Da Mafia 6ix Working On Album With Insane Clown Posse

"I don't see anything getting rid of Southern Hip Hop," DJ Paul says, "because everyone sounds like the South now."

DJ Paul says that Da Mafia 6ix has a collaborative album in the works. 

"We’re dropping an album in August with Insane Clown Posse,” DJ Paul says during an interview with Hip Hop Terrordome. "Then we’re supposed to start the tour around August as well to promote the album.”

Da Mafia 6ix is in the midst of the Triple 6ix Sinners Tour. The jaunt is to support DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca’s 6ix Commandments mixtape. 

The tour follows the December 2013 of passing of Lord Infamous. Lord Infamous, who is DJ Paul's brother, is the one who encouraged DJ Paul to form Da Mafia 6ix. 

In the Hip Hip Terrordome article, DJ Paul also discussed the South’s status in Rap.

“Southern Hip Hop is here to stay,” he said. "Southern Hip Hop has been kicking ass since like ’97. It’s great because we got some other legends and good guys who help us keep this thing alive. Its great. I don’t see anything getting rid of Southern Hip Hop because everyone sounds like the South now.”

The remaining Triple 6ix Sinners Tour itinerary is as follows: 

Apr 13  Fresno, CA @ Strummers

Apr 18  Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven

Apr 20  Albany, OR @ The Grange Hall

Apr 26  Salt Lake City, UT @ Lofi Cafe

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  • sickness

    HEll ya this shit is gunna be super dope! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFAoM3Kic0I

  • tenn4life

    If this album is released on psychopathic records they are going to make a $hit load of money and sell a couple hundred thousand records. all the juggaloes will buy that shit. da mafia 6ix isent on a major record label.most people dont even know the mafia 6ix is three 6 mafia minus (juicy j) paul goin to bank off this.

  • jmster

    I love triple 6 mafia but they have recorded 2 songs with ICP and they were weak. I cannot imagine a whole mafia 6 album ruined by shaggy 2 dope and violent j spitting out nonsense on every track. If da mafia 6 is going to collaborate, they need to do a album with 8 ball and MJG, Evil Pimp or UGK

  • Anonymous

    Three 6 Mafia is best rap group to come out the South. They are the Wu-Tang Clan of the South and DJ Paul and Juicy J are RZA. They've influenced every part of rap today whether its production (Lex Luger, Young Chop), sound (A$AP), independent hustle(Wiz and Mac). They've dropped classic after classic and they're still going strong. Not too many old school rappers still doing that besides Jay-Z. Thats why they called their album the Most Known Unknowns. They won an Oscar for a reason

  • Fuck Memphis

    bunch of corny satanic country nikkas tryna cater to white children lmao

    • Anonymous

      Memphis is one of the best regions for rap full of classics. Cmon now Memphis plays a big part in hip hop. Three 6, Project Pat, Playa Fly, 8ball and MJG, Yo Gotti, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Tela, HCP plus Hustle and Flow was a great movie

    • Anonymous

      Hiphopdx this little boy name fuck memphis is a pussy...lol you sound real hard dissing a city over the internet..lol real bitch

    • Fuck Memphis

      lol oh shit country nikkas go hard!!! sure I should watch my mouth fore you lil nikkas get at me lmao shut the fuck up before I r. kelly your daughters

    • mason dixon line

      death threats on a hip hop comments section? youre coming up shorter than dj pauls fetus arm!

    • Anonymous

      you must be a weak azz east coast fuck who talk shit but can't back it up when somebody get at yo azz..little bitch made nigga

    • Fuck Memphis

      lmao shut up country nikka, go have sex with a cow

    • Anonymous

      fuck you..don't diss my city homie or you'll end up on the first 48...we'll get up witcha mane

  • D-BO

    ICP and 3-6.....FUCK YES!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Ignorant Whites and ignorant Blacks uniting to make really ignorant music. Ignorant idiots everywhere must be happy! Fuck ICP and DaMafia!

  • Anonymous

    I hope drake is on this shit! Ymcmb is the best horrorcore click, look at minaj! THATS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE IN HIP HOP!

  • willy esco

    I'm happy Juicy J left the group DJ Paul doing all the wrong moves C'MON MAINE SERIOUSLY a album w/INSANE CLOWN POSSE? GTFOH

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Constantly having to feed all you haters that peanut butter. Too much jelly.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ICP, Da Mafia 6ix deserves much better than them.

  • Yo

    Mike E. Clark x DJ Paul???!!!!????

  • Mr.Bitches

    Id much rather have another (Three 6/ICP) collab than a shitty as fuck (Juicy J/Miley cyrus)collab...Just keepin it real

  • zajak

    icp and dj paul did a track together called shot a hater in the head. check it out on youtube. they work well together.

  • tonytoca

    what a bunch of clowns fucking retards are like 45 years old and still running around looking stupid, the thing that really fucks my mind is these 2 jerkoffs are making cash off this shit 20 years later

    • Anonymous

      all these old ass rockstars like the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, the Misfits, etc still do the same stuff that got that them famous. dressing the exact same looking old as dirt. Why does it change when it comes to rap music? stfu and listen to the music you want to bitch

    • tonytoca

      wtf are you rambling on about, who gives a shit how old any of them are there all corny as fuck icp,3 6 mafia, drake, ross, wayne its all garbage for teenage suburban kids to buy

    • Sfl

      What are you even rambling about. They're the same age as the members of Da Mafia 6ix. Do you consider them old too?

    • tonytoca

      i wouldnt say any one in that grouping is "real" or "gangster" there all actors playing their roles

    • Saint Satan

      And they're still realer and more gangster than Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross combined...lol.

  • Mojo Bundy

    I'm sure I'll love this album, and will definitely try to hit up the tour. J and Shaggy can be really entertaining, and like 'em or not, are massively influential on the horrorcore scene. They are better MCs than they used to be, but their old stuff will STILL always be the best to fans...hopefully they come wicked for this to keep up with M6 cause 6ix Commandments was pretty dope.

  • genocide_cutter

    Can't wait

  • Retarded Jaggalo

    This album will be dope. I cant stop jerking off thinking about it.


    Fuck ICP and those weak ass juggalos. Three 6 just gettin a paycheck outta that or sumthin....

    • Sfl

      This isn't the first time they collaborated. They're all in it to get a paycheck but it's about respect between the two groups first. Then again, what do you know about anything being an anon hater on the internet? Wipe those cheetos crumbs off your keyboard.

  • Top 5 Realest Southern Rap Songs

    1 - Late Night Tip (Three 6 Mafia) 2 - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Geto Boys) 3 - Thug Motivation 101 (Jeezy) 4 - Change My Life (Trick Daddy) 5 - Now I Fell Ya (Scarface)

  • jam

    ICP sucks but three six mafia is even worse.

    • Drake Til Infinity

      Mac Miller > Da Mafia & ICP

    • Jam

      I like lil' wayne and drake! Nicky minaj is dope to! Fuck you!

    • Anonymous

      Jam, you have officially the most fucked up taste in music. ICP sucks and they haven't put out any good music. Three 6 Mafia has done pretty much only good albums, though 'Last 2 Walk' was a slightly terrible album - it's still 400 % better than anything ICP has EVER done.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck are you kidding amateur?! Three 6 is legendary. I bet you really like mac miller and macklemore, you fukboi posin ass bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Nooooooo! as a die hard three 6 fan I hate this. not much they havent done.. the icp crowd might be the horrorcore fans theyre looking for

    • Anonymous

      I know these songs dummy it doesn't make them good. I skip those songs

    • Sfl

      Well, if you were truly a die hard Three 6 Mafia fan then you'd know they did songs together before... Just Anotha Crazy Click, I Shot A Hater, etcetera.

  • Anonymous

    how do fuckin magnets work?

  • Anonymous

    icp is mad corny talentless hillbillys, they cant rap for shit

  • yourdad

    ICP? What a joke...

  • Pat


    • Anonymous

      Even Lil Wayne is successful, even though he sucks as much as ICP does. Wayne & ICP would be the most natural collab album ever. Only the worst songs ever on an album.

    • JRich

      No one's saying that ICP isn't successful. Just that they fucking blow.

    • J

      they have worked closely with ICP for a very long time. this is not the first or second time they have been in the studio together. but yall been talking mad shit about icp since 1992 so they must still be doing something right if their names are still in your mouth.

  • J Dirty

    ICP and three 6 did a track way back in 98 ol hatin ass niggas..On the When the smoke clears album.Good look for Mafia 6.Juggalos gone eat there raw type a music up.Good for them.

  • Anonymous

    How can crunchy even talk after being shot in the face? Props. crunchy a real nigga, fuck the haters.

  • clown ass niggas

    icp??? all credibility out the window don't care how many classic tracks they done made

  • Anonymous

    Why? ICP can't rap for shit. I know they got fans and good for them keep sticking to your niche but Da Mafia 6ix too raw for them

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the comments above me. Both icp and 3 6 lack the lyrics, but 3 6 mafia are better rappers because of the energy they bring on a track and also have good flowing ability. I love how their lyrics are over the top and so direct yet dark. Icp are okay but they lack energy.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I don't remember saying anything about lyrics I just said they couldn't rap. There's more to hip-hop than just lyrics and I hope someday the first two people who replied learn that. ICP has absolutely no flow or charisma. They just sound like two dudes yelling lacking swagger. Three 6 has energy, can sure as hell flow especially Koopsta & Boo. The content of Three 6 is dark but at least has a general idea. ICP got songs about rainbows and shit. Again not being able to rap goes so much deeper than just lyrics. Sorry should of explained

    • Anonymous

      two fucks above me, everybody knows three 6 mafia aren't lyrical genuise ,other members maybe semi-lyrical,lord infamous was the lyrical mastermind out of all, but they do have a strong presence on the mic when rapping about that raw shit and they also have good flows and rhyming, their lyrics hold no substance at all, but they get the job done.

    • J

      honestly i like three 6 more. but they are no better than icp when it comes to lyrics. Tryin to act like Three 6 is fuckin canibus. please.

    • Anonymous

      "ICP can't rap for shit." Don't act like them Mafia niggas are the Big Daddy Kanes of the South.

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