Kevin Gates Says "The Notebook" Is His Favorite Nicholas Sparks Novel

Kevin Gates on "The Notebook": "The book better than the movie. I've read that book 30 times."

Kevin Gates, who says he's been avid reader since he a child, recently spoke about his favorite author and novels. 

"I liked [Nicholas Sparks'] The Notebook," Gates says in an interview with XXL. "That’s my favorite one. The book better than the movie. I’ve read that book 30 times." 

Sparks' work on The Notebook stands out to Gates because of its depiction of love. 

"It gives a true depiction of two people that are in love," he says. "I love being in love. You can’t purchase 'in love.' You can love someone. You can be with somebody and love that person to death, but I’m talking about 'in love.' That fire, like, I don’t want nobody talking to this person. I don’t want nobody looking at this person. I want to be with this person every chance I get. Every moment I get, I’ma drive however far to see this person when I’m free. This person might not be looked at by the rest of the world as the person you should be with, and you might not be looked at as the person she should be with, but you all love each other. That’s beautiful, passion and excitement. Life is depressing when you’re not with that person. That’s why I love the book, cause I can relate."

Gates, who recently released his By Any Means mixtape, says he is also a fan of Anne Rice and movies about the mob. 

In 2013, Gates spoke about his love for writing stories, as well. 

"One thing that I did to entertain myself, I always wrote novels, books and stories," he says. "And what I’d do is I’d write a little bit, and I’d mail it out to my partner. And then my partner would add to the story. That’s something I did besides reading. Like I said, I do a lot of reading. I don’t really watch TV. I couldn’t tell you what team whoever played for, because I’m not into sports. The most famous basketball player could come in right now, and I wouldn’t know who he is. No disrespect, but that’s just not what I was into. I’m an outside person. I like to be outside at all times. And that’s just who I am as an individual."

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  • Anonymous

    kevin the real deal. he been locked up a lot and as you can tell he doesnt work out. what else is there to do read. he has songs with nussie he solid and a stand up guy. his story has been consistent from day 1. he stay touring cuz he grew up and realized he was blessed all along. so he reaching his full potential. thats what real niggas grow to do eventually. salute kevin gates he a real soulja

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  • Anonymous

    u would only expect a lightskinned nikka to read novels

  • Anonymous

    Hate to do it but "Kevin Gates, who says he's been avid reader since HE A CHILD," in the first fucking sentence! Either you guys do this intentionally to piss me off or you are all a bunch of dumb asses over at DX. Professional journalism is a thing of the past.


    thin he had a girl that got murked right? man that would be rough to handle

  • Anonymous

    yeah he says that on arms of stranger track on luca brasi story mixtape

  • Anonymous

    loads of street niggas from BR have exposed this guy already and 2 of them are now locked up thats why he left and stays touring

    • Anonymous

      Exposed him as what? He's an emotional rapper than spits on love, the hardships of poverty & other subjects. He draws from a lot of his life experiences but from what I've heard from him he doesn't really claim to be anything crazy like some kingpin or stick up kid. Can't just toss around the word "expose" man

  • real nigga logic

    a black man that talks about education and books must be a white washed homo. Real niggas only sell drugs and live in the hood the rest of them are fake niggas.

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