Kanye West: "In June, We'll See The New Yeezys"

Kanye West is in Germany and is appearing at the adidas Global Brand Conference.

Kanye West says that he will have a new shoe coming out in a few months.

“In June, we’ll see the new Yeezys,” the rapper-producer says in an Instagram post by user iamdaysh

West is in Germany for the adidas Global Brand Conference.

During an interview with Chicago, Illinois radio station 107.5 late last year, Kanye revealed that he designed both a men’s and women’s collection for adidas, both of which he says would probably be released in September 2014.

Last month, retired NBA player Tracy McGrady applauded adidas on its decision to work with the Chicago rapper, who worked with Nike on the Air Yeezys.

McGrady also complimented West on his style and taste, and wished the rapper good luck with his latest fashion endeavor.

“I think that was a great sign by adidas,” McGrady said. “He’s a guy that clearly expresses his self. He has great style, great taste. He knows about the fashion world. And we need something like that. A different type of flavor to add to our family. So, I wish him the best.”

The Instagram post by iamdaysh is as follows: 

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  • Anonymous

    why did he say "yune"?

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  • Anonymous

    Remember when rappers use to you know actually rap to get most of their attention & legitimacy??

    • Come On

      Yah I do back when I our culture was stereo typed as only gangsters that could do nothing but rap. Now we've gotten respect and proved that we are not one dimensional.

  • Anonymous

    I heard officer ricky put a real nigga behind bars#free trick dady

    • Anonymous

      oh shut the fuck up bitch nobody cares about this nigga anymore he can stay behind the bars and no one will even notice he disappeared hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Kanye Kardasian: "In June, We'll See The Worst Sneakers Ever Made"

    • Anonymous

      @TX fuck ass nikka, shut yo bitch ass up, so what his shoes sell out, they still wack as fuck

    • Anonymous

      @TX and I'm pretty sure someone wearing tight pants, a hightop fade, pink Jordans, and a sequined denim jacket will be waiting to rob them of their YEEZIs

    • TX

      Yeah because his shoes don't sell out every time they release. GTFOH. His last shoe Nike released thousands of pairs and they sold out in 11 minutes. Get your facts straight, obviously a lot of people like his shoes.

  • lll

    too bad yeezy is a uncle tom

  • Anonymous

    And in June, we'll see how nobody will buy them.

    • Chiraq

      It amazes me how people will come to an article about someone they obviously hate and feel the need to bash them. And most of the time they sound like idiots. Like this "Anonymous" guy for example, he says no one will buy his shoes. HA did you even do any research before opening your mouth? His shoes sell out EVERY time and people that can't get them end up paying thousands of dollars for them on ebay. It's dumb, but don't act like this man can't sell shoes. People go ape shit for some Yeezys.

    • Lyonel

      Keep in mind he said SEE, not BUY.

  • lmho

    I bet his gay ass shoe comes with the front bottoms ripped so it can rant when you walk.

  • Anonymous

    Watch his kicks do crazy numbers. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop videos and more on there

  • Anonymous

    can't fuckin wait....

  • Anonymous

    who cares would rather see a new unreleased album with new material from Biggie or Tupac - Yeezus = a bent f**k face

    • RC

      ^Rather be 'stuck in the 90's' with Real Hip-Hop, than be held hostage in the present by some freak mutant bastard child Frankenstein monster of pop, techno, EDM & trap music of today!

    • Anonymous

      Go back to the 90's you non-progressive fruit

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