Big T, a battle rapper who was recently involved in the Slaughterhouse-led Total Slaughter tournament, says emcees in the Battle Rap format don’t get a fair shake from listeners when they release music. 

“Because [of] the whole stigma [that] battle rappers can’t make songs, people have actually put that in their heads,” Big T says. “Without even given a fair chance and listening to the quality of some of the music, they judge it.” 

Big T says his popularity as a battle rapper has been  gift and a curse in his profession. 

“I have put out five mixtapes in the past couple years since I have been battling professionally, over a dozen videos millions of hits over the world and [there are] blog sites, I won’t mention their names, that won’t post me up simply because I battle rap. It is almost like they placed me in a category already. I have been [given] excellent views on my work, excellent reviews on all of my mixtapes, but it won’t get the proper recognition that it deserves because certain sites won’t give it the time of day.”

The Chicago emcee says he believes there are a few reasons why this has become an issue.  

“I just think that some people are scared of actually letting us in the industry because we can take it toward next level,” he says. “We are the most lyrical people in the world right now and can bring Rap back to the form where you actually got to be nice again.” 

Big T’s sentiments were echoed by 50 Cent during an October 2013 interview with ThisIs50.

“The best rappers in the world are battling for thousands,” 50 Cent said at the time. “They’ve got bars. They can’t write a record to save their lives. They got the lyrics all day…I’m entertained by them all the time. I just never went nowhere to battle nobody because there wasn’t nobody paying…But I’m a fan of them. I like that kid. You know who I’m talking about? The big kid…The brother said, ‘I got that chalaka-boo wit’ me.’ After he said that, I’ve been a fan of him.”  

Big T also has another theory regarding a negative stigma placed on battle rappers’ music. 

“[Also], a lot of the people that battled before us was bad examples,” he says. “[Those emcees weren’t] that nice, but we’re a different breed.” 

Big T recently released a remix to “Chi-Raq,” a track that is available below.

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