Sitting down in an interview with VladTV, URL newcomers Mr. Wavy, Ty-Law, and Prez Mafia spoke on the development of Battle Rap coverage on cable television and hinted that competitors in the Aftermath-backed Road To Total Slaughter series may not have delivered their best performances.

Referring to his own and Prez Mafia’s participation in this year’s edition of BET’s Ultimate Freestyle Friday, Ty-Law described being motivated to show the world a piece of the Battle Rap culture.

“That’s gon’ be a good look,” he said. “That speaks for itself, too. You see who they came and got to rep the culture, right? That’s what we gon’ do, rep the culture. Give’em a barfest. If they want to look into this underground, we gon’ show them what it’s really like out here.”

Asked why some well-known battlers may have turned down the opportunity, Law said “‘cause they Hollywood.” “They stay running,” he said. “They would’ve turned it down if they gotta battle us, too. Unless you can get an easy battle, they gon’ turn it down.”

Transitioning to the topic of Eminem and Slaughterhouse’s MTV-hosted Battle Rap show, all three emcees detailed rumors that the competitors failed to step up to the plate.

“Can we speak on that too?” Ty-Law said. “The vets was on there and they choked in every battle. On TV they choked…You not goin’ hear that about none of us though. C’mon.”

Asked if they had witnessed the battles themselves, Mr. Wavy said the information was second-hand. “Nah, I ain’t see it,” he said. “I heard about it. If that’s the look they pushing, battle rapping niggas choking, then that’s not a good look. That’s what I’ve heard, I haven’t seen it. It ain’t a comment [or] statement. Unless they edit it or some type of shit like that.

“It’s a good notoriety to be on it because that’s takin’ it to TV,” he added before detailing the opportunity it presents for a bigger Battle Rap footprint in the mainstream. “Now you gon’ have the TV people, that’s a broader audience. So everybody looking at that like they the face of Battle Rap. So they gon’ look at that as them. They the forefronts and everything. So with them choking or them not doing what they supposed to do, it’s either gonna give a big-up or it’s gonna downplay it, until they get with us new niggas that’s doing it. That’s why they got the UFF shit. I’m happy that they doing that shit because that’s another little media world. But Eminem is big backed. Everybody’s watching Eminem. So Eminem putting something together, niggas is tuned in. That’s a good look for everybody that’s doing it, whoever’s participating in it. It’s a little reality show. Never know, might be another one, open up a lane for possibly us [to] try to get in and get our feet wet. Shout out to them making they moves and everything but, you know.”

Criticizing the show’s participators for allegedly choking on network television, Prez Mafia added that “you gotta be ready for it when the opportunities get put in front of you.”

“For real,” he said. “Don’t slack when it counts the most. You could have a hundred URL battles. You did that. That’s television. You supposed to go in there and just wig out and you didn’t do it. You didn’t do it all. But shout out to ya’ll. I salute ya’ll. Ya’ll definitely taking it to a whole other level. But shout out to URL, for real. Shout out to Norbes. Shout out to Smack. We working.”

Road To Total Slaughter is set to feature a bracket of eight battlers competing to co-headline a main event match-up between Loaded Lux and Murda Mook.

“It’s probably the biggest battle you can put on right now,” Royce Da 5’9 said of the show’s planned main event. The matches for the first round are set to include Math Hoffa vs. DizasterArsonal vs. DaylytCortez vs. Marv Won; and Big T vs. Aye Verb

Slaughterhouse members are set to act as the show’s producers and will serve as judges for the tournament.

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