E-40 Says He'll Release 4 Albums This Year

E-40 has announced that he will release four new albums, collectively called "Sharp On All 4 Corners," this year.

E-40 has announced plans to release four new albums, collectively called Sharp On All 4 Corners, July 15, 2014.

The four albums, E-40 says, will be divided as such: "Corner 1, 2, 3 & 4," according to a press release and an Instagram post. 

In 2011, E-40 spoke with HipHopDX about his ability to release more music than many other rappers. "I always have been productive," 40 said at the time. "Now I have the opportunity to release as many albums as I want in a year because I'm independent. I always wanted to do this. I wanted to do two or three albums in a year when I was on a major label. I got so much good music and at the end of the day, I don't like throwing away nothing. I just feel everything I do is great. So it's a perfect opportunity right now. This is more income and it's a better way to get everything that I want to say out there. I'm just building up the catalog, man. A brand new catalog."

At the time, 40 was also asked if he was concerned about overwhelming people with the amount of music he was making. "I'm really not," he said. "That's the furthest from my mind. Things get old quick nowadays. Time flies quicker than it used to. People's patience is not there like that. They get tired of something real quick. That's why I'ma keep hitting them in the face nonstop. All gas, no brake pads. There really ain't enough hours in the day to get what I need done." 

In 2012, E-40 released three albums on the same day, The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1, 2 and 3. That year, he addressed his plans to release multiple albums in a short time span. 

“I got this thing, man, laid the groundwork and drew the blueprint for the independent music label entrepreneur years ago,” he said at the time. “The numbers prove my old school tactics make new school dollars. For the past two years they thought it was crazy for me to release two albums at the same time just like we did back in the day. Again, I proved them wrong.” 

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  • Anonymous

    Talk about oversaturating the market. What's next, he gonna put out a 12 CD bundle package plus a deluxe, bonus CD on Friday the 13th?

  • Anonymous

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  • HipHopHead

    More songs bout bitches shaking asses and living large? I've heard enough of them the last 20 years 40

  • Anonymous

    "Nigga I swear I was just about to post this and tagg u...I'm stupid Juiced for this Maine" Are all E-40 fans retarded like this?

  • WOOD

    E-40 has full distribution of wine at BEVMO and other retailers in California. All he does is hustle. I've been listening to 40 for 15 years....but, 4 albums is too much mayne. Step back a bit and make a CLASSIC.

  • Anonymous

    Get ya money 40 water. Half the lames on here talking shit don't even buy music let alone listen to anything that doesnt have a catchy trap beat.. 40 is probably the last authentic rapper left. He lived that shit your favorite rapper raps about

  • Anonymous

    "...since 2010 e 40 has sold well over a million records" Ja Rule has sold 20 million records.

  • TristanHEstep

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  • KJunior (EA Streetwear)

    Damn...E-40 stays puttin' out 3-4 albums a year....crazy work ethic. Don't know about the quality of his projects, but I can definitely respect the Bay OG's hustle. Keep it 100...homie defintiely gettin' his bread doin' his independent shit....#FuxWitIt #Dopeness #Independent Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog: eastreetwear.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    More bullshit about selling coke on the corner by a 45 year old man who still thinks he is 18.

  • Fuck Vallejo

    u can drop 7 albums in a day my nicca, u will just flop 7 times in a week

  • Anonymous

    I Think It's Great 4 More for Me to Buy, People Say That's Too Much Music All at Once Are Crazy When is Too Much Music Bad? Yea Sure There Are Some Songs One The Albums That Are Better Then Others Let's Just Let 40 Do His Thing If You Don't Think These Albums Won't Live Up to What You Desire Then Simply Don't Buy Them But For Dedicated E-40 Fans We'll Be There When It Drops, Have a Great Day/Night Everyone

  • Anonymous

    Do we really need or want 4 albums from E-40 this year??

  • Anonymous

    real shit good lookin 40 water

  • HipHopDx

    Please don't E40. Your wack.

  • Ja Rule Army

    Yes, 4 more albums featuring the same beat on every song plus more repetitive content of how great of a hustler he is and over 1000 guest appearances. Can't wait to pick these shits up, NOT! Ja Rule's PIL2 sold way more copies than all of this nigga's albums since 2010. RULE!

    • Anonymous

      haha okay weirdo, have fun trolling the rest of your life

    • Ja Rule Army

      Those numbers are lies. People just love to hate on Ja Rule, so they put the lowest number they can think of to make him look bad. He's actually sold over 15 million copies worldwide of PIL2. And you really think niggas are buying that sweaty ass wine? Yeah, they're sitting on the shelves alright, collecting dust! Stop riding E-40's dick and praise the JaFather. RULE!

    • Johnny Blaze

      considering Pain is Love 2 sold only 3,200 albums its first week, im gonna call bullshit on your comment...if you dont like e 40, thats your opinion, but record sales you can look up and you couldnt be more wrong with your comment...since 2010 e 40 has sold well over a million records and has many other means for income, considering he has his own Wine out on shelves.....stop hating on talented artist and get back to suckin that terrible rapper ja rules dick


    I like 40 but thats too much material all at once, for any artist. He should drop an album like every 3 months instead.

  • claradaveyyma

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  • Anonymous

    Gotta respect 40 water, he been doing his thing for a long time. Be sure to check out thegrandreport, they have good hip hop videos and more on there

  • Anonymous

    "From what I see, he sold roughly half a million copies combined of these albums. Independently. I think anybody can do the math here" I doubt he sold that much, but I agree he's doing better than most.

  • Anonymous

    At first it seemed innovative, but dude, holy shit. Take your time and release one good album instead of 20 shit ass one's.

  • Anonymous

    it's like the doctor told him that he only has a few years left to live or some shit...

  • Anonymous

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  • jimjim

    for real he should learn how to rap pure garbage

  • Anonymous

    Funny how this nigga released 10 albums since 2010 and I ain't listen to none of 'em. Someone please remind E-40 that quality > quantity.

    • Anonymous

      If you got that Wikipedia, then I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Just double check the source of these data (just like I did) and you'll see why I told half a million instead. But regardless of the actual numbers, he's doing really well for an independence artist. As far as your statement, again: I can't tell whether they're garbage or not, as I haven't heard any of them. I'd rather apply a more pragmatic approach, and say that his fanbase ultimately voting with their money. If E-40 can bring stable numbers to the table album after album, then the quality must be fine for his fans and that's all what matters. They feel they got something worthy for their money, and E-40 get further validation that his model is working. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. He probably knows he has a strong fanbase with financial power behind them, so the point is that let time and numbers decide this issue. Maybe a lot of people don't like his new stuff, but as long as his core fans are satisfied so is E-40.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I did some research, and he's actually sold close to a million combined of all these albums. But, let's get back to my point: all of them are GARBAGE. What's a million copies sold worth if you can't even satisfy your audience by putting out material worth listening to? I can't even call that "courage and hustle", just plain lack of common sense.

    • Anonymous

      From what I see, he sold roughly half a million copies combined of these albums. Independently. I think anybody can do the math here. So financially he should be fine just from albums alone, but assuming he's touring intensively like every independent artist should, he's probably eating way better than most rappers on major labels. As far as the music, I can't tell what kind of quality these albums represent as I have never listened to E-40, but regardless you gotta respect the man's courage and hustle. The fact that he's in the game since 1990 tells a lot about him.

  • BO

    PLUSH! with Earl = we get to choose our self which of all these tracks that the artist creates constantly = we really like by pressing or not pressing the skip button... yet its all there and on the 10th spin maybe start liking song 7 on CD3 also!! versus waiting for an album for months and then only liking a few tracks on it In the itunes era you can get all 4 Corners and put together your own Album with nothing but favorite tracks from em. But yeah Im wondering how good this session will be, because 40 water was going to take a break after the last 3 Block Brochure albums? I have to admit that he is one of the very best in the west = the quality on all this music he releases is impressive... even the filler tracks are enjoyable!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think he realizes Quality > Quantity

  • Anonymous

    try making 1 good song instead of 400 trash songs

  • Anonymous

    4 albums packed with FILLERS Tracks. Not one decent track, ALL FILLERS.Shooot,i wouldn't even accept this for free. Just walk into the studio and come out the first word that pops into your head. No creativity or self-critic on the materials produced.

  • Anonymous

    damn hes crazy... realeasing so much music , thats dedication

    • Mike

      I don't know if its dedication, I think he is still enjoying what he does and if anything going in with his friends and family trying to build it big. Dedication to his cause using rap as a ladder I would say. These commenters man: You guys are from the era of Drake and Lil Wayne. What the f*** do you know. This dude is making money for the circle with rap, selling wine, having a blast and the music is not on some WuTang epic one copy masterpiece its good sounding beats that bang and riding music. Go listen to Drake cry about his girlfriends if you don't like E-40. I doubt he needs your support.

    • Anonymous

      like him dropping all 4 is gonna sell anyway..who you kidding?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Nate rivers you dumbass. i dont know why people keep saying that. the more he focuses on his albums the more stress he's gonna get cause the longer you last on one album, the crapier its gonna get over-hyped and it doesnt sell well moron.

    • nate rivers

      dedication..yeah, but releasing bulk albums doesnt make me want to listen to it anymore. id rather E40 focus his energy into one solid album than release 4 sub par/ok albums. just cause your flooding the industry with material doesnt make you better than anyone else or anymore relevant, Quality>Quantity.

  • Anonymous

    i dont agree that people need so much music in such a short period of time to fix their short attention span.... youre not helping E40, youre just adding to the mess of music drowning everyone

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