Smoke DZA & 183rd "Ringside 2" EP Cover Art, Tracklist & EP Stream

Smoke DZA and 183rd release wrestling-themed "Ringside 2" in time for WWE's annual "Wrestlemania" event.

Smoke DZA and 183rd crafted their most recent EP, Ringside 2, in time for WWE's annual Wrestlemania event, which took place yesterday (April 6). 

The project, which was produced by 183rd and includes 8 songs, premiered on Complex with its stream hosted by Live Mixtapes.

Its wrestling theme carries over to its cover art, which is below.

Ringside 2 follows Smoke DZA's Dream.Zone.Achieve, which was released approximately a week ago. 

1. Peter E Rosenberg Speaks
2. Trust Me 
3. Flair For The Gold
4. The Game (2:03)
5. The WWE I-C Champ Big E Speaks 
6. 3:16 (Feat. A$ton Matthews) 
7. Believe In The Shield (Feat. Flatbush Zombies)
8. Del Frio 

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  • Anonymous

    dope cover art, I know Wale the wrestling fan is gonna be hyped on that.

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