Jay Z's "Budweiser Made In America" Dates, Locations & Prices Announced

Jay Z's "Budweiser Made In America" festival is expanding.

Jay Z announced today (April 16) that Budweiser Made In America is set to have a two-day music festival in two cities this year, a first in the festival's three-year span. Both cities will have the Budweiser Made In America fest take place on the same dates, August 30-August 31. 

For the first time since the festival began, Jay Z's Budweiser Made In America music festival is slated to be held in Los Angeles' Grand Park, which Jay Z addressed at the press conference. 

"I'm puttin' together a music festival that blurs those lines of genre," Jay Z says. "All walks of life and all people can come and it's in the city. It's not in some far off place that you can't get to. No disrespect to any other festivals. No shots. But in the middle of the city, look how beautiful this park is. It's accessible to everyone. It's inclusion. It's not exclusive. It's not something that's far away...We started two years ago in Philadelphia and had huge success and I'm sure we'll have even more success in Los Angeles."

The event is also scheduled to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Parkway.

Tickets for the two-day event in Los Angeles are available on Ticketmaster for $155. Tickets for the Philadelphia event are on sale for $117.

The event's Los Angeles date was subject to criticism, as reported today. Councilman Jose Huizar has warned that this event, which expects more than 50,000 attendees, could be "a nightmare" for downtown Los Angeles residents due to various street closures and beer sales scheduled to take place the day of the event. Huizar reportedly said those concerns are being ironed out, according to Fox. 

An image of Jay Z at the press conference is below, as published by Gerrick D. Kennedy, a music journalist for the Los Angeles Times.

Video of the press conference is available below via Fox. 

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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  • Bulletproof Wallets

    This spells doom for wack ass Rock the Bells

  • Anonymous

    155 bucks for a ticket and 10-20 dollar beers is nowhere near inclusive to every walk of life.

  • Businessman

    This why Jay z got all that paper. he a business he know where the money at. He know he bring a show to the second biggest city in America it gon bring in the money. Not to many rappers have the business skills hov got thats why he on his way to a billy.

  • Frank

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    • DB

      Hov's lyrics are Diamond to get them you have to dig deep only then you can find.

    • Oman

      Jay Z is the only rapper with that true flow and lyric, every other rapper just put words together for ignorant people and put their life, fact and truth out of those words they make up for these black lames

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  • Fat Joe

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  • Anonymous

    Rozay gonna get him a deal on police security.

  • 000

    specially dealing with jay z .and fake pics fake preformers being used an threats

  • 000

    but when verses are thrown in with rappers wth out knowing they could be some trouble

  • 000

    very rare r and b singers beef ussually they just sing

  • 000

    useing verses on songs

  • 000

    90s was just sense of fight at club or maybe 1 or 2 verbal beefs useing verses

  • 000

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  • Anonymous

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    • @anon

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