Kanye West is planning to present his first adidas collection to the shoe company in June, but items from the line are not expected to be available for retail until Fall 2104 at the earliest, according to highsnobiety.com

The Chicago rapper-producer's first release, which may be a shoe, could arrive later this year.

The release of the entire collection is anticipated to be in either January or February 2015, the story says. 

While in Germany earlier this month for the adidas Global Brand Conference, West said that his new YEEZi shoes would be arriving in June. 

“In June, we’ll see the new YEEZis,” the rapper-producer says in an Instagram post by user iamdaysh posted earlier this month.

During an interview with Chicago, Illinois radio station 107.5 last year, Kanye revealed that he designed both a men’s and women’s collection for adidas, both of which he says would probably be released in September 2014.

The Instagram post by iamdaysh is as follows: 

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