Big Hutch Names Death Row Albums He Wishes Would Have Been Released

Big Hutch also details his role as music supervisor on Tupac's "Until The End Of Time" album.

Big Hutch, who worked with Tupac in 1992 on Above The Law’s Black Mafia Life album, was the co-music supervisor of the late rapper’s 2001 double album, Until The End Of Time.

"I’m the reason why the record even came out, put together,” Big Hutch, who is also known as Cold 187um, says during an interview with Crazy Hood. "I mixed 80 percent of the album, basically. I overseen the whole thing. For me, what I tried to do on that record, beyond what E.D.I and [Afeni Shakur], the executives at Death Row, put on, they wanted want me to capture the record as if ‘Pac was still livin’. That’s what I tried to focus on. 

"For me, I’m glad that people were excited when I did it, ‘cause that was my whole objective, as music supervisor, to make sure the records that were done or touched was like if ‘Pac was actually livin’,” Hutch continues. "For me, it’s one of the greatest projects that I ever worked on, as far as me being able to look out for someone that I really had love for, after they were gone. I was so blessed for it to be put in my hands and have an opportunity to do that. In my career, that’s like a milestone for me. The Until The End Of Time record was really a phenomenal time for me.”

Big Hutch also worked as an executive at Death Row Records and named several projects that he wished would have been released during his tenure there.

"I wish the first [edition] of the Crooked I album would have came out,” says Big Hutch, who released his The Big Hit album earlier this month on his own West World Records. "I wish the Lisa Left-Eye [Lopes] record [as N.I.N.A.] would have came out. Just because for the level of talent that I think they both had. I just think it would have been a phenomenal ride. Then you have the Spider Loc record, before the G-Unit [deal]. It’s a lot of great artists that were there—of course the Above The Law record. I wish that would have came out. That’s pretty much the list that I can say would have taken that label to next level." 

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  • kps

    Until The End Of Time was the last good pac album.

  • bread

    i wanted to hear that Spider Loc album too

  • Anonymous

    These post death row albums were horrible also all these pac releases with 20.000 songs about him smoking weed, drinking henessey, thug this, thug that

    • Anonymous

      If that's all you got out of Pac's music then you weren't listening. Ignorant internet rap nerds like to bash on Pac about his content, meanwhile "Letter to my unborn child" had more meaning behind it then any of the lyrical miracle bores you listen to FOH

  • Anonymous

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  • tha OG

    I wish death row was still running the game & not wack ass YMCMB

  • TruthMachine

    Does Big Hutch pay you for press coverage? Literally no other website covers him except HHDX. This site should be renamed LordJamarAndBigHutchDX. The latest in Lord Jamar and Big Hutch news, even when there's no news! And keep an eye out for our sponsored top 10 lists by Pepsi / Mt. Dew! Oops, I mean, "The Green Label." Now nobody notices the egregious sponsorships! What a feather in your cap.

    • Biggz

      Whenever Hutch releases anything he gets press coverage from all over. It's called respect, something this young generation doesn't have a clue about. He's not trying to be mainstream. Unlike a lot of these new so-called Hip-Hop heads, he knows his lane and he stays in it. He has his own fan base and caters to them. Sounds like another hater behind a keyboard looking for attention to me, youngin'.

    • Brizz

      Little do they care, they are selling their credibility.

    • Anonymous

      you forgot 50. He payin' em too. Little do they know, they are selling their credibility. #tabloid

  • Anonymous

    they released that crooked album in 2010, stupid motherfucker!

  • Anonymous

    crooked i's death row album would have been a classic, no doubt

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