Drake Says Hosting The ESPYs Is A Dream Come True

Drake says hosting the ESPYs has been "A dream of mine for a long time," talks about how he balances his interest in sports and music.

Drake has been making the rounds in the public spotlight recently in elements other than music.

Recently hosting Saturday Night Live and making news for his post game selfie with UConn team personnel after their National Championship victory in the NCAA Tournament, the Toronto native is now slated to host the ESPYs, something he says he's always wanted to do. 

"It's been a dream of mine for a long time," Drake told the panel of ESPN’s NBA Countdown. "I watch a guy that I look up to in every aspect of life–Jamie Foxx do it and I always say if I can follow in his footsteps, that'll be a great career for me so I was blessed with the opportunity to do it. SNL gave me the confidence to do it and here I am."

Drake also talked about how he meshes music and sports, and the balance of the two in his life and career endeavors.

"I obviously am a part of the music world but, I even said in one of my raps, 'Sports and music are so synonymous.' And that's true," he said. "I've got a lot of friends that play for a lot of different teams, and yeah I'm just excited to see those guys in one room, poke a little fun, in a classy way of course but to see those guys laugh it'll be great."

The Young Money rapper also recently announced he would be showing love to the city of Houston with his “Houston Appreciation Weekend,” which is slated to be a two-day gambit of shows and events on June 13-15.

Watch a segment of the ESPN interview below:

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  • Fry

    Yay for equality! I'm glad they're letting this short-haired white chick host such a manly sports show. This is progress.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, the ESPY's are not even that dope. Me thinks Drake was paid to say that right there.

  • Anonymous

    man it was cool when rappers were getting shot but why did they have to get killed as well now there are no more real rappers. i wish they just got shot and not killed so drake wouldnt have any kind of career besides being a paraplegic on a lame tv show.

    • Anonymous

      Original or "real" rappers weren't gangsters. That was just a genre of rap music that was popular for a short time. And as you well know a lot of them died sooooo ya.

    • drake runs rap

      drake haters that try to act like real hiphop fans are retards just like you. Ever wonder why the world thinks so negatively of the black colture and hiphop music in general? Its because of niggas like you promoting the gangbanging stuff.

  • Anonymous

    good dude right there

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