Tupac's anger following the release of "Get Money."

While speaking exclusively to, former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight detailed the moments that led up to the creation of the Tupac Shakur record “Hit ‘Em Up,” a diss song aimed at The Notorious B.I.G. and other artists.

According to Knight, Biggie’s former wife Faith Evans was made aware of Tupac’s song and told Puff Daddy and Biggie, who in turn released a similar song titled “Get Money.”

The former Death Row Records head also spoke on Tupac’s livid response upon hearing “Get Money” on the radio.

“Misa and Faith was at the studio, our studio. And the ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ track was playing,” Knight said. “[But it wasn’t] ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ I don’t think it was Misa cause Misa is too down. And I think I made her feel a lot better than Pac made Faith feel. So, I think it was Faith that went and told him that Pac was doing that track and he was putting some lyrics to it. So, before we could finish that track they beat us to it and put out ‘Get Money.’ But that was already pretty much what we was talking about on the track before the [lyrics were even] laid. So, when Faith whispered in they ear they came out with ‘Get Money’ before us. When Pac heard it on the radio he eventually called me and was going crazy. He was like ‘Man, turn on the radio. You hear this shit? Aw man, they just took our shit.’ He was like ‘I know Puffy baby mama her punk ass told Puffy and Biggie.’”

Knight says that Tupac’s anger at the release of “Get Money” eventually led to the rapper switching the song completely and creating a record he revealed would “make a grown man cry.”

“When we put the track back up, Pac was so pissed off in the studio about them jumping the gun, getting the song,” he said. “Naturally, he turned around and changed everything up and called it ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ And everything he said was like a knife sticking in somebody’s wound twisting it…He said some shit to make a grown many cry. Talking about fucking your wife…That’s some powerful shit he saying. And he was willing to back it up…It’s one of those songs that it’s gonna be around forever.”

“Hit ‘Em Up” also featured Outlawz and was released on June 4, 1996, mere months before Tupac’s death in September. On the song, Pac takes aim at Biggie, Puff, and others as he raps: “You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife/We bust on Bad Boys, niggas fucked for life/Plus Puffy tryna see me, weak hearts I rip/Biggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A. some mark-ass bitches.”

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  • Kanye West

    Big put a hit on that nigga. Hes said it many times in his joints. But if you don't think he's a real nigga then he didn't do it. He even played it off like he felt bad and shit in interviews then turns around and say he killed/ was going to kill him in his raps. Real niggas do real things.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ all the Death row/pac stans congregating on here in search of something that will revive their last hopes and dreams of "confirming" their delusion that somehow death row/suge etc "won" the beef. last time i checked 2pac and biggie are both dead, so no one really won the beef. BUTTTTT if we MUST get technical, i gotta hand it to puffy and bad boy. they are clearly the victors in the beef in the long run and arguably didnt even really lose when the beef was really poppin off. i guess you could say they arguably "lost" the battle but ultimately won the war. death row completely collapsed after 2pac's death, suge knight went to jail for years, several members and associates of death row died, death row faced legal troubles, and eventually suge knight and/or death row filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and the company was later auctioned off. on the other hand, after BIG died, bad boy still continued to experience success with multi platinum and/or gold selling acts like the LOX, mase, total, 112, puffy, etc and was at some point pulling in upwards of $300 million in revenue while death row at its peak, was only pulling in around $100 million. to this day even, bad boy and puffy continue to achieve success, with rappers and acts like french montana and machine gun kelly you tell me who REALLY won

    • Better late

      Just cause Puffy put out some dance videos and sold some purple underwear don't mean bad boy won shit. And your using French Montana for an example lol. Nypsy Hustle would eat that fat Kardashian fucker and their mutant baby fool. EBK west coast style. Keep jocking the Style biters and punks.

    • THE Don

      F U Nigga! 2pac 4 Life

  • Wayne

    Has he had a stroke?

  • Bob

    Why don't you talk about how you robbed 2pac and he died broke instead?

  • Anonymous

    "Suge aint tough no more he got knocked out"

    • Anonymous

      "basically anybody with fists could knock the blood out this nicca and not get touched for it." Says the tough dude typing behind his keybord,lol FAIL

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Nicca please. This ain't 1996, Suge don't hold no clout in the hood anymore, basically anybody with fists could knock the blood out this nicca and not get touched for it.

    • Anonymous

      He got knocked out, but I bet he'll still beat your ass haha. You ain't stepping to him, so talk shit somewhere else fuck ass.

  • wads

    i didnt understand one word from this marble mouth nigggerr

  • Nick T

    No disrespect but black folks don't know SHIT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fuck are the police supposed to know anything and how the fuck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Niggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, niggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock niggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fucked up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

    • Mike

      Straight goods. "Silence is approval". Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would have been deeply ashamed with this perpetual victimhood complex and the pity-president. For shame. You know how much people suffered for every righteous pride-of-point earned. "Buffalo soldiers" of the civil war with no boots. I know. Cuz' I can read. And people will listen to me, because I can enunciate and communicate to be understood. If I want. People flipped their shit when Bill Cosby said he couldn't understand a god damned thing coming out of the mouths of the young black folk. Think about that. Bill "babble babble jello pudding" said you talk funny. Take that in dry. I'm a drop out, white Canadian male pushing 30 with habits and hobbies that aint worth a damn. I'mma tell you how it is; learn to speak up. Without yelling. Know your shit before you pop off. Speak to be understood and listen to understand. And for god sake, at least read about your own god damn history. I did, it was an easy credit in school cuz that stuff was brought down to borderline retard level. On behalf of Mr. Martin Luther King Jr, I humbly ask you to pull your fuckin' pants up and learn to talk. Real people suffered to give you the freedom to be this stupid. (Found this when googling: Tupac Shakur was a bitch and Biggie was a fraud, cuz yolo)



    • Anonymous

      Listen bitch boy, read a book you disgracful bitch. Embaressed ashamed of yourself. Kiddo, of course the black community is fragmented... they neeed x not a jay z. As recently as the 80's there were government policies aimed at particular community. You are a pussy, the psychological dame done to black Ameria is the silence, the real legacy of slavery and jim crow ..let show you a psychological example.....weave....another.. there are generations of blacks in america with burned ass chemically shit hair...its changin educate your community really shit im sure there will be no need to call a cat an aftican american in 4 50 years

  • Dent@ldamboy

    people say that pac got raped in prison and had a boyfriend in drama school. google "2pac and Eskiah." 2pac was also used to strip and hump blow up dolls on stage yet yall have the nerve to call guys like game gay for allegedly being a male stripper and having a tongue ring. even though pac was a documented stripper and had a nose ring. 2pac also supported queen latfifah at a gay pride concert. if a rapper like wayne or kanye did that today you guys would be all over them for it and hate mongering. yet Pac is guilty of the same behavior. and victim of the same types of rumors. 2pac was also a documented ballerina. The point is you n*ggas live in glass houses and habitually throw stones at today's rappers for doing the EXACT same shit that pac and biggie did! Biggie rapped about raping jesus, fukin men in the ass, and sucking his girl's dad's dick yet you n*ggas say NOTHING! but let kanye where leather and he's a faggot!? You fuking hypocrites!

  • Makaveli-Soldier

    Suge is full of shit. Pac made the "Take money" shit as a play on Junior Mafia's "Get Money." Aswell as the "Players Anthem" hook. He used their lyrics against them.

  • Anonymous

    The beat is the same as the Get Money Remix, not original. The original was out way before Hit em Up

  • LA cats had a cop kill biggie

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    • If he lives we gonna come finish the job

      Paranoid as pac, ROSS maies ok music fif music not so much... but in reality fif exposed fat boy khaled way more disrespectful biggie as the best dissing at death haha l.a. boys mad because he stlyed on em. Mexicans punk niggas in l.a., cartel leave a nigga head on a telephone pole

  • Ill Street

    Pac was in jail when "Get Money" came out, Suge ain't accurate here

  • This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies.

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  • Ghost

    eyo Pac squatted on em

  • Wads

    why is this niggger fucking coooning on and on

  • Anonymous

    Suge love the beef and negativity which is why he went from being one of the most powerful Black men in rap to being a man with no label, no artists and no real connection to the culture. Sad because Death Row could have had the West getting money for years instead of the drought.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Biggie was about to sign to Cash Money, but Jay-Z and Diddy killed him. swag

  • Anonymous

    lolololo puffy and big took big Ls

  • Anonymous

    That's one of the greatest diss records ever. Be sure to check out thegrandreport, they have some good entertainment and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    thats nothing now. imagine if 2 pac exposed biggie as the biggest fraud ever flew out biggies children's mother and interviewed her and had her clowning biggie then hang out with biggies children laughing and joking and taking pictures with biggies kids had everyone laughing at biggie sent goons to diddys mothers house and filmed her and had diddys car tyres slit put hands on biggies homie lil cease and robbed his beloved chain OMG most disrespectful shit ever someones man hood got taken BUT but BUT he makes good music SMH

    • somedude

      ya exactly keep on "imagining" that shit LOL. you pac/death row stans and fans can stay mad and dreaming and coming up with ridiculous scenarios that never happened in your head. btw im pretty sure a bulk of that shit you just said never even happened, and if it did, well wheres your proof, oh wait LOL you have none .... cause ive never even heard of 75% of the shit that suge knight supposedly did to diddy according to you once in my life and im an avid hip hop/rap fan.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, who's a pedophile? Are you implying 50 Cent did something to Rick Ross children and that Rick Ross did absolutely nothing about it as a man? I couldn't let that something go myself, somebody would be 6 feet under.

    • Anonymous

      All pedophile fantasies aside imagine if you did all that shit the white boy mentioned and it only served to make your enemy bigger. You can babysit kiddies, take ex-bitches on shopping sprees, videotape sleeping mothers and slash tires but you only impressing white kids online, the type of clueless hicks that dont know the difference between Diddy and DJ Khaled.

    • fuck the police

      This is some of the realest shit I ever read on DX.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      4 real, Biggie would have been laughed out the industry if Pac did even half that shit.

  • Anonymous


    • Anon

      really? bad boy lost? lol, didnt know this. death row filed for bankruptcy and was auctioned off almost a decade ago. suge's been knocked out cold, in and out of jail and has had numerous other problems since the collapse of death hoe. who really lost? btw i seriously doubt biggie or puffy really even cared what people were doing with their exes, if that shit really happened anyway in the first place...seeing as how theres no proof. puffy and biggie werent even with the two women that suge and pac claimed to be with anymore and biggie had lil kim and charli baltimore on the side among plenty of other bitches of course. the same thing undoubtedly goes for puffy as well.

    • anonymus

      Carmen got smashed by Pete Rock too, that's why "The world is yours" their only track together.

    • Anonymous

      Ex bitches always get grimy same thing with Carmen, Hov and Nas but back then niggas would actually fuck your ex bitch nowadays they take your bitch shopping and don't even fuck.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who is MISA? On one of of 50 Cents Diddy diss records he mentioned Misa telling him something about Diddy, possibly about his secret homosexual life? "Alright I see what you tryin' to do But I dont know why you doin' what you tryin' to do Why you want to make me tell everybody what Misa told me (huh??) Now you go on and send me fifty thousand dollars For this nigga travel fees You know air fare, hotel space For that last tour nigga Or I'll really service your ass nigga"

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