Public Enemy's Professor Griff Tells Kanye West To Move To Africa

Professor Griff questions why the Illuminati would be interested in rappers, says he's never been confronted over his comments.

During an interview with the online news talk show, Church of Reality, Public Enemy member Professor Griff had a few choice words for rapper Kanye West and his fiancée Kim Kardashian.

When asked to share his thoughts on Kanye allegedly threatening to move to Africa due to racism in the United States, Griff informed the Chicago emcee to “Move your ass to Africa.” Following his comments on Kanye, Griff then referred to the rapper’s fiancée as “a rich whore.”

“He’s trying to play both sides of the fence. He’s trying to play both sides,” Professor Griff said. “While he’s sitting on a hundred million. And you and I are living paycheck to paycheck…Move your ass to Africa. You understand what I’m saying? Take your fake ass wife with you. Shit. A rich whore.”

Despite his sometimes controversial commentary, Professor Griff revealed that no one has ever tried to approach him about his comments.

He then went on to provide his thoughts on the Illuminati, which he says isn’t real, and also questioned why people would be led to believe that rappers would be part of such an organization.

“Nah, they never get at me, but I see them online,” he said. “I see the Busta Rhymes people online. Talking about some Illuminati. Stuff ain’t real, man. Why would they be interested in some rappers? Stop it, bruh. Stop it. This is a lot larger than what you think it is, man. You understand what I’m saying? I see the naysayers, people talking smack. They don’t say it to me directly because hell, everybody got my phone number. You can call me, but they never do.”

As a member of Public Enemy, Professor Griff served as both road manager and Minister of Information for the group during their prime. His standing with Public Enemy took a blow in the late ‘80s when a controversial interview he took part in with The Washington Times surfaced.

According to a news story published by the New York Times in August 1989, Griff referred to Jews as “wicked” and responsible for “the majority of wickedness that goes on across the globe,” in his interview with The Washington Times.

Chuck D announced Professor Griff’s departure from the group shortly after the interview surfaced.

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  • Charlie Chuckles

    All professor griff talks about is the illuminati lol foh he has so many interviews claimin he knows all about it.. im startin to think this guy is out with flava flav too much. Jaw rockin ass mfz

  • d-Rob

    This is why he got kicked out of Public Enemy when they were in their prime.

  • Anonymous

    Negro please LMAO you know damn well the ADL had your hotep ass shook over the comments you made about the holocaust, why you think your master Chuck D kicked you out of Public Enemy??? And you have the nerve to say "nobody ever confronted you" lol fuck outta here

  • jimjim

    all this shits crazy

  • The Bootlegger

    NEW Kanye West - Kla.SICK. Check it out!

  • Anonymous

    Professor Griff, why haven't you moved to Africa yourself?

    • Anonymous

      @faebhi,u my friend are the Idiot u bastard.Prof. Griff hates America so much, why is he still living here? Since he hates America because he thinks some old white guy formed a "secret society" to control the country why hasnt he ,moved to somewhere else.If u hate a place so much,its values, its educational system,its laws u move ur ass out. When he leaves America then he can earn the right to tell others to do the same. U stupid dumb fcuk.Check ur facts next time before u post some ignorant comment.FOOL!

    • faebhi

      he never said he was going to you idiot,he is simply saying to kanye (in different words) "go on then, do it and stop being all talk"

  • anonynous

    HIpHOpDX, why are y'all so stupid?? Your ARTICLE states the following: "He then went on to provide his thoughts on the Illuminati, which he says isnt real, and also questioned why people would be led to believe that rappers would be part of such an organization." - that's what I just copy/pasted from above, and that is a blatant LIE!! Griff did not say the illuminati wasn't real!! he was pointing out that the busta rhymes' and the talib kweli's and the hiphopDX's and Complex magazines of the world will say shit like that. He's is saying you all are the ones trying to go online saying this "illuminati isnt real, why would they be interested in rappers?" rhetoric, which is total BS!! It is real!! And of course they are interested in rappers! total world domination means TOTAL domination. Why would the let a billion dollar industry like hip hop go unchecked bt them? They want to control it all! Fools don't get it, so i'll put it this way because i'm sick of y'all with this propaganda of trying to convince us that the illuminati is not involved in rap -peep - The illuminati is interested in rappers for the same reason walmart is interested in its branch store managers - do you get that? Rappers are part of the machine. Now either you guys at hip hop dx are total idiots or you are willingly spreading lies and disinfo - which might be the same thing. Either way it's a bad look. You need to listen to the clip you provided and change your audion. You are totally misinterpreting up Griff's words. Why would he say Kanye is playing both sides of the fence with the illuminati thing, and then turn around and say that illuminati isnt real? THINK GUYS!!!


      @anonymous congratulations of becoming DX Dummy of the Week! Here's an article dedicated to nerdy, paranoid conspiracy theorists like yourself. Have fun reading!

  • Anonymous

    fuck dis nigga he paved the way for a c.o. bitch nigga like william roberts to come into the rap game

  • Anonymous

    Kanye did marry a whore and sex-tape star but who am I to judge who another man falls in love with? Kanye should go to Africa ro get in touch with his roots and be amongst his own people instead of going to Europe or some shit and being around some fuckin albinos all day everyday. Griff is a good dude, highly knowledgable and he is right, there is no "illuminati" just global white elites. Griff was forced out of Public Enemy under pressure form Jews just like Khalid Muhammad was expelled from the NOI under pressure from Jews after his Keen college speech, but Riley Cooper got a raise and a contract extension for his threats of racial violence.

    • ELl

      Global white elites are correct, the illuminati I believe is the historical term from Germany whereby the concept of a one world government one world system, one law, one religion was set up, so they can monitor everything you do for them to gain control and power in everyway its as simple as that. It is already happening but in our lifetime i doubt if itll happen.

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee everyone,

  • Lord Jamar

    Kanye West sucks cock.



    • blue

      for someone that's not interested in an old rapper you read the story and commented on it,therefore you showed interest.someone that really didn't care would of never posted.

  • Andr

    that's out of order, he should be mature and mind his own business... kim's doing her thing and making money - who wouldn't - and kanye does his bit with music he owes nothing to anyone - he's made many people rich and happy with his products

  • son of a sax

    Damn, Griff sounds a little heated. Whut you do to Griff, Kanye. This dude just comes out the wood work, goin off.

  • Anonymous

    I'd pitty Kanye if he walked trough one of those slums with all that jewelry on

  • Anonymous

    Proffessor Griff the type of nigga that hates America so much but just won't move out, even though he has the money to do it (Immortal Technique belongs to this race of cornballs, as well)

  • tha OG

    Professor griff is a smart real as nigga!!!

  • The Artful Dodger

    Griff needs to be quiet before they burn down his new house.

  • Mann urbay

    Griff is right! The Illuminati do not name themselves so the name given to them is just that! They prefer to remain in the background and be the puppetmasters. Even Carlyle Group was a big source of funding for the new Headphones for that other rapper so they can't be that bad. There is no doubt that racism and other crap exists but when people start valueing themselves, their children, their neighbourhood, educating the youngsters and getting involved in that educational process, there will always be hope. Don't do the aforementioned, and there never will be hope. Keep hope alive through behavior and deeds. Cracking up the 'hood and shooting children is not and never will be about hope!

  • Anonymous

    Professor with no College Degree,GTFOH

    • drizzy!

      @truth....tell that to any scientist/researcher with a doctorate. You know people who do research, discover things, test hypotheses using science. That's a hell of a lot more creative and free thinking than anything this fraudulent ass "Professor" has done.

    • Truth

      Having a Degree means nothing. It's just education made to train you to recite back the information fed to you. It's not designed to make you a thinker. It puts you in a box, controls your thinking, teaches you false history,and makes you sheep. In order to be truly intelligent and be a free thinker you need to study outside the box. Griff has written lots and lots of books. Look him up on You tube, he's no joke.

    • drizzy!

      Crazy ass niggas like to give themselves pretentious undeserved titles. See Lord Jamar.

  • Edubb

    Im confused because Griff said there is no illuminati, but I have an article at my house where he is being interviewed an gives examples of how the illuminati killed hip-hop. Seems to me that Kanye West isn't the only one that's full of shit!!

    • Edubb

      because when Kanye West first started he was about something he was uplifting. Now he just like the rest wanna get paid but no substance. So you get the fuck outta here nigga!!

    • Anonymous

      How is Kanye full of shit? fukk outta here

  • CS

    Everybody needs to get off everybody's dick for that matter.. Mind your business and Do you. This world will be a better place.

  • CS

    Anytime a man mentions how much money another Man has... compared to how little he has.. the rest of his argument really holds no weight. Just seems like it's coming from a Jealous place. I respect Griff though. But people need to get of Kanye's Dick.

  • Anonymous

    professor griff that nigga! fuck what anybody gotta say

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats was nothing but real talk

  • yeaaahh

    These old dudes are disrespectful as fuck but still want you to respect them. That's that "old negro" mentality.

  • Anonymous

    lol like it ain't no racism in africa, yea nicca go to live there, them starvin niccas out there will eat you alive

    • Tired of ignorance

      The difference with africans and black people in america is africa you don't work you starve, and so do your kids! Black people in america depend on govt aid how shameful is that. Do you know why white people don't respect blacks? Ignorance and stupidity! Its not because of your colour,its because you're beyond help! Call each other nigga its okay,whiteman calls you nigga racist! Shoot each other everyday,nobody cares,that boy trayvon gets shot by a man who could pass for being white but actually isnt, and its a scandal,a conspiracy to kill blacks,like you even contribute anything worth of note to that country!Most not all blacks in america are useless ignorant people who end up in jail and its a fact! There will never be a black president who hails from america,never! The only thing american about obama is his mother,his father is pure black from kenya,but you forgot that when you make fun about africans. Hillary clinton obama,50 cent,the game,jay z all these people have visited kenya,ask them if they slept on tree's or next to lion. Stop being ignorant and do some research. Do you know that there are more white people leaving in africa than there are africans in europe and america? Look it up you ignorant black people! Everything you have we have and more,and we don't need sports and music to live a proper life. Middle class africans do just fine in africa,but the media only shows the poor ones. That is the one problem we have in africa. If we are so poor,how come our politicians are the highest paid in the world. A senator in kenya earns more money than obama,and that is a fact,look it up. If it wasn't for politicians,we'd be very far,but in africa everyone puts their family first,thats why they don't care about starving kids. Those kids can be fed,the money is there,but the politicians don't care because they know white people will feed them. Look at how stupid a rich blackman in america is? Lil wayne has all the money in the world but will probably end up dead because of syrup?? How stupid is that? Look at those rappers,young buck in jail,ja rule dmx,Ti having 36 guns in his trunk how stupid is that? Even money can't save the black american from his own stupidity! You'll never find rich a african man in jail,never. You're all hopeless, not all blacks just the ignorant one's.

    • Tujieso

      Learn some grammar before you say Africans eat people alive, you little idiot

  • Conspiracy Theorist Nikkas Is Homo

    people never confronted you??? the fuck you talking about, them Jews had you SHOOK back in the day, your massa Chuck D kicked u the fuck out of his group, they even made you go to a holocaust museum lmao ol washed up wannabe malcolm nikka, thinking he's untouchable, lol fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    griff a real nigga cause he use to be a correctional officer too but he didnt lie to his fans about it and have niggas beat up for askin bout his past.

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