Nas Says Will Smith Wrote "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" & Details Career In Reddit AMA

Nas also gives praise to Drake, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Rick Ross, ScHoolboy Q, YG, Fashawn and Bishop Nehru, among others.

Nas participated in a Reddit AMA session today (April 15). During the session, the rapper spoke about a variety of topics, including his 20-year-old debut, Illmatic, his view on the current state of Hip Hop and his rumored ghostwriting on Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It." 

"Alright, let's clear this up once and for all. I hung out with Will in the studio. And watched him write it. It was a fun studio session, and I said a line or two or three to him. It wasn't that serious. Will Smith wrote that song. But seriously, I watched him have fun making that record on his own, and Will is a true MC," Nas says.

Will Smith isn't the only emcee Nas praised. The Queensbridge rapper also recognized several other rappers as emcees he is interested in listening to today, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q, YG, Jeezy, Bishop Nehru and Fashawn. Aside from naming emcees he listens to today, Nas also praised rappers who have crafted albums that have been "significant in shaping the culture." 

"Public Enemy's It Takes a nation. Erik B and Rakim Paid in Full. Drake's last album Holy Grail," Nas says regarding this topic. 

Another rapper Nas mentions in his AMA is The Notorious B.I.G. "Class act. Also funny. Naturally funny. And he was a genius," Nas says.  

Below are some select quotes from Nas' AMA. 

Regarding Illmatic's Classic Rating: "Someone asked when I realized Illmatic was classic and what jazz I'd recommend: I would recommend Love Supreme by John Coltrane. And I guess when I played it for my guys in my neighborhood, they told me it was a classic. Really surreal moment."

On His Music's Impact: Yeah, I'm sure man. At least once a year, a fan will tell me that one of my albums helped them find a reason to not commit suicide and to go on. That's powerful. I'm humbled. And it scares the shit out of me too.

When Asked To Tell Jay Electronica To Release His Album: I tell him almost eveyr day.

Regarding His Favorite Television Shows: Modern Family, that girl, Sofia Vergara, I need her. Walking Dead. House of Cards is my shit.

On Remixes To Past Work: I was not down with it originally. I didn't want to do that. But I was happy it happened afterwards. I like the World is Yours remix by Q-tip and the It Ain't Hard to Tell remix by the Large Professor. Those remixes I love.

When Asked About Past Rap Monikers: Rapper Nas, and another one that I will never tell. MC Nice was one too.

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  • Niall

    If Nas did ghost-write 'Gettin' Jiggy With It', then he would be obliged to say that Will Smith wrote it; therefore Nas denying that he wrote it doesn't really prove anything.


    I'm guessing Nas meant Drake's Nothing Was The Same. Sometimes it's hard to remember titles, I'm like that with movies. Some other website is claiming Nas said BOTH Drake and Jay-Z's latest albums are modern classics. Somehow I doubt he said that about Magna Carta....Holy Grail. No offense to Jay fans, but that was no where near his best body of work. There were too many questionable tracks on there.

  • Anonymous

    People keep sleeping on Will's pen game.

  • Prince Joffrey

    If Nas was a real nigga he would be watching Game of Thrones.

    • Anonymous

      Real niggas re-watch Oz and pause the screen when Lord Jamar is in the shower naked with another dude and run one out

    • Real Nigga TV

      Real Niggas re-watch Sopranos n the Wire. Only new shit I been fuckin with is True Detective that show was fuckin classic

  • Anonymous

    attention whore Nas because he drops an album every time the same fucking thing with thses rappers


      How does it make you an attention whore to promote an album? If you don't promote it, how will people know it's coming out?

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck actually thought Nasir really wrote that shit?

  • Anonymous

    All this means.. on fact. is all the cash money / good music / mmg haters will not like nas' music as much any more. based on his opinions

  • Anonymous

    @Escobar Scarface did it too so we have to honor him also.

  • Escobar

    Nas is the only rapper in the history of HipHop music with 10 or more albums in his discography that doesent have a living white person on them (a posthumous AW sample from Saalam Remi was on LIG).

  • Lothario

    He watches "That Girl"...that's the worst fuckin' show I've ever seen. Of all the things Nas has ever said, this has to be the most disappointing. One thing about Nas, he has never had much of a sense of humor.

  • Haters

    All of the haters who are saying Nas is losing it have to understand that he's speaking from a general perspective. There are two types of hip hop lovers: Those who love the infamous "Golden Era" and those who love the new things that are being brought to the table. Nas has always been a supporter of artists who can create for themselves. Like it or not, Ross did bring his own agenda to the table and that agenda has kept him relevant his 2005, gotten him 6 No. 1 albums, endorsements, made him a business owner, and has allowed him to sign high profile artists in Meek Mill and Wale who are both doing numbers. So as an OG who understands how hard you have to work to stay relevant, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Nas would salute a guy like Ross despite what bullshit is attached to his name.

    • Anonymous

      "Nas is an OG he knows the hard work and hustle it takes to make it in this cutthroat industry so when Nas salutes the new school like Drake and Kendrick its genuine love and not just pandering to the upstarts and their fanbases." Cole always big ups the OGs in his music and Kendrick always shows love in his interviews so the love is mutual I just want to see more of the new school cats do what Ferg did and reach back to the legends to do songs.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt read it but i have a feeling that was a bruthadee comment 40 years old, on twitter all day, no friends, long fingernails, selfies in his shitty car, take out food and sports, life is definitely not good as Nas would say!

    • Anonymous

      Nas is a Black man from the projects so his opinion is different than some opinions you might see online from people representing the opposite side of the spectrum. To the average white kid like the one above Ross is just a Correctional Officer who tried to go to College and work square gigs and failed at both. Nas actually knows him personally so he views him as a brother, a peer and someone who's music he enjoys. Nas is an OG he knows the hard work and hustle it takes to make it in this cutthroat industry so when Nas salutes the new school like Drake and Kendrick its genuine love and not just pandering to the upstarts and their fanbases. Nas LOVEs the culture of HipHop, his catalog of albums are gems that never gave you the feeling that he was willing to stray from the roots of HipHop in favor of pop success like a lot of his peers so I have the upmost respect for Nas and his opinion.

    • TonyTee

      Me personally, I'm always happy to see Nas showing a one of my fellow correctional officers some love. Not all of us were gangsters or sold dope. Some of us went to college or got jobs after highschool.

  • Ferrari F 50

    Interviewer: "Nas threw a shot on Queens Get the Money, and you didnt respond. You getting all Gandhi on us?" 50 Cent: "Man, Nas is cold as ice. Nas is the block of ice that sunk the Titanic I didnt even hear his record. I didnt even hear what you talking about I really dont want to talk about Nas. I think hes at one of those points to where his careers finished, to be honest. Hes had some great moments and made good music in the past, but he no longer has the interest of the general public or myself."

    • Anonymous

      lol classic 50 a few weeks ago he was talking about nas again, "Nas is still Nas. I was disappointed in Nas when we had our little difference because I thought he didnt see the possibilities. We never saw the crew that blew up in connection to his actual success. You saw the crew that blew up in connection with Jay Z: Roc-A-Fella. Its a little disappointing that he didnt broker what he had at the moment. At the end of it, the n***as still Nas. He aint never did nothing that I would have So Im cool with him. We cool. Its justwell watch and see. They play word games and then get upset when I say something. But its not that serious to me. I dont care."

  • Anonymous

    " Why else would people shoot at him and have him crash his car into a building with his girlfriend riding shotgun? Why would the Vice Lords constantly threaten his ass, thereby having to cancel all his shows" Rappers get shot at everyday and in cases like Doe B and Mazaradi Foxx some of them are murdered. The GDs did the threats not the VLs and the promoters were forced to cancel the last 3 shows due to the venues being threatened and their unwillingness to be held liable of violence erupted due to violence that they had prior knowledge of. so does the hustle stop or does it continue?

    • Anonymous

      unless the gangster come out

    • Lee Mazin ....DreamChasers

      The hu$tle continues, Min Farrakhan squashed the beef with the GDs, and promoters feel safe again. Ross will be doing Easter Jam on the 20th at UNO Lakefront Arena with Boosie, Meek and Gotti it will be an epic event

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee talks like hes rick ross manager LOLOL

  • Really?

    Really? "Drake's last album HOLY GRAIL?" Comma usage really messes that sentence up. Step yo game up, DX.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is the GOAT, on ever rappers bucket list is the wish to do a song with the God Nassir.

  • Anonymous

    No mention of Curtis Jackson huh? Nice one Nas. Ur list is perfect.If Curtis name was in there i did remove Nas from my own list of worthy MC's

  • Anonymous

    only losers watch Modern Family

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Hold up, hold up, hold up. When you mention Rick Ross, you make damn sure that you say his name FIRST. PERIOD. DX, you're fucking up for real. I don't care if 50 billion nobodies are performing at Coachella. You make sure he gets first billing. PERIOD. My client didn't make 6 classic albums in the past 8 years for nothing.

    • Bruthadee

      Actually I'm 40 something and never got an education. I'm from the streets.

    • Annoymous

      ^^ cant believe yall let a white 20 something college student run his mouth like that for so long

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      @Bruthadee I'd stick my dick in Wale's booty and I'd suck her off. The fact is a lot of these trannys with fake asses and tits are hotter than most biological women. I'm attracted to hot extremely feminine looking women (with or without cocks) with nice curves. That ain't gay. Gay men are attracted to men. Most chicks with dicks are attracted to straight men. Gay men ain't watching tranny porn, it's straight men. Tranny porn has been the fastest growing type of porn every year for over a decade now. Straight men go to Thailand just to experience tranny booty. Hot trannys are okay with me. Women who doll themselves up and you don't have to worry about getting trannys pregnant. Trannys are the future, embrace it, get that tranny booty!

    • Anonymous

      look they're bonding, how cute.

    • @Bruthadee

      @RozayOdonnell thats not a bad bitch, thats actually a male at least for now (Pre-Op).

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      Got the baddest bitches in the game screaming my name!!! BAWSE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Rozay O'Donnell and @Bruthadee should get a room. You guys should exchange numbers and you can chat about how great Rick Ross is.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      Get the fuck out of here with this horse shit. A rapper's record sales don't make for a convincing counter argument. See, that's how I can tell you guys are young, you're still wet behind the ears and don't know shit. Mama probably still change your diapers and breast feed ya. Ha. Let me school you squares on some game - Why else would people shoot at him and have him crash his car into a building with his girlfriend riding shotgun? Why would the Vice Lords constantly threaten his ass, thereby having to cancel all his shows? Why else would 50 Cent keep Ross' name in his mouth even when their beef ended a couple years ago? I'll tell you why! It's because Ross is a superstar and my client has infectious appeal! He is considered to be the reincarnation of Biggie Smalls and I believe that "Mo Money, Mo Problems" best exemplify what Ross has been through in the rap game #bawse

    • Anonymous

      Mastermind is over 300,000. J Cole can't sell a million but we enjoy his music nonetheless. Nas was on Self Made along with J. Cole and Kendrick but I always wondered why Made Men feat Drake never made it to a Mixtape or album. Is it just me or did that Coachella crowd seem dead?

    • Anonymous

      Coachella was horrible outside of OutKast, Nas and Jhene. no rapper has 6 classics, the most any rapper has is two and a possible.

    • Anonymous

      nigga plz. Ross can't even sell out a show in an arena or sell a million copies. He will never have his name mentioned before Drake, Kendrick or J Cole who all sold more than him first week! Shit Ross still ain't matches J Cole's first weeks sales after over a month!

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