Wu Tang Killa Bees Member In Stable Condition After Severing Penis & Apparent Suicide Attempt

Andre Johnson, also known as Wu Tang Killa Bees' Christ Bearer, is reportedly in stable condition, but doctors were unable to reattach the rapper's penis.

Wu Tang Killa Bees member Andre Johnson, also known as Christ Bearer and Andre Roxx, is reportedly in stable condition after cutting off his penis and falling from the second-story balcony of a North Hollywood, California apartment, according to TMZ

Despite being in stable condition, doctors at a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center were unable to reattach Johnson's penis, according to the publication's report. 

As reported yesterday (April 16), Johnson suffered critical injuries after falling from a balcony and landing on the sidewalk. 

Johnson worked with The Wu Tang Killa Bees. The group released The Swarm in 1998. Johnson was also involved in Northstar, which crafted Bobby Digital Presents: Northstar, an album which was released via KOCH Records in 2004.

A Chris Bearer track, "The God," is available below.  

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  • Anonymous

    I don't think glorifying this news is going to help this mans confidence once he's left the hospital. Some tabloid news just needs to be left alone for the respect of others well being. This kind of exposure may lead to another attempt on taking his life. This is by no means beneficial to any spectator.

    • Anonymous

      if this mans trys to kill himself again its not going to be because of his story being all over the news, its because he has no dick anymore

  • bizzle

    The Protpn Neutron Salad with the Crouton Dipping in The Yukon

  • Anonymous

    Andre "No" Johnson

  • greg

    Everything is Everything!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyKiX8TxsOs

  • The Fuck Was Cutting His Dick Off Going To Solve???

    Andre No Johnson

  • Ricky

    This nigga cut off his dick? What is life, lol news of the year.

  • Kim

    Andre Roxx and Christbearer are 2 different rappers, who happen to share the same government name, Andre Johnson. Andre Roxx hails from Charlotte.

  • TRE

    Damn i really feel terrible for him. This honestly could have been an attempted murder. Who cuts their dick dick off before they kill themselves? Either that or he was extremely high on something.

    • Anonymous

      maybe his dick was getting him into trouble and stuff so he said no more! then he cut it off, realized what the fuck he had done and tried to take his life.

  • Dilli

    "sir, i am pleased to announce that you are in stable condition" "do you think want fucking live with no dick?? just know when i'm getting out here, i'm gonna try to kill my self again. and i'll be successful this time!" in all seriousness, it's sad, but anyone who tries to kill themselves shouldn't have a dick anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Joe budden did some shit like this a few years ago.. Leave those drugs alone

  • Anonymous

    RZA's next film to be titled "The Man With The Iron Cock"

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    God damn no. Wtf happened. Nobody has the mental strenght to cut of his own penis in a sober state of mind. Its or drugs, insanity or its been dun by some crazy mind sick people . I truly hope the best for him.

  • M-Double

    Whoever believes he did this shit himself is naive, shit doesn't add up.

    • Law Library

      Prior to April 10, 2002, Antron "Big Lurch" Singleton was a reasonably successful member of the Bay Area rap music scene, having worked with artists like Too Short, Mac Dre, E-40, and Yukmouth. But any hopes that Lurch had of becoming as popular as those rappers were obliterated on that April night, when the then-25-year-old heinously murdered Tynisha Ysais, 21, in her Los Angeles apartment. This wasn't a murder like any other you've ever heard about before, though. At the time, Lurch was tripping from smoking tons of PCP. When Ysais' mutilated body was found, the unlucky discoverers saw that her chest had been ripped open and teeth marks were seen on her face and her lungs (which has been removed through the chest opening). There was also a three-inch knife broke off into her shoulder blade, which, allegedly, was used to cut through her chest. Eyewitness accounts stated that Lurch was seen walking down the street naked, drenched in blood, and lifelessly looking up at the sky. And after he was captured, medical tests revealed that chunks of human flesh, not his own, were found in his stomach. Years later, though, evidence surfaced that suggested Lurch didn't in fact commit the murder, due to DNA found in Ysais' apartment that didn't match his. Singleton is still currently serving a life sentence inside California State Prison.

    • Anonymous

      have you ever heard of PCP?

    • Anonymous

      Neither did a guy in Miami stripping butt naked and eating a homeless mans face but theirs a video of that. Life don't make sense anymore bruh, the newest craze for black men is skirts, nothing in this world surprises me.

  • Anonymous

    The Lorena Bobbitt is gonna be rap's newest dance craze.

  • JamarDX

    I wonder what Lord Jamar has to say about this

  • penis

    they couldn't reattach his penis.... hahahahahahah. hopefully the RZA will forge him a new penis from the core of the earth with his kung fu wizardry

  • Anonymous

    Wow ... Dumb way to want to go out... Caming back reincarnated as dickless freak -

  • Anonymous

    "reportedly in stable condition, but doctors were unable to reattach the rapper's penis. " I feel sorry for whoever responded to the scene and had to pick up the penis and put it on ice to get it down to the hospital.

  • Anonymous

    "reportedly in stable condition, but doctors were unable to reattach the rapper's penis. " I wonder if he's gonna try to take his life again? Shit I probably would if I ain't have muh dick. Maybe they can hook him up with a big ol artificial limb that vibrates and shit, girls might like that.

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