Five-Percent Member Discusses Jay Z's Potential Affiliation With The Nation

"I couldn't go and just make a Roc logo...I'm quite sure somebody would have asked me am I down with Roc-A-Fella Records," Five-Percent Nation member Born Justice Allah said.

Following recent controversy surrounding Jay Z’s hinted affiliation with Nation of Islam offshoot the Five Percent Nation, an active member of the organization recently spoke with The Source about the rapper’s alleged connections.

“Some of us don’t know if Jay Z is a Five Percenter,” a member named Born Justice Allah said. “He should have some kind of influence from some of the Five Percenters in his area ‘cause he grew up in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, as we call Medina, was heavily influenced back in the ‘60s. So I’m not gonna say he’s not a Five Percenter but I can’t say he is either until I talk with him. Same thing with Carmelo Anthony, I would like to know because you wearing our Universal Flag.”

Jay Z’s alleged ties with the organization stem from both a recent lyrical reference to Yakub—an ancient scientist responsible for the creation of the White race according to Nation of Islam theology—and his sporadically donning the organization’s Universal Flag. On a featured verse that appeared on Jay Electronica’s “We Made It” last month, Jay Z raps, “I’m ready to chase Yakub back into the caves / These are the last days / But do I seem fazed?”

Jay Z was pictured wearing a prominent Universal Flag pendant while sitting court-side at a Brooklyn Nets game with wife Beyonce earlier this month.

“I couldn’t go and just make a Roc logo—you know, Jay Z had the Roc logo—I’m quite sure somebody would have asked me am I down with Roc-A-Fella Records,” Justice Allah added. “No. If I’m not down with the Roc then why am I wearing the Roc logo. Same way you wearing the Five Percenters universal flag, are you affiliated with us? You showing us respect, you have it on. I wouldn’t be...courtside at the basketball game but he took it there. Now that it’s there, why people zooming in on the flag? Just because Jay Z wearing it? We been wearing the flag for years. We have some made in medallions for years. Is it really about Jay Z? Is it really about the Five Percenters? The Five Percenters are not wicked people, we’re righteous. Our father taught us to be not anti-White nor pro-Black. [He] taught us to be anti-devilishment and pro-righteousness. It’s a big difference in the twist and turns that people use in words.”

Earlier this year, Jay Z’s possible ties to the Five-Percent Nation were also questioned by son of the late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. “If he spreads this, which we are all his messengers, I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” YDB said. “But if he says anything bad about it—and he not teaching nobody right now. Him and Beyoncé—Beyoncé’s a beautiful woman, but they not teaching nobody shit. All I’m trying to say is we here and we only here to teach. I’m Elijah Muhammad’s student, he had a lot of children and I’m putting a lot of babies on this planet right now.”

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  • slava

    Haha always love to read some shit about those percenter retards. All they have is faith in some BS + mental disease Niggaz so stupid that you could pull out shit out of your ass and call it a gold, they would still steal it!

  • Heru

    ISLAM = I Self Lord And Master. Peace to the Gods and the Earths!

  • Violator

    Jigga ain't no 5%er, he a 1%er

  • Anonymous

    JAY Z AINT NO 5%er... JAY Z IS THE 10% THAT 5%ers TALK ABOUT!!!

  • Anonymous

    jay zdon't care about nobody but him self,not even his wife and child. HE IS ALL ABOUT MONEY.HE WORSHIPS HIMSELF AND MOENY.

  • realtalk

    Jay-Z aint a 5%er. Knowing the teachings and dickriding the 5% nation is different than being a 5%er. 5%ers are against devilishness and Jay-Z wore a hoodie with an Aleister Crowley quote. Aleister Crowley was a counter-culturalist heavily into magic, specifically ceremonial magic, poetry, and space. He called himself a prophet (similar to how Jay-Z calls himself Jehovah)... Jay-Z was smart enough to tie his wicked agenda into 5% lore & teachings, knowing the evil shit he does will deflect the blame from him and onto the 5% nation...therefore dissociating himself from the REAL group he's down with. Basically, the 5% NOI is a shield for Jay-Z

    • Anonymous

      And similar to how people in the 5% change their second names to allah and so forth. They all take from symbolism, faith, cults and mix it up to make it their own. It is all about control, making out as they are enlightened before taking your money.



  • Anonymous

    PEACE First of all, 'member' does not apply to the gods, either you are 'god' or you are not. Second, ODB (God bless the dead)'s son is an idiot and people need to stop quoting him in any serious/relevant discussion pertaining to the Nation of Gods, Earths and Babies. PEACE

    • Anonymous

      Yeah dumb fuck, how long did it take to find your so-called 'two' mistakes? And it is not a question of 'winning', peckerwood, it is to show an prove that your cave/fruity ass had no grounds for the bullshit/inane/attempt at sarcasm but fell cardboard flat,idiotic, stupid, fruity, comment you posted above. And on this note go fuck yourself.

    • devil

      Ignorance all the way around. Being stupid must be a 5% requirement.

    • Anonymous

      Now you are showing signs of delusion by stating you have won? What have you won, exactly? I corrected my mistake, too. You might want to read back your sentence to see what grammar mistakes you have made. Here is a clue - it is more than two.

    • Anonymous

      BRUUAHHHHHHHHHHHH dumb fuck, that black nut busted in your eye made you write 'described' instead of 'prescribed', fucking fruit, you LOST.

    • Anonymous

      See, those kind of comments prove that you are mentally unstable. Please take whatever you have been described. It is in your best interests.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yeah,and fucking the house pet or your little brother must be considered 'normal ' in your family.

    • Anonymous

      No, it was telling you to start medicating again for the safety of people around you. It was a very serious comment.

    • Anonymous

      That lame as hell little remark was supposed to be funny?...fucking fruit

    • Anonymous

      You are only a god if you have stopped taking your medication.

  • negropls

    These satanic baphomet judas goat sellout negros are trying to infiltrate the black conscious community. This sellout couldnt even cutoff Barneys 4 his own ppl. Negro pls!

  • Anonymous

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  • DatNiggaSpaz

    Who fuckin cares if he's affiliated, his last album was mad average, he needs to drop a multi collabo album with him and nas rymin over Ant(atmosphere) , Timbaland, Organized noize production either that or buy a spaceship an fly the fuck off this doomed planet!

  • Bret Hart

    Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be...

  • Wake up sheeple

    Don't waste your time reading this bullshit that will never concern you! How would knowing the bottom line of this article better you in anyway. This is the shit stories that they want u to read to brainwash you


    Jay-Z is a fool for wearing that chain representing something spiritual in a corporate driven environment. The real 5%s are niggas Jay can't fuck with, no matter how many millions in the bank or who he's fucking.

  • Anonymous

    FBI will be up in thay ass!!

  • Bret Hart

    The Excellence Of Execution


    Who cares? I see lots of people on the First 48 with crucifix tattoos but catching a murder rap. Not exactly Christian. Plus don't some of you think he worships the devil. Make your minds up lol

  • French Montana's Stay Schemin Verse

    Gullible world we live in,people would believe to start my own religious movement and make some $$$

  • HiiiPoWeR

    If you believe in the Five-Percent shit, you might as well believe in Scientology. Different religion, same bullshit. Don't matter your color, your history, or where your from... Remove your ego and you'll see we all come from the same essence that connects all of us and all things together. The only real thing in life is love, the rest is all fiction. Open up your third eye.

    • SaM

      Ya totally right man, ur words contains kinda enlightenment. But who ya talkin to?? MASSES!? Stupid muhfukaz.. Im glad theres people like u that r into hiphop..

  • Anonymous

    in truth, y'all won't understand that many of the 5% have also studied Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and the book of life you won't know 5% is a symbolism of a group that is awake and informed, trying to shake many out of the mental slavery so it will not be surprising to see the ignorance spewed by many of you who have never had an interaction or studied this subject with people involved in it that ignorance goes so deep, you'll see 5 different churches on the same block all saying Christ and y'all won't like each other 1 1

  • Anonymous

    If I walk around with a jesus piece on, does that mean I'm affiliated with Jesus? If I have those nike logos on my sneakers, does that mean I work at nike?

    • Anonymous

      well most of christianity is full of myths and spookisms and is everywhere, except within the bible, and celebrate jesus or nimrod on the same day. Is all about consumerism on set holidays. Seems that people are quite shocked or should not be wearing this piece around his neck, this is the same dude who tried to pimp occupy wall street quiet the opposite from a poor righteous teacher in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      the point is, if you wear a Jesus piece, cross, or a flag, you have the right to question whether or not they are really into or a part of that, like for instance, many people just assume people are Christian just because they say god, when Lucifer is called god by his followers you're not Christian because mommy dragged you to church a couple of times while you live your life opposite to what the religion preaches as for the cult/sect talk down there, there are more of those groups who claim Christianity than any other belief, like Jonestown, the comet people, the Texas standoff, the klan, the Catholic pedophile problem, the Bakers & Swaggarts of infidelity, the swindling brothers preaching for a dollar way much more I can name before I can start on what Nation Of Gods and Earths have done, one thing was calm Harlem down after MLK got shot

    • Shimmy

      To answer your question.........yes.

  • God complex

    "Yakuban ancient scientist responsible for the creation of the White race" ROFL this made my day

  • Anonymous

    yeah, Jay probably know since the Marcy days but I bet he's been "inspired" by Jay Electronica only way we gonna find out is get him in a cypher and see if he can spit 120, and that most likely won't happen Mayor LaGuardia was an honorary member, the structure of Hip Hop was created by many of them, many older artists were a part of the culture, and there are Caucasian members so once again, this article will be a venue for the ignorant and misinformed to show us how one dimensional and closed minded they can be, especially when many of you have been nowhere around them, never saw what they study and have no idea what they really do but you gotta whole lot to say 1 1

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z has nothing do with that. He just saw rappers and people on his block involved with that in the 80s and 90s and he's just dickriding.

  • True

    Peace to the Gods!5 Per Centers are not anti-White, they have White members..

    • Anonymous

      When people use the phrase "hating" it is because they can't find reasoning to their argument. There's no hating, just stating fact. No-one needs reforming or guidance other than those part of this cult. You may need some treatment if you believe without conviction what you are saying.

    • True

      They just believe that Whites have a "devilish" nature, but if they study the Lessons they can be reformed. And they do a lot of good in their communities.. stop hatin.

    • Anonymous

      And dehumanise white people by saying that a scientist created them. If people of any colour are stupid enough to join/follow then so be it, that doesn't mean it isn't a racist cult.

    • tony

      how when they believe white people are devils

  • Mack

    If they're truly gods, then why don't the five percenters cure kids cancer or stuff like that?

    • Anonymous

      "bible called us gods of this world way before there was ever a pope I don't have the time to show you how god was turned off inside you (the energy, spirit) so you can follow those who come in the name to deceive you hopefully that thought alone will lead you in the right direction" Huh? Wow great argument u made there, fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      bible called us gods of this world way before there was ever a pope I don't have the time to show you how god was turned off inside you (the energy, spirit) so you can follow those who come in the name to deceive you hopefully that thought alone will lead you in the right direction

    • Anonymous

      The pope doesn't go around calling himself a God

    • Anonymous

      nobody says anything about the pope being "god's go to man" on earth and yet he has to be elected by men some of us understand ignorance is bliss in the realm of capitalism

  • Anonymous

    Tell that camel face to stop wearing skirt

  • DrebinSlevin

    Who cares? Never seen a religion so wary of letting someone embrace it. There are Christian churches in the Sothern States so desperate to spread their word that they're offering M-16s to people who join. A bunch of Wu-Tang members have been using 5 Percenter terminology for decades with no questioning.

    • told y'all they ain't that smart

      look at stupid^

    • stupid^

      fuck u anon...u obviously are too ignorant to understand his comment. i bet you're some christian nutjob

    • Anonymous

      your comment is full of ignorance, why were you so quick to offer this inane opinion it's not a religion, and Wu Tang members were present at meetings at the school, something you wouldn't know because you ain't nowhere around all of that to know go away

  • Anonymous

    5% nation of islam is the biggest bullshit i've ever heard. somebody ban this sect please

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