Bas "Two Weeks Notice" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Stream

J. Cole's Dreamville Records signee Bas drops the free "Two Weeks Notice" project.

New York rapper Bas has released his free Two Weeks Notice project. The six-cut collection is available for free streaming below. 

This project arrives in advance of Bas’s Last Winter album, set to drop April 29.

Bas is one of J. Cole’s first signees to his Dreamville Records label.

In a conversation with Vlad TV earlier this month, Bas said that J. Cole was one of the first rappers to compliment his lyrics. 

“It was dope ['cause] Cole was the first person to be like, ‘Yo, you got your own style, which is the hardest thing to do,'” Bas said. “'But I can’t wait to see where you’re gonna be in six months. Where you’re gonna be in a year. Or like two years from now.’ And he saw that early.” 

The project includes freestyles over current hits “Happy,” “Move That Dope” and “We Made It.”

Two Weeks Notice is available for download at

The Two Weeks Notice cover art, tracklist and mixtape stream are as follows:

1.“City of The Empire”

2. “We Made It”

3. “Move That Dope”

4. “Red Hot Car”

5. “The People”

6. “Happy”

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  • TaZzZ

    Rappers dont discover talent, fans do. Rarely do artists recruit talent straight from "the streets" (underground/indie world) that are all that important without the artist making a serious national buzz for themselves or being dropped by someone else first. There are rare exceptions (Dre and Hov come to mind), But superstars tend to rise on their own merit and rarely from the shadow of an established artist

  • etgr

    shit was whack as fuck... he shoulda signed somebody else .. he wasn't saying shit at all

  • well

    Gang Starr - Mostly Tha Voice

  • Demetri

    Nice warm up for the album. "City of the Empire" was the highlight for me.

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