Speaking about her upcoming album on Hot 97’s Morning Show with T.I. by her side, Iggy Azalea described hearing Funkmaster Flex play her record before calling it “trash” on air and feeling like her and YG have a lot in common as artists debuting major projects.

Explaining Flex’s comments to the show’s hosts, who hadn’t heard of the incident, Azalea said “I heard your Funkmaster Flex friend go like psycho.” “He basically played the record and then was like, ‘I hate that record! Iggy Azalea is trash!’” she said. “And it’s like, well then don’t play the record then.” While someone off-screen seems to question that it had happened, Azalea added, “He did play the record. It leaked. And it was called something else.” Still, she went on to squash any possibilities of conflict. “We don’t have beef,” she said. “I’ve been very nice about it. I’ve never said anything about it besides just now…It got ignored but noted.”

Comparing her own come-up to that of West Coast rapper YG, Azalea went on to describe feeling like her delayed debut was a blessing-in-disguise. “When I did Ignorant Art, after my mixtape got put out, then those were the first shows I’d ever been booked for besides doing like open mic nights,” she said. “I think I appreciate it ‘cause I would have hated to put an album out and then be touring it a year and a half ago, God knows what my show would have looked like then. So, I think it’s a good.

“I think the same thing for YG and his album,” she added. “I identify with him so much because we’ve known each other for so long. When I first met him he was signed to Def Jam and was like, ‘Man, where’s my album? I wanna be released.’ Now we talk and he understands it. He’s like, ‘I’m glad I did this,’ and I feel the same way. I’m glad that this happened to me too. I’m glad I didn’t get an album. I know he feels the same way, I know he feels good about his first week and that coming out and the way that it is, even for him too and his sound and what he’s done.”

Offering her own view of some of her detractors, the Australian rapper/model alluded that her music is not for them. “Everything is subjective,” she said. “Some things are for you and some things just aren’t for you. I can’t beef at everybody. Some people might not like the way I sound, some people might not like that I rap in an American accent and I’m Australian. Some people might not like that I’m White and they feel the things that I do are stereotypically Black. Some people might not like that they think things I say don’t have substance or I should rap about other things. It’s subjective, some people love that about me, that’s music and that’s art. You can’t beef with everybody.”

On the prospect of releasing a successful debut, Azalea said “I hope so.” “I feel like when I put out Ignorant Art I thought I was ready,” she said. “To be honest with you I was kind of really pissed off and frustrated…Over the last year I’ve learned so much and I think gotten a lot better. I’m really glad I didn’t have an album and I’m glad people didn’t give me that because I don’t feel like I had kind of earned it with one mixtape.”

Asked about the possibility of recording a song with DJ Mustard, Azalea seemed to dispel the rumors before T.I. jumped in. “There is no Mustard record, I don’t even know where that came from,” she said. “There will be,” T.I. added. Azalea also said that Mustard was slated to produce the remix to her single “Fancy” but did not seem to be sure if he had done so.

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